ITunes: bug and fix it.

Often there are situations when after sunset in iTunes mistake - the first thing that comes to see.However, many people do not even know that actually, almost every such problem is solved fairly quickly, just to have on hand a list of all possible errors and their solutions.

Next we will look at what it can to meet the iTunes error, what is the reason for its occurrence, and how you can fix it.

Why do I get the code 0x666D743F?

In iTunes, an error of this type occurs when there is a certain conflict in the functioning of the files in the startup process.Most often it occurs in users of Windows.If you want to get rid of this problem, you will need to go to "Control Panel", and then activate the settings QuickTime and turn off Save Mode in the "Audio".

Why error 0xE8000001, 0xE8000050?

In iTunes or 0xE8000050 0xE8000001 error appears if the system can not be installed on your gadget required application.If you are having this problem, you will need to install the latest version of the system.The most common mistake in the fall if you try to install any applications compromised.If this is true, then you need to have to hack your own gadget, and then install it from Cydia AppSync.

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0xE8008001 - what to do?

reason for this is that certain applications are using the wrong signature, ie they are hacked.If you want to install them on your device, you will need to implement the so-called jailbreak your gadget, and then perform the installation of the patch AppSync, which is downloaded from Cydia.

0xE8000013 - how to fix?

iTunes generates an error of this part number if there is a standard problem of synchronization, that is, such codes may appear periodically on any device.To fix this, you will need to re-sync your gadget, and if necessary you can even reboot it completely.

What if a code 0xE8000065?

This code may indicate that you have a problem, or the system itself, or directly with iTunes.To fix it, you can simply restart your computer or change the port USB.If this does not help you, then the need to completely re-flash your gadget.

What to do when an error 1671?

iTunes Error 1671 occurs if you do not check the file system is disabled firmware.If you want to eliminate it, the procedure is recommended to jailbreak your device.If you need to install custom firmware to iOS 4/5, then, when you get an error 1671 iTunes, you will need to use PWNed DFU.Guide to the use of tools is not so difficult to find.

4013 - how to proceed?

at number 13 or 4013 error in iTunes appears if you used the faulty cable or connector in which it is plugged into the system unit, is inoperative.To resolve this issue, you will need to use the new cable, it is best to replace USB.It so happens that it does not help, and you will appear again at number 13 or 4013 error iTunes.Then you need to be completely reinstall the system or use another computer to install the application you are interested in.

An error has occurred 9. What to do?

Error 9 iTunes is similar to computer "blue screen of death", if your PC is running Windows.This error means that there was a failure within the kernel of the operating system iOS.

Immediately it is worth noting the fact that almost 100% of the 9 error does not appear in iTunes when your device uses a standard firmware.If you use custom firmware, the best thing would be to assemble a new one.

Corrects the errors 3002 and 3194

3194 error in iTunes when restoring the firmware occurs when there are some problems that do not allow to get the device to access the server the most common causes of this problem, it is worth noting the modified file Hosts, as well as the complete absence of previously saved SHSH, which are required for the downgrade.Also, do not rule out a situation that Apple's server at the moment are simply overloaded, so try again request after a certain time, and it is possible to correct the problem that you do not need any additional manipulation.

What if there was an error of 6 or 10?

If you are trying to put on your phone with logos custom firmware boot recovery, which differ from the standard, then in that case you may have such problems during installation.iTunes with an error code often when you try this action.To get rid of the problem, it is necessary to install the new firmware on your gadget, using different custom firmware, which no custom boot-recovery logos, or try to use the custom firmware, which has already been tested in operation on your device.

10hh Possible errors and their elimination

This problem can occur if you are trying to flash on outdated firmware version than the one you are using at the moment.Or if you're trying to update the version of the modem, which does not correspond to your gadget, you may receive an error updating.iTunes gives such codes are often, but not eliminate them so hard.

To cope with the problem, you will need to download and use a utility called TinyUmbrella.Once the program starts, you will need to click on Kick Device Out of Recovery, and then easily download your desired program.

Error 54 and fixing it

Error 54 occurs if you try to copy the application to your gadget with other devices.Most often this problem occurs if you try to copy any compromised application or copy the license application on a computer that previously had not been authorized.

To resolve initially need to log in to your PC the iTunes Store.Error eliminated as follows: open the tab "Store" and then selects "Authorize Computer".

If such an option could not help you, then in that case you will need to go into the settings, go to "Sync" and then lose the history and completely delete a folder, which is located at C: // Documents and Settings / AllUsers / Application Data / Apple Computer / iTunes / SC Info.Once this is done, you will need to re-authorize your own computer.

third option - is to open a folder with the media library and then "Music" folder to be moved to some other place that is convenient for you.Now you can sync your device with iTunes, then again to return the folder to place and hold resynchronization.

The last option is the most difficult, but it is quite effective and can eliminate the error in almost all cases.Using this method is recommended only for advanced users who know how to work with such equipment.

initially need to open Cydia, and then download from there SwapTunes.This tweak will allow you to synchronize the device with several libraries.Now run the downloaded contact SwapTunes, then open iFile and go to the following address: var / mobile / media.Here you need to find a folder called iTunes_Control2, and then delete the name of the folder number 2. The folder itself should be removed only after you create a new one.After all these procedures can be safely removed entirely SwapTunes, and then re-sync with iTunes gadget and continue to download the utility you are interested in.

error code 9808 and its decision

This problem occurs when you try to log in the iTunes Store.It is worth noting that this kind of configuration error in iTunes, so will need to remove it by changing certain settings.You will need to go to control panel, found there "Settings Options", then go to the "Advanced" and check the box next to the items TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 to your changes have been confirmed definitively, you will need to restart your computer.

