Groomer - who is this?

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Many probably faced with the concept of "groomer".This word for many is the question.But what does it mean?On the other hand, if you have a thoroughbred pet and you do not just send it to the exhibition, it is a concept you should be familiar.

What does that word mean?

Groomer - a specialist in the care of the animals.He tidies the appearance of your pet.Groomer - a kind of a stylist for a pet.

What is the responsibility of Groomer?

The list of services provided by these experts, could include cleaning animal fur, and performing cutting, styling and haircuts for your pet.

In addition, the stylist for the animals can be cut nails.Groomer - a profession that is quite rare was a dozen years ago, but now that his services are gaining in popularity.This is due to the fact that now many want to achieve the perfect look for your pet.

In which case you need to refer to the groomer?

Basically Grumer services bought hosts exhibition of purebred dogs and cats as well as people who have a pet with long and thick hair, for which it is difficult to take care of yourself.Also, for such a specialist should take your pet if it is heavily soiled somewhere, and his hair is too confused - in this case, you must order the cleaning and combing wool.In addition, regular services of this man ordered the owners of those breeds of pets, which are characterized by some specific haircut (for example, poodles).Holders of such whimsical dog breeds and cats must either learn to perform themselves cut their pet, or each time to drive to a professional pet.

What should be a groomer?

If you choose a specialist, who will be able to trust your pet, you need to first pay attention to the character of this man.Job Groomer painstaking and difficult, as the animal - not a person, and it may react negatively to a stranger who tries to do something with his hair.Therefore, a representative of the profession should have a lot of patience and, of course, good to get along with animals.

Also, when you come to the grooming area, you may meet the patrons sitting in the queue.They can talk and hear comments about people working here.

If there is no opportunity to listen to customer feedback, then maybe there is a specialist animal pictures with hairstyles, made them.If you like the performance of hairstyles, you can safely use the services of a professional.

How to learn to cut your dog at home?

Dog Groomer often performs haircut animal.If your pet Collie, he definitely need grooming - regular brushing and grooming.While the winter cut the dog is not necessary if it is, of course, does not take part in the exhibition, in the summer to many long-haired animals getting hot, even if a lot of hair fell during molting.Therefore, in the hot season these dogs usually are cut.And if you can not afford to use the services every time Groomer, which in some cases can be expensive, you need to learn how to perform cut your pet yourself.Then you become a groomer for your pet.Perhaps it would be even better.However, it should be said that the grooming of the animal - not an easy job.Groomer in your face must have patience.

order to mow the dog will need scissors (preferably with rounded ends), a special machine for a hairstyle of animals (regular clipper will not work, since it is not designed for hard skin and can go bad), comb, Slicker.

First you need to comb the dog with the help Slicker and combs.This will help get rid of excess hair and straighten it out.When no longer exists mats and wool combed freely, it is necessary to wash the animal - with wet hair will be easier to work, cutting in this case, get a nice and smooth.

should begin with the muzzle.Mowing on the head must be carried out in the form of a circle around the eye to gently remove the hair with scissors.Then you need to remove excess hair from the paws, in the groin and in the armpits.Then you can move on to the tail haircut.There is not any specific rules, you can do as you like.At the end you need to trim the hair on the body with the help of machines.It is important to remember here that the length should not be too small.Once you're all done, you can dry the hair hairdryer.

That's all.As you can see, everything is quite simple.The main problem may lie in the fact that not every dog ​​wants a haircut, and persuade her to this procedure will be hard.In some cases, have to use a tablet valerian to calm the animal.