To copy text from a pdf file

Sometimes it happens that you previously created pdf files, which has been set corresponding to the copy protection, edit or copy somewhere of their contents.This usually happens like this: working files have been deleted, so you do not have is at the disposal of the materials contained in the pdf.If you are strongly interested in the question how to copy text from pdf, here we can say that it takes a special tool that can make it easier for you.Let's deal.

How to copy text from pdf: the first option

First, let's say that you need the following set of software: application Foxit PDF Reader, an application ABBYY FineReader, and your file whose contents you want to copy so.First of all to work with the file in this format you need to download and install the program Foxit PDF Reader.The running program is necessary to press the button with the image of the camera that will take a picture of the text, and then select the text fragment of interest.Once you release the button, the selected piece of text will fit on the clipboard, as you will be told in the corresponding message.The resulting picture on the screen must be recognized.For this operation, you can help a utility called ABBYY FineReader.It is very useful and functional in operation.If you continue to talk about how to copy text from protected pdf, it is necessary to open the program, and then insert a new package of scanning a page from your clipboard.Now, select the language of the text recognition, and then click on the special button that offers all recognize.In the left window of the application you will see the text that you downloaded, and the right will be shown how it sees the recognition program.You can check the original and correct the most noticeable mistakes.Now you can save it and then opened for editing with a text editor, in this case, the most convenient to use MS Word.

Talking about how to copy from the pdf, you can say that you can not download the application, which had previously been proposed to use the first, and you can just make a regular screen shot, and then paste it into the ABBYY FineReader to recognize.The preview image will need to be cut with the help of any graphics editor.

How to copy text from pdf: second option

There is another fairly simple way to solve the current problem.On the Internet, there is a special service called Pirate PDF that helps unlock the document is copy-protected.It is necessary to upload the document you are interested in, and a couple of minutes you will be prompted to download the latest version, which removed all restrictions.Now you just need to save it on your computer.Here there is only one restriction, you can not download the file, whose volume exceeds 150 megabytes.There is a service, which does not limit the volume, however, he English language, Free My PDF.However, regardless of the language, this service is quite able to remove the protection from the document.

melon on the market, a new service that is very powerful, it is called PDFUnlock.It works only with files up to 5 megabytes, but is able to remove the protection, in some cases, if everything else was not able to help.With him it is as simple to operate as the previous ones.This service is not able to help in the event that the file is not protected from editing, and from the opening.

As you can see, when asked how to copy text from pdf, we are faced with two options quite simple, and you can use if necessary.Which option to choose - it depends on the situation.