Analysis of the poems of Zhukovsky "ineffable."

Vasily Zhukovsky brought in Russian literature a new direction - romanticism, which at the beginning of the XIX century was distributed only in Europe.The poet praised the simplicity and charm of this genre of poetry and he has created a huge number of works in the spirit of Romanticism.One of them is a poem Zhukovsky "ineffable", written in the form of elegy in the summer of 1819.

Vasily repeatedly resorted to this genre, because he believed that it accurately expresses their own feelings and secret thoughts of the author.The poet loved to philosophize in his works, consider the question essence of the universe.Analysis of the poems of Zhukovsky "Ineffable" shows that even this great writer who was a reader and a teacher at the imperial court lacked the vocabulary to reliably convey what he saw the picture.

In his work Vasily praises nature admires her careless beauty.We do not come up with more such words that could describe the natural phenomena surrounding landscape - this is what the analysis of the poem says Zhukovsky "ineffable."The author asks the question: "What is our language before the wondrous nature of the earth?", He lamented the imperfection of the Russian language, his emotional poverty, lack of bright colors.

Vasily sure that people are not able to see the beauty of the world, he is content with only a small part.It is impossible to get a complete picture of the universe of the individual, unrelated images and features.Only creative people are able to see a little more than the average person, and this knowledge allows them to compose poems praising the greatness and splendor of Mother Nature.Analysis of the poems of Zhukovsky "Ineffable" allows you to capture the poet's regret that nature has not endowed the ability of people to appreciate every moment and notice how beautiful she is, and perfect.

poet is convinced that the soul of each of us is ready to let a lovely image of rivers, fields, forests, but the mind is not in a position to respond to the emotional impulses and translate feelings into words.The perception of the world largely depends on the mood of the person.If he is not burdened with worries, you will admire the golden sunset, flying across the sky, the murmur of the stream, but if his mind is addressing any problems, it will pass by without noticing the surrounding beauty.

analysis of Zhukovsky's poem "Ineffable" shows regret the author's irretrievably lost time.The man begins to appreciate something only when it loses itself Vasily serious losses classifies youth.The poet was born and raised in a village in the province of Tula, it was there he discovered the beauty of the nature, learn to draw inspiration from the contemplation of the vast fields and meadows, groves and green forests, blue rivers and lakes.Zhukovsky "Ineffable" wrote to convey his regret about the impossibility of expressing admiration for a piece of paper around the world to convey the beauty of the scenery, to give the reader a sense that he is experiencing at the sight of a lonely pine covered with snow, or pacing in the puddles in the summer rain.