How to open Docx?

In this article we look at three main ways how to open Docx.With the release of Microsoft Office products in 2007, which was to use the new format for storing documents, such as .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, there are increasing questions "how to open a file docx», «you open a document with the extension .xlsx», «is it possible to open docx program word 2003 "and so on.New formats for documents were built on the basis of the Office Open XML.These formats were created to replace the old binary format used in office suites until MO 2003. They can significantly improve the performance and safety of the product.With the advent of MO 2007, new document formats have been used new default.

Replacing the usual format of a text document to the new format doc docx became the cause of the issues, how to open a docx document to users who for various reasons are still using an older version of Office.For example, many companies can not afford to buy a full license package, because it will have to spend money.And someone just very accustomed to Office 2003, so do not want to install on your computer, the new software, after training to work on it will require a lot of time and effort.This is especially important for people who work in the program word is very rare.These users do not have the opportunity to work with the documents of the new format, as their software is not compatible with files Office Open XML.

The easiest solution is to open a docx, is to install a new office suite of Office 2007, which will be able to support all the new document formats.Still, the new open document formats can be other ways.

Older versions Office

If you need to open a document docx, created in 2007. However, the MO you still stands installed software package over the old version, you can install the compatibility pack, which will work with the new format.This package you can easily download on the Microsoft Web site and easy to work with documents docx.In addition, you can use the full functionality of the program, that is not only open, but also create documents docx.However, this method has one major drawback.If the file has a fairly complex structure with tables and graphs, then it will not open correctly and completely impaired formatting.

Open Offic e

As if to work with documents used by Open Office, to support the new document format your software, you can use either the Open XML Translator.When you open a document with a complex structure that has nested tables or excessive graphics, formatting seriously astray.Of course, the text is readable, but it will look is not as it should.But this product is totally free and you can download it from the official site.


In recent years, a host of online converters that will help you to quickly solve the problem of how to open docx.This method is the simplest and is ideal for those who do not want to install on your computer any additional software.Find these resources you will be able to search engine by simply typing the query "online converter docx».You will be asked to select a file format docx, which is required to convert the old format doc.Then you must run the converter.For some time, as a rule, it takes less than a minute, you get a link that will host your text in the old format doc, and you can easily work with it in Office 2003.

Now you know how to open docx,without updating the software and not wasting a considerable strength and resources.Of course, the new format has a number of significant advantages, but do not despair if you can not install on your computer Microsoft Office 2007. A successful you work!