The raw foodists eat?

How nice crunch cucumber, chew on a piece of lettuce or eat a bunch of ripe grapes.Doubly pleased when it all with their own six acres.Sometimes you wonder: how long can a person can eat only plant foods?And in general, it is possible to eat only those products that have not undergone heat treatment?

turns out, yes, there are - raw-foodists!I do not think that these people called so because of the fact that they absorb huge amounts of cheese, it, by the way, as well as other products of animal origin, they do not accept.In Russia, the number of people who adhere to this trend, a small, probably affect eating habits of meat food.Widespread it has received in India and in the US, where raw foodists are united in the whole group, promote it in print, produce a lot of books devoted to recipes "living foods" opened a chain of restaurants, where menus appear only herbal products without heat treatment.

And the reason for the refusal of the animal food is to ensure that the food is very heavy because of her person feels tired, somnolence, because instead of taking food from the energy a person spends on its digestion of meat meal.In defense of the plant foods and says that it is nothing but the most pure form of the transformation of solar energy.In addition, products can not "spoil" heat treatment - fry, cook, soar, bake;all it does not add vitamins and only destroys them.

In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in enzymes, which form the basis of digestion and metabolism.Life and health of the human body depends on their number, after eating food rich these enzymes do not have to spend a lot of energy to digest it, and the amount of nutrients and vitality increases.According to supporters of the "living foods", all people could live more than 100 years, without illness, if your body does not "clog up" the food, cooked over a fire.

But do not think that the food raw foodists - these are some salad leaves with carrots and boring food.It is a variety of fruits, vegetables, soaked and sprouted grains, nuts, vegetable oils, algae and their possible combinations.Especially raw foodists like cold soups (like Italian tomato gazpacho soup), salad sauce pounded green leaves and bread.But the bread they have is not the same, which is sold in the Russian bakeries, its taste is vaguely reminiscent of crackers, preparing it from the seeds and herbs that are on special machines pull moisture from the product.Most importantly, the temperature in these units do not exceed 60 degrees, therefore, not lost vitamins, and because this technique can make crackers cashew, basil, sesame.

Raw foodists do not deprive yourself and sweet!For example, in the restaurant "live cooking" the United States has a delicious cake, cakes that are made from ground almonds and dates, and the interlayer - from the pulp of coconut, raspberry, peach, plus some raw chocolate.This "culinary masterpiece" has a divine taste!The crude chocolate - cocoa beans is not subjected to any heat treatment, only milled into shavings.Many did not eat, because it is bitter, but very good desserts!

At leisure, you can try a salad mix.Preparing it easily.Wade leaves of iceberg lettuce, watercress, lettuce, tomato, fresh young zucchini.Lettuce torn hands, tomato cut into small cubes, and zucchini rubbed on a grater.All the mix, add some nuts (what someone more to taste) and sprinkle the juice of half a lemon.

Or you can prepare a salad, "Autumn."For this raw pumpkin, carrots and sour apple peeled, crushed to a coarse grater, mix, season with 1 teaspoon of dried seaweed and sprinkled with sesame oil.

Taste and fruit cocktail.Armed with a blender, it can be prepared from the pulp of banana, peach and seasonal berries.The resulting cocktail, if desired, can be diluted with fresh cranberry juice.

But if you are a lifetime eating animal food, and suddenly decided to become raw foodists, it is not necessary to exclude from the diet drastically familiar products.For starters, you can use the menu of raw foodists as fasting days, to see how your body relates to such food.After all, the habit he may rebel, response to the rapid change of diet bloating and other discomfort.

Remember that each of us is unique, and if one person fits the raw food diet, it does not mean that it's like everything.Listen to your body, so it is something you will not disappoint!

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