"The Seagull."

play "The Seagull" by Chekhov was completed in 1896.In the same year it was published and staged in St. Petersburg Alexandrinsky Theatre.If you make an analysis of the "Seagull" by Chekhov, it seems to work everyday with a straightforward plot: the eternal problem of children and parents, and the age-old love triangle.But virtually every line of heroes can not only consider their fate and character in front of you there is a whole human life.Each action shows the simple life of ordinary people, while we reveal the complexity of their relationships Chekhov."The Seagull" (summary of the play you will read below) is designated as a comedy, but it is not funny characters.You will not find any gay scene or a curious case.The whole play is based on the clash of generations between the confident and venerable older characters and still unrecognized and inexperienced youth.

«The Seagull."Chekhov.Summary of the first steps

in the name of Peter Sorina lives he retired state councilor and his nephew Constantine Konstantin.Constantine's mother, Irina Arkadin - mastitis is an actress who came here to stay.Along with her came her lover Trigorin, a famous writer while.

Constantine passionate writing.He is prepared to show a play in which a single role will play the daughter of Nina Nina neighboring landowners.She dreams of the stage, but her parents think it is indecent and resolutely resist the passion of his daughter.Constantine is in love with Nina, but in love with him Masha - the daughter of a retired lieutenant Shamraeva.His family is also invited to watch the play.

all seated before hastily hammered together a stage on which Nina, dressed all in white, says a strange monologue decadent style.ARKADINA it causes direct protest, it seems that the son is trying to teach her how to write and what to play.Constantine lost his temper and leaves.Nina does not follow him, she gladly accepts compliments for her talent.Especially in this trying Trigorin.

«The Seagull."Chekhov.Summary of the second act

Two days later, the same people again gather at the estate.Nina is surprised that such famous people as Arkadina and Trigorin in life are no different from the usual.She falls in love with Trigorin and begins to avoid Constantine, who links all with the failure of his play.He tried to explain to her, but Nina is the only cause irritation.Trigorin - that her new idol, for which it is ready for anything.Constantine appears, he is in the hand of a dead seagull and puts it at the feet of Nina, a statement that will soon kill himself.

«The Seagull."Chekhov.Summary of the third act

A week later, Constantine makes an unsuccessful suicide attempt.Mother decides that the reason was jealousy.She believes that it is necessary to take Trigorin in Moscow.But he did not want to leave the estate, he was fascinated by Nina, it seems to him that it was her he was looking for all my life.This he frankly tells ARKADINA, but she does not believe in the seriousness of his hobbies and convinces Trigorin go.Before his departure he still faced girl.She, too, is going to leave for Moscow, and they agree that it will meet in secret.

«The Seagull."Chekhov.Summary of the fourth action

past two years.Constantine still writes, and his works are published.Maria married, but not paying attention to her husband and her child, spends much time in the house Trepleva.Nina Moscow took up with Trigorin, they even had a child, but died shortly afterwards.The husband left her and returned to ARKADINA.Career actress Nina has failed, as the game it was rough and tasteless.Parents anything about her not want to know, and do not let her on the doorstep.

in the name again come to visit Arkadin and Trigorin.They, along with guests playing bingo.But Constantine is in his office.Suddenly it comes to Nina.Now it is tired and frustrated woman who has lost faith in his confession.But Constantine still loves her and wants to go with her to a provincial theater, where it will play.Nina it did not seem to hear: from another room heard the voice of Trigorin, and she loved him even more than before.

all play lotto hear a sound like a shot.Guests on the estate of the doctor suggested that it was torn one of his bottles.He leaves the room, and when he returns, he asks Trigorin somewhere Arkadina lead as Konstantin Gavrilovich shot himself ...