Dwarves existed not only in fairy tales?

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Back in the 19th century around the world began to find mysterious deep underground tunnels, but all assumptions about their origin and remained assumptions, and so scientists have not been able to scientifically explain who made them and why they might need.But the fact remains that in the world there are many man-made tunnels, which are unlikely to do people.

difference from many of these tunnels made by people in different centuries is that the height of the tunnel is only 70 centimeters.These tunnels arch type, and their width ranges from 30 to 70 centimeters.Especially a lot of these tunnels found in European countries: France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, in some of these countries, the number of tunnels up to five hundred-seven hundred units, many of them connected with each other over low and narrow passages (the height of some of the transitionsonly 30 centimeters).Most of the tunnels are at a considerable depth - up to several tens of meters.

Some of the archaeologists do not leave hopes to find a reasonable explanation for the origin of the tunnels, for example, the German archaeologist Heinrich Kuch, recently wrote a book, "Secrets of the underground door in the ancient world."In this book he talks about the most mysterious tunnels, suggests that they have survived for more than 12 thousand years, and have dug their hollowed-Stone Age people.It was assumed that people in such tunnels to hide from predators and tribulations of the outside world, waited out the danger, and for this they have enough and low tunnels.But then there is a reasonable question: If these tunnels were temporary shelters that Stone Age people did not see the point in doing more and more comfortable because of their time why so many of these tunnels?Why are they related to each other transitions, height and width of only some 30 centimeters?People of the Stone Age were not very high, but they were stocky and powerfully built, because even crawl even in tunnels height of 70 centimeters, they moved with difficulty, and in the tunnel with a hole 30 centimeters not prolezŅ‘t most modern people, despite their slim body.

Other archeologists do not agree with the version of Heap, but disagree only about the time of construction, it is believed that they were built much later.Dates called different - from a thousand years ago, before the beginning of the 19th century.But what about the use of tunnels, all in accordance with the German archaeologist - other assumptions anybody just yet.Although it is clear that this assumption does not stand up and healthy criticism.

Of the features of tunnels can still be called the fact that they are not mentioned in any written sources.It looks as if someone is deliberately concealed for centuries the existence of a miniature of the underworld.Assessing the overall map of the tunnels, archaeologists suggest that all of this - a huge network, which once linked with the whole of Europe, and went into the tunnel, for example, in Germany, it was possible to go out, for example, in Turkey.Now some of these tunnels have fallen, but the number of survivors is impressive.For their creation required a truly Herculean effort, and only hard work of many generations of workers could create a plurality of network of this size.

And it is clear that people here do with it - in such cramped conditions, they would not have been able to cut down a number of passes, because to swing a pickaxe need space, and cleaved stone must somehow take out.

So who created these tunnels?The answer is almost obvious.In Europe, there are many legends involving dwarves and all the traditions of different peoples, they look similar to each other - dwarf, hardworking, hungry and strong underground miners.By the way, among the peoples who lived in other places, even if they lived in the neighborhood and with the Europeans simply do not have such traditions.And there is a good Slavic proverb, "The Tale - a lie, so it hint" ... So, we have not always been the only intelligent inhabitants of the earth?And what happened to our neighbors underground?Degenerated and gradually died out?Or are buried in the depths of which we do not soon be able to get more, and successfully developed?

Unfortunately, human nature is such that it is ready to conquer anything that can conquer, and because we can not know the answers to these questions to.And if the people of mysterious underground once and come out of the bowels, it is not for us to pass on their knowledge, but in order to stop the destructive power of humanity.Stop as would have stopped the people themselves.

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