Cursed village

This is the legend of the little Cornish village Dadlitaun, which in places has earned a reputation as a place accursed by God.

Dadlitaun located in a mountainous area.It has always been in the shadow of, irrespective of the time of day.The first settlers, one might say, its founding father was a farmer, Thomas Griffith, who came to those places in 1747.

village population grew rather slowly, but the farmer soon appeared Grifisa neighbors, two of whom were Dudley.It is assumed that they were brothers.Due to the fact that the number of Dudley is clearly superior to the entire population of the mountainous area of ​​Cornwall were given their name.

center of spiritual values ​​was the church, located on the Cornish plain.When death comes to one of the village families Dadlitaun, not the deceased was interred before the ox cart with delivering it to the cemetery in Cornwall.This was not only due to the lack of the church.The fact that, within the boundaries Dadlitaun not found any place of disposal.

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And died in the village a little too often.And the terrible death occurred, they literally shook the locals.

In 1792, with Gersh Hollister accident occurred.He helped his friend in the construction of the barn.During the Gersh he fell from buildings under construction and died.Unhappiness can be attributed to excess drunk cider or weak boards, which stood Gersh.And we can assume that people just stumbled.

Another, no less mysterious story concerns his wife Horace Greeley, Mary Cheney.She was born in Dadlitaun and died a violent death.Perhaps a crucial role in the suicide of Mary played the failure of her husband in the US presidential election.She chose to solve all the problems, tying a rope around the neck.

This death takes us into 1813.It should be noted that approximately every seven years with one of the residents of these accidents occurred, usually fatal.Too often for the village, several dozen residents.

According to legend, the family Carter Kilingvorda also suffered from the curse of the village Dadlitaun.Head of the family, Nathaniel Carter did not stay in this place.Leaving the family, he went to work.At this time, the hut was attacked by Indians and killed his wife and youngest son.The remaining children were taken to Canada.Fortunately, they survived.But life has treated them differently.Two daughters were saved "red cape."Another son, Carter chose to live in the northern forests.Later, he joined his life with an Indian girl.They had a son Ta-wa or David Carter.According to legend, it was he who spoke first about the curse Dadlitauna.After the boy became a Christian in 1823, he decided to enter the Foreign Mission School.David was a model student.But the following year he was expelled from school.The incident with the beauties of Cornwall spoiled a brilliant reputation as a young man.Then David wandered through various lands for a while.He later became a journalist, and finally, he was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court.

Most residents left this mysterious place before they had time to grow old, and taste all the delights of old age.Those wishing to settle there, too, was not.But there are exceptions.For example, one of the indigenous peoples - Abel Dudley, died at age 90.They say, if he had lived so long only because the age of 60 he left Dadlitaun, giving an oath that his leg would never come to this God-forsaken land.Another resident of the village of William Tanner, lived and subsequently died in the same house in which to Gershom Hollister accident occurred.In 104 years, when he was already out of his mind he still left Dadlitaun.Not surprisingly, that after so many years of living in this horrible place Taner crazy.

In the early twentieth century, not a soul laid claim to permanent residence in Dadlitaun.Only temporary workers occasionally resided there in the summer working at the sawmill, which turns into svezhestrugannye board chestnuts, which gradually filled the hillside village, and even overgrown them.However, some time later, the chestnuts died almost overnight.Sawmill processed chestnuts dead for some time.A couple of farmers engaged in animal husbandry, but no one had any idea to stay in this mountain town forever.

Curse yet done its job.From the existence of this cursed village was only a myth.There are some facts.It is necessary to look at the geographic location Dadlitaun, and once it becomes clear that this village is a mistake from the very beginning of its existence.Residents could not get a good harvest due to the fact that Dadlitaun was surrounded by hills and located 1,500 feet above sea level.Even seasoned apple could not withstand long winters, cold spring and summer.The ground was terribly rocky.He did not answer the needs of local residents who wanted their land was fertile as the valleys of Cornwall.It is now no test can show what type of land was Dadlitaun v1700-ies.But the fact that farmers in a given year could not grow even straw to their livestock, leads us to the conclusion that there is depletion of the earth in the place.At one time this area was famous for its oaks and beeches.But these trees are indicative of the high acidity.

person who enters the Dadlitaun the first time, it seems that this place is well provided with water, because there are two small creek flowing through the whole territory and fueled by two marshes.But in fact, this village is not rich in water resources.Now between the two marshes wall there.Perhaps before this marshy area used as pasture, and dried seasonally, or simply did not exist 1,700 years.

should not lose sight of the fact that due to the small amount of arable land younger generation trying to find another place to stay.They never returned back because their home and family have been in other villages and towns.However, due to the accident occurring cases, the legend still lives on.For example, once a Cornish farmer mowed hay.He lost a few stacks after the storm.What is this?Lightning?Of course not!This is all the demons village Dadlitaun!Perhaps it was because of a bad hedge enclosing summer pastures, or a hungry cow decided to satisfy his hunger.

few homes still had about an old village Dadlitaun.Rumors about the next mystical cases were not.But on the territory of the Dadlitauna deserted.Owls, who gave the village the nickname "Owlsbury" continued to cry while sitting on the tops of the trees still heard the howling of wild animals of the rocky reefs, and in the winter they break a deathly silence of this mysterious town.Today, the names that are typical of the village Dadlitaun gone.They remember only the walls of old houses, is gradually destroyed by time, because there is no one to repair them again.There is no longer Brofisov, John, Roger, Kuksov and, of course, Dudley.Now Dadlitaun is home only to wild beasts: for grouse sitting on a stone 200 years ago, white-tailed deer, owls and woodpeckers.However, the descendants of those who once lived here, going once again to throw vyzovproklyatiyu.Dadlitaun, in their opinion, deserves to remain quiet, secluded and peaceful village.This, of course, if there will be nothing extraordinary, will be seen as a tribute to those hardy pioneers, pioneers who have made tremendous efforts to tame the turbulent, rocky, wild countryside of Connecticut ... and, unfortunately, failed.

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