Mystery name: Anastasia and Alexander

Since ancient times, people believed that the nature and destiny of man associated with his name.It was believed that the name determines how people will live, what will be its fate.

Today, ancient techniques decryption names almost lost.Chinese diviners, Kabbalists, some magical method of expanding the school kept the name on the letter, each of which is a hidden force.This method also has the value of alternate, in which the letters follow one another.Another method, used in astrology, Kabbalah and magic - the analysis of the numerical values ​​of letters of the name and location of the name with the help of their addition.This is one of the sections of numerology.Later, we will show you both.

Today humanity has accumulated enough experience in this area, so the main character traits and turns of fate inherent in a particular name, are well known.Numerous commentators disagree, as a rule, is in the details, the basic characteristics are more or less the same.

According to statistical studies, last year in Russia the most popular names were "Anastasia" and "Alexander".Let's see what these beautiful, ancient names and what is waiting for their owners.

girl with the same name destined to be the most beautiful, most intelligent, most tender.It is a universal favorite and never disappoint the expectations of quality.Anastasia growing dreamy, her well-developed imagination.It is vulnerable to the evil and cunning people, it can deceive and hurt, so Anastasia need protection and support.

Anastasia could be a good artist, a kindergarten teacher, doctor.Its thin sincere device has people to trust, it helps to quickly establish candid relationship.Get married early.Anastasia is not difficult to win the hearts, as it is sensitive, it is easy to move, it has developed a feeling of pity.Selects a strong, self-confident man.Anastasia - a faithful and caring wife, thrills on the side not in her nature.It is a good housewife, loves to decorate the house with flowers and graceful things.Gives herself to children, gets along with all of her husband's relatives.

for marriage with her fit man named Boris, Vladimir, Victor, Konstantin, Denis, Oleg, Paul Simon.

less suitable: Vadim, Vitaly, Nikolay, Stanislav, Phillip.

In children, Alexandra often get sick, but if young people are beginning to harden and exercise, then grow from them strong and persistent man.Alexandra persevered.They can become the head of the team and skillfully manage it, relying on the most capable people, trusting them the most complex cases.They have a reputation of fair people.One of the vulnerabilities Sasha - a weakness for wine.In dealing with women, Alexander tries not to forget a single detail.But his most sincere compliments should not be taken too seriously, is a manifestation of feelings and expect other women.

suitable for marriage with a woman named Anna, Valentina, Barbarian, Belief, Veronica, Daria, Elizabeth, Zoe, Inna, Love, Lyudmila, Maria, Hope, Natalia, Oksana, Pauline, Tamara.

less suitable Ekaterina, Elena, Zinaida, Lydia, Svetlana.

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