Summary: Kuprin, "White Poodle" by chapter

plot of the story "The White Poodle" Kuprin took from real life.After all, in his own dacha in the Crimea, repeatedly went roving performers, which he often left for lunch.Among these guests was Sergey and grinder.The boy told a story that happened to a dog.She is very interested in the writer and later became the basis for the story.

Kuprin, "White poodle": content I head

Along the southern coast of the Crimea made its way down the path a little wandering troupe.Ahead ran beneath the lion cropped white poodle Arto.Behind him was Sergei, a boy 12 years.In one hand he carried a dirty and cramped cages of the Goldfinch, who taught to get little notes with predictions, and the other - a rolled mat.Completes the process of the oldest member of the troupe - Martyn Lodizhkin.On his back he carried the same old as himself, hurdy-gurdy, played only two tunes.Sergei Martin for five years as the drinking took widower shoemaker, promising to pay him for 2 rubles per month.But soon zabuldyzhnik died and Sergei forever remained with my grandfather.The troupe went with performances from one of the holiday village to the other.

Kuprin, "White poodle": summary II head

was summer.It was very hot, but performers kept going.Sergei wondered around: beautiful plants, old parks and buildings.Grandfather Martin insisted that he had not see: in front of the big city, and then - the Turks, and the Ethiopians.The day was unsuccessful: almost everywhere they chased and paid very little.And one lady, looking at the overall performance, the old man threw a coin, which was no longer in vogue.Soon they reached the garden "Friendship".

Summary: Kuprin, "White Poodle», III head

the path, lined with gravel, artists came to the house.As soon as they were ready for action, to the terrace suddenly he jumped a boy of 8-10 in a sailor suit, followed by six adults.The child fell to the ground, screamed, fought back, and all begged him to take medicine.Martin and Sergei first watched this scene, and then the grandfather gave the command to start.Hearing the sound of the hurdy-gurdy, all fell silent.Even silent boy.Artists was first banished, they packed up and is almost gone.But then the boy began to demand that they were called.They came back and began to speak.At the end of Artaud, holding his cap in his mouth, he approached the lady pulled out a wallet.And then the boy began to scream hysterically that he wants the dog left him forever.The old man refused to sell Artaud.Artists drove from the yard.The boy continued to scream.Coming out of the park, the artists went down to the sea and stopped there to swim.Soon the old man said that it is close to the janitor.

Summary: Kuprin, "White Poodle», IV head

lady sent a janitor still buy a poodle.Martin does not agree to sell the other.Janitor says that the boy's father - an engineer Obolyaninov - building railroads across the country.The family is very rich.They have one child, and in what it is not failure.Janitor achieved nothing.The troupe left.

Summary: Kuprin, "White Poodle», V head

The travelers stopped at a mountain stream to dine and relax.After the meal, they fell asleep.Through a nap Martyn seemed that dog growls, but he could not get up, and only called the dog.Sergei woke up first and realized that no poodle.Martin found nearby stump sausage and traces of Artaud.It became clear that the dog led the janitor.To contact the judge grandfather afraid, because living on someone else's passport (he lost his), which he did once a Greek for 25 rubles.It turns out that he is actually Ivan Dudkin, a simple peasant, and not Martin Lodizhkin, tradesman from Samara.Along the way, the artists specially for the night passed again by "Friendship", but Arto have not seen.

Summary: Kuprin, "White Poodle», VI head

In Alupka they stopped for the night in a dirty coffee shop Turk Ibrahim.Sergei night in a leotard made his way to the ill-fated cottage.Artaud was tied, but still closed in the basement.Having Sergei, he began barking furiously.The porter went to the basement and began to beat the dog.Sergey screamed.Then the janitor ran out of the cellar, without closing it, to catch the boy.At this time, Artaud broke away and ran into the street.Sergei long strayed in the garden, yet already quite exhausted, I realized that the fence is not too high, and it can jump.Behind him jumped Artaud, and they ran away.The janitor did not catch up with them.The fugitives returned to his grandfather than his unspeakably happy.