Card tricks: the automatic appearance of the card

This is probably one of the most mysterious card trick is that the magician makes the audience selected card in the deck to turn over, resulting in her looking at you face among a pack of cards that are deployed face down.Keywords focus - simplicity.

its execution due to the fact that from the outset the bottom card of the deck is in the inverted position (A).The card can be inverted in the deck even in a case, or when the viewer moves from your hand, it is fairly easy to turn as follows (in) the deck is face-up on the fingers of his left hand, right hand thumb at one end and the other fingerson the other end you have captured the deck.Now let slide deck to the fingertips of his left hand, while turning to the left through the side of the deck.

This one card - in this case, the Eight of spades - you continue to hold on the fingers of his left hand.(C) Continue to turn the deck until it all the way down the Eight Peak remains lying face up.Thus, it has now become - face up - the bottom card of the deck, all the other cards that are face down, as none of the audience does not know.Now you're ready to focus.
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1. Lay the cards fanned out face down, so that the viewer can freely select any card from the deck.Warning: do not unpack the deck to the bottom, to avoid accidental "glimpse" the bottom card lying face up.

2. Once the card is selected the viewer, add a deck and align it, referring to the viewer to consider the card.

3. The moment when the viewer looks at them a card selected, your left arm completely reverses and puts the pack on the table.Thus, all the cards of the deck are to face up except the "lower" card, which is now lying face down.Because the map it seems as if the entire deck is still in the "face down".

4. Deck is on foot, and you are asking the audience to show the rest of the map.

5. When all admired her, grab a deck with your left hand and lift it into position.Special attention at this time should be paid to the fact that the deck was well aligned: Do not allow flicker card or lying face up is now under a single top card lying face down.

6. Hold the deck, offer the viewer to insert their card into the deck anywhere.The viewer does not know that he puts face down in a deck where all the cards are face up, but one of the top.

7. When the spectator put the card in the deck, get a hand, one with a deck of cards, with the back and explain to the audience that he touched only cards in the deck and so it slightly"warmer" than others.Then you say that you have a unique sensitivity to heat, and therefore you can find this card in the deck and show her most unusual way.

8. Holding the deck behind his back, turn over the top card that is face down and upside down with respect to all other face-up.Now all the cards in the deck are the same except for map selected viewer.This card is the only one in the deck, which faces facing the other way.


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