Error number 1

Such problems are a consequence of what you are trying to install firmware that does not really correspond to your version of the gadget.If you notice a mistake, you will need to make sure that it really is suitable for your device.If you are sure that the firmware is current, in this case, you will simply need to upgrade iTunes.

Error number 2

It is today quite rare, because most often appears when flashing gadgets made of old generation using custom firmware with the activation and subsequent patch ASR.But if you do it is still there, then the only thing you can do - is to just use any other firmware that is relevant for your device.

error code 10. What should I do?

If you get this error, it is likely that you are using a custom firmware that lack technology Low Level Bootloader, as it is directly responsible for the loading of your system.To solve this problem, you will need to download or make their own custom firmware.

What to do in case of error 11?

in establishing your firmware is not BBFW.To resolve this error code 11, you will need to re-download the firmware from a trusted source or use a specialized archive, to add the missing file into the container of the firmware you are trying to establish at this point.

What if there was an error 14?

This error occurs after you unsuccessfully spend jailbreak or use the computer USB-connector that is damaged.To resolve this problem, try to replace the USB-connector, and if it does not help you, you have to use the full re-flash gadget.

17 How to fix the error?

This problem often is the result of what you are trying to update the custom firmware on any other.If you want to upgrade to a new custom, in that case you will need to use the mode DFU.

How to act in case of error 20?

not possible to carry out the firmware of the gadget on the grounds that it is in recovery mode?In this case, everything is quite simple - that the error was gone, you need to put the device mode DFU.

bug fixes 21

not been disconnected mode signature verification IPSW, resulting in this error begins to occur when you try to use a custom firmware?If you encounter this problem, you will need to install custom firmware using the utility PWNed DFU.It should be noted that the creation of custom firmware in this case should be carried out with the help of PWNage Tool.

solves the problem with an error 23

reason for it is the emergence of various problems related to the hardware component of your device.Simply determine the cause of the error, if your gadget stops determine Mac-address or IMEI.The only solution in such a situation - a trip to the service center to qualified as independent solution for this problem does not exist.It is recommended to go to the proven service centers, since not everyone can and can solve this problem.

cause of the error and its elimination 26

cause of this error is that NOR is unsuitable for your version of the firmware.To solve this problem, you can just download some other firmware file you previously trusted source.

simple errors 27 and 29

This issue is relevant only for older versions of iTunes (from 8 to 9.1), and thus there exclusively on Windows.To eliminate it is enough to simply upgrade to the latest version that is relevant for today.

Error 28. Why do I get and how to fix?

Among all the existing causes of the problem is almost always the fault lies in the fact that is not working properly 30-pin connector of your gadget.Again, the solution is the only trip to the service center, as it comes to hardware failure, and to carry out such procedures, even the most simple, self is not recommended.

code 35 solves the problem

This error often occurs when using the device with Mac OS X and is a consequence of the fact that the user has incorrect permissions to the folder in which the music library iTunes.To resolve this issue will need to run the program "Terminal", go to your account, and then enter the code 700 sudo chmod -R Users [username] Music iTunes iTunes Media.

code 37. Causes of and options for addressing

cause of this error is often the use of custom firmware, as often happens, that can be used in custom bikes LLB, which is used in other gadgets.To you no longer appear this error, you will need to create a custom firmware, which will be used by the correct LLB.

Error Code 39

emergence of such mistakes often happens after the system finds any problems with the photo album, or access devices to the Internet.To correct it, try creating a brand new album, as well as update you set iTunes to the version that is relevant for today.If even that does not help you, in this case, it is likely that the problem is you are using antivirus software or brandmauzery, so try and disable them.

1008 or problems with the Apple ID

cause of the error in 1008 is that iTunes can not recognize certain characters that were introduced in the Apple ID.Quite often it comes from the fact that the wrong was done coding system.To solve the problem you need to open the tab "Store" and then "View My Account".In the case in the window data is entered and displayed correctly, press "Exit."Now we need to change the encoding of your system in Win5112 or UTF8, then again, you can go to your account.

1015 firmware update

The most common occurrence of this problem is due to the fact that the gadget is stitched to the old version.Do not forget that for the downgrade necessarily be used previously saved SHSH, and if you do not save them, then a downgrade can not even think.

But often this error is a result of the lock system server Apple, and to fix it, you will need to completely erase all the data on Apple's servers from host-file.

47 - unsolved mystery

most mysterious - this is a mistake 47 iTunes.And experts are working on this problem.Quite often, Windows itself provides the code, and although it seems that it is a mistake 47 iTunes, but in fact, the operating system can not use the device, as it was prepared for a safe trip, but it was not turned off from the computer.To resolve this problem in this situation is quite simply remove the device from the socket, and then plug it back in.

It is worth noting that even the developer is in iTunes unknown error.And today, on the official website did not appear normal to describe it.If we are talking about an error of the operating system of Windows, then you can just see it, and then fly out the window of the active program.In addition, some users and situations occurred when an unknown error iTunes when you try to use a specific device.

Knowing all of the above problems, as well as their possible causes and solutions, you can freely use iTunes at any time convenient for you.