Highly paid profession: who are the economists?

Who is an economist?It would seem a simple question, but here's the problem, give him the same simple answer is clearly not succeed.And all the fault of the specificity of the profession, with its complex dogmas and duties.And yet, to provide a basic idea of ​​who are the economists (Russia in particular), it is possible.

To do this, look at the profession from the outside and note the most important moments, such as the basic duties to the economist, the required level of knowledge, as well as possible the scope of his skills.

Who are the economists?

economists first appeared long before the formation of the modern states and nations.For example, in ancient Egypt, traders speculated over how to reduce the cost of transportation of construction materials, with no sacrifice.Let these thoughts were quite primitive, yet they are an example of the first economic strategy.

Over the years, the need for drawing up business plans only increased.And when market relations became so intense and unpredictable that one person to follow them did not have time, the first economists.

Features economics profession

As mentioned earlier, these professionals are responsible for developing methods to improve the performance of the enterprise.If we talk about who the economists in the broadest sense of the word, we can deduce the following wording.Economist - a specialist, whose efforts are aimed at increasing business profits by reducing the cost of production.

Make it easy, especially in a competitive environment.And if the economist wants to succeed in his business, he would have to approach their work very seriously.To do this, you must examine his own company from top to bottom, in order to understand all the processes that occur within it.

In addition, do not forget about the external factors.After all, the market situation is always changing, and we must be able to balance, in order to make timely decisions.

What distinguishes an economist from the accounting and finance?

now often confuse an accountant, economist and financier.This is a very sad fact.Let them and are closely related, yet it is very different positions.Therefore, in order to dispel the fog of misunderstanding will put everything in its place:

  1. Accountant - the first step in the financial hierarchy of the enterprise.The main responsibility of this specialist is to collect information on all cash transactions.That is, the accountant keeps records, records costs and income, as well as following the tax benefit.
  2. Economist sees to that used in the production of only profitable for the enterprise technology and techniques.Due to reports of accountants, he sees the problem points in the financial system of the company and suggests ways of solving them.
  3. Finance - Master of investments.This person is responsible for the implementation of new business ideas that can bring additional profit.

As you can see, the difference in these professions have, so when choosing a future place of work should pay attention to the requirements for the candidates.It often happens that a company saves in the workplace, and connects several professions together.

By the way, it is the job description Economist defines the range of its responsibilities.So, before you put a signature on it, you need to carefully read its contents.

Where can I get as an economist?

In order to become an economist, you need to get higher education.Therefore, the path of the young specialist begins at the threshold of the university.In general, revenues must pass exams in mathematics and Russian language, and in some cases to pass an interview.

More importantly, you need to choose the right university.After all, in the financial world without a good reputation to find a decent job very difficult.Therefore it is necessary to consider the information on what is known economists were finishing high schools of Russia, and by all means try to get there.

should also give priority to institutions that specialize in financial education.After the diploma obtained in the banking academy, much more prestigious than the same document, but from the agricultural university.

search for promising job

With those who are economists understood, now you need to understand where to go to work in such a form?

To begin to understand one thing: the prestigious position without work experience to get fail.Except when the young specialist has good advice or communication among the company's management.

otherwise have to work in a small company 2-3 years.Perhaps even in the specialty "accountant-economist", since such companies are often adjacent to the post.But do not be discouraged, this practice will benefit, as will become stronger and will add fresh skills already honed arsenal.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

Let's talk about the pros and cons of the profession.After all, whatever one may say, as an economist - is not just a work, hence the requirements for it to be serious.

It should be noted that the labor market is now very many specialists of this profile.It hardens the competition, and only the most experienced and seasoned economists get a prestigious job.Besides instruction JOB economist often has a clause which provides for the payment of damages.But when you work in a company, make millions, you can not help you understand how serious the consequences might be.

Yet, the positive moments more.After all, the economist - a management position, and therefore can safely expect a warm room, albeit not their own.Also attractive is the prospect of career growth, and ultimately there is clearly no straps.And finally, the financial side.Economist - a highly paid profession, and so you can not worry about the prospects for the future.