Modern Fables: the wisdom accumulated over the years, in a new interpretation

modern fable, as a rule, not very different from those that were presented to readers a lot of centuries ago.This trend in the literature has arisen quite a long time, but its essence has always been to educate a person to direct his thoughts on track.It should be noted, and a philosophical meaning in many fable works.However, the basis of any such art was an artistic composition.

Past wisdom in modern processing

modern fable taking as a basis the past motives.If we consider, for example, Aesop, who is considered the founder of fable works, we can see that in his work there are the same notes.Each modern writer of his time trying to alter the meaning of the old for the new, more suitable for people, but at the same time, the content remained the same.So, Krylov offers its readers the fables of Aesop, but in verse form.And he was a little changed their essence, to make fun of some negative quality, common among residents of the reality.

new concept of modern fables

modern fable, in contrast to t

he classical, despite the fact that they are too much alike, yet have one, but significant difference.It lies in the fact that the current authors use in their works such a thing as human society as a whole and the individual in particular.Previously, it was not customary to use people in the fables, as they are brought into a negative connotation.Today's society is more democratic approach to reading literature, it can laugh at themselves.If earlier ridiculed any individual features, they are usually depicted in the form of various animals, but today can be called the meaning clearer.In principle, one might even abandon morality at the end of the work, because it is clear as day.

use of the natural world in a modern fable

If modern fables contain animals or insects, they usually are not isolated from society.In most cases, their meaning, as well as the presence in the product, it should be taken literally, does not look for certain copyright allegories.However, there are cases when using both animal and human worlds.It is often necessary to create a comic effect, to show how much nature is different from humans.

irony of modern fables

Recently fable of modern authors have acquired one more distinctive feature.Previously, it was impossible to distort the meaning of a good start, the ultimate victory over evil.Today, the boundaries have become so blurred that writers can be used in the works and irony.Based on this, one can easily explain the fact that in modern fables art works appear, unrelated to teaching.On the contrary, they are odes to fools, thieves, or, for example, dishonest politicians.But the point is, in fact understand satire sometimes a lot easier than thinking of the great philosophers or scientists.

Examples of the authors and the works themselves

costs a little more specific and tell about who is currently engaged in writing fables.For the most part these people are not professional writers - they just pour out on paper that have accumulated over time, giving it meaning and irony.Consequently, the bulk of modern fabulist remains unknown, and distributed over the Internet works.As an example, such fables as "one Georgian fable", "Bear on the rails" and others.But there are also well-known authors such as Paul or Olesya Emel'janovoj Rupasova.They have enriched the contemporary literature works "cleft heritage", "Goat and the Nightingale" and others.

In short, modern fable with morals contain the same sense that a few centuries ago, but with the addition of some elements that were dictated by the times.These new quality parts, in fact, and reflect the current literary art.Authors simply interpret the last thoughts of great and intelligent people, so that they were understandable to modern readers.