How to find a hidden folder?

a variety of purposes, but the user must have it's interesting - how to find a hidden folder.Function retracting files from prying eyes available in each operating system.Hidden, as a rule, various important files.This, for example, elements of the system that the creators have tried to make themselves invisible to the benefit of the users.Sometimes the owners of computers makes the folder hidden to outsiders could not look at specific information.Whatever the case, these files are available on any computer, regardless of their destination.

So how to find a hidden folder?The most common variant - to make visible.To do this, simply open Windows Explorer, it to look into the "Tools" menu, and then select Folder Options.In the next section, you will need to go to the tab "View".Next - "additional material" and there mark the point - "Show hidden files and folders."Then you need to confirm.Everything after that in most cases you will be able to see previously hidden documents and programs.

Sometimes the viruses blocked this possibility, and the people, I think, find the folder despair.Do not panic, this is done through changes to certain values ​​in the registry.Just get in the vast World Wide Web, the lines that are back to square one, and change - and all.

There is an alternative to this process.Any file manager, for example, Total Commander.With him the question of how to find the hidden folder, all completely and quickly disappear.

need only press a special button in the shape of a star, which will show you all that was hidden.

There are other methods.For example, you need to understand that hidden folders - those that really exist, that is, if you know what they are called, to get them is a snap.We must, of course, still have an idea of ​​where they are located.If you know all this, simply start typing in the address bar manually - and instantly get to the right place.In this case, a hidden folder or not - it does not matter.

How to find a hidden folder in another way?You can connect a hard drive with them to the computer on which the operating system is a different type - not Windows.It does not matter what the properties of the folder, because it is still on the hard drive.That is why, after it is connected to another PC, you will be able to see all the content.And not only - it will be possible to delete or change.

can resort to another method to see hidden folders.Often, in order to restore this or that information, people have resorted to the use of various LiveCD-ROM drive.With these drives load a specific operating system, which gives the user access to the different devices connected to the computer.Thus, you can easily go to any hard drive, consider in detail all the files and folders located there, regardless of what attributes are set in the properties.

Actually, as you can see, the options to see hidden documents enough.The question is, is it really so you need.If you are going to get access to the system files for the purpose of any modification or removal, several times previously think.Careless removal of essential system folders can lead to irreversible consequences.Do not forget that before these or other manipulations.Perhaps all finished reinstalling the operating system.Whatever it was, if you are confident in their actions, then go for it.Maybe you will find something interesting on the computer of his friend, or change files on your Windows for the better.Moreover, it is a good experience.