The program for the processing of sound and sound recording

Today, you can find a lot of programs for processing audio or record your own tracks at home when connected to an external electronic instrument such as a conventional synthesizer or MIDI-keyboard, as well as, say, a guitar connected via input saundkarty.Naturally, after the recording of the contents will have to be edited.Consider the most relevant programs for sound processing.

representation of sound

No matter what the expansion is a sound file, the current program opened its representation in the wave.Whereas previously it applied only to the format of .wav, now, any program for sound processing opens a completely elementary MP3 files, or FLAC is in the wave view.

convenience in this case is obvious.Indeed, as well as a WAV-file, there can be varied almost any audio parameter until the signal frequency.However, it should be noted that if the original signal is recorded, for example, with a sampling frequency at 22500 Hz, then no matter how hard you try, even better sound when placing the conversion to 48 kHz still not achieve.Just the file will occupy more space on the hard drive.Even when the file is saved with a depth of 16 audio bits or 32 bits for every sound processing program will give a significant difference in size.Do not believe me?Try to make the conversion of the frequency characteristics in any format or audio converter.

Windows Tools to record the signal

As for the writing systems in family OSes Windows, here is your money.Not the best, of course, but in extreme cases fit.When you connect a microphone or an external device such as keys or guitar using a standard audio or MIDI interface on the sound card can be used "native" program recording and sound processing, which is in the section of standard applications.

extent appropriate, each user decides for himself.The only thing you can say is that these funds are worthless.This, in general, is understandable, because Microsoft has more than specializing in operating systems and related applications, rather than narrowly focused multimedia components.

professional and semi-professional sequencers

as a simple means for processing the audio, you can use the application sequencers, which often combine not only the system tern recording with the samples in various formats, but also the ability to add, say, a vocal track when recordingmicrophone.

So, one of the most popular and most used software musicians recording and editing sounds - FL Studio.The latest version is optimized assembly 12.0 is to work with live sound, not counting the huge number of supported virtual synthesizers and effects.

The same applies to the latest version of Cubase, which slightly exceeds the sequencer FL Studio.This is understandable, because the company is a developer of interface Steinberg VST, by which today connects most of the virtual plug-ins.

And now a few words about what should be aware of any person trying to work with the sound on your computer.

Sound Forge

This program is for the professional sound processing is almost a symbol of the sound industry.When some of the current leaders of the world market only makes the first steps, Sony has managed to create a complete software product capable of handling audio files.

However, in the first version of the open files by type "wave" was provided only for the format WAV.MP3 support appeared much later.In addition, plug-ins originally were to have only the format DX (DirectX), and support for VST-host and connected with it additional virtual modules also appeared recently.Nevertheless, the application can easily be used as a program for processing the microphone when recording from a fixed line input.

Cool Edit Pro

important to touch upon another aspect of discussing such a problem, as the processing of sound.Programs in Russian hardly represented.Of course, you can find the localization, but usually they are made sloppy.So it is better, even with minimal knowledge of foreign languages ​​use the English version (or some other).

regard to Annex Cool Edit, he is no Russian version.But, basically, if you know at least the basics of working with a sound understanding of the program is not difficult.In fact, the main window and a set of core functions are very similar to the application Sound Forge.Just today a program such as Cool Edit Pro, no longer officially exists.Rather, it is, but only in some modified form.

Adobe Audition

application Adobe Audition is precisely the successor program Cool Edit, since Adobe has just bought the copyright for the development of such software, the company Syntrillium, who stood at the cradle of this powerful software package.

In fact, even the interface has not undergone any changes.Working in the field of single or multitrack mode remains the same.Is that in the CC and CS versions added support for some devices and virtual plug-ins.But in general, this program is for audio processing is a replica of Cool Edit Pro.


Talking about sound and music recording, you can not ignore the package Samplitude.Programs for processing sound like that focus primarily on work in the studio with direct connection of live instruments through mixing inputs.

distinctive feature of this application is not only a unique system for recording and signal processing, and the ability to model and multi-effects on one track program.In other words, a single track with a recorded vocal or instrumental parts can be hung virtually unlimited number of effects.And if you use more plug-ins and additional extenders or a rack, the total number of effects can be increased almost indefinitely.But what to say, special modules allow you to hang on one track 32 effect, but the module is used in the program as one effect, which can connect so much more.

Cockos Reaper

"Coconut Reaper" is quite powerful and popular application.Like many other software for sound processing, this package is focused on studio work, but can be used as a means of multitrack recording in the home.

Naturally, there is a huge amount of built-in tools for editing the contents stored in the "live" version.Interestingly, despite its fairly low-key interface, the application has a lot of hidden features.This is especially true in supporting MIDI-devices, as well as some sample formats used by software player (like Kontakt) or samplers like Halion, recognizes the format of AKAI.

Pro Tools

The program for sound processing is almost the best.Again, it is used in professional recording studios.However, here it is worth to make a small, but very important caveat: versions for Windows simply does not exist.This package is designed only for use on platforms MAC OS X.

But the presence of such a system can be waived even by "iron" mastering processors, equalizers, crossovers and even today, all the known means of processing audio.Features of this package are endless.

Conclusion Of course, the article discussed not all programs and utilities to work with sound.For example, when recording vocals for its adjustment, you can use a unique tool called Melodyne, which is able to automatically align the party recorded with a microphone.However, to understand with one program, to learn other applications will not be difficult.