Eye makeup: Draw arrows

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arrows on the eyes - timeless classics.This makeup is suitable for all occasions and looks great in any situation.Arrows are women of all ages, making it look more expressive, and his face - younger.This season's leading makeup artists offer a variety of options for a variety of arrows, ranging from the traditional to the most unusual.

Now on sale presented several tools for creating arrows: pencils, cream eyeliner, a special pen or shade - you can choose the most convenient for you.


Perhaps the easiest way to draw an arrow: easy to use, allows you to mix several shades - perfect for a quick make-up.Clearly easier to draw a thin line with the help of a solid stick, a soft pencil is suitable for a bright line and drawing the inner eyelid.Nevertheless, the pencil has a serious drawback: it can quickly wear off, so you should choose resistant pencils.

liquid eyeliner

ensures clear and persistent eye makeup.When selecting eyeliner should pay attention to the brush: a long soft brush is ideal for removing fine circuit hoses with fiber tip, resembling pen, perfect for a bulk line arrows.

Gel eyeliner

Due to its ductility is easy to apply and adjust with a brush.The brush should be made of synthetic fibers and have a beveled shape.


The best option for beginners liner.The only negative, but it is quite significant - pen dries up pretty quickly.

can also draw arrows using the very shadow and beveled brush.Before applying the shadow as eyeliner brush, moisten, and then begin plotting.

The shape of the eye

Liner can not only make the look more expressive, but also to adjust the shape of the eye.To create the ideal form of arrows should choose not only the type of liner, and an arrow suitable for your eye shape.

Owners almond shaped lucky more than others - they fit absolutely any direction.If you have a round shape of the eye, using the arrows can be adjusted.Since the middle of the eye a little lift up arrow for a wider line, then gradually sharpen it.

Such a process helps to visually add more almond-shaped eye.Thin arrows ideal for oriental facial features.The tip of the arrow just need a little lift up slightly departing from the outer corner.If you have a heavy lid or outer corners of eyes lowered, you will also fit a thin arrow.Visually enlarge small eyes, you can use a lighter shade liner and arrows with an elongated tip.

Learn to draw

first and rather amazing thing to remember: you need to draw the arrow with the open eye.To make it easier to draw a more smooth and symmetrical arrow small pencil strokes mark the line of the arrow as close to the ciliary margin.Then, with a brush outline Draw arrows eyeliner, starting from the center line of the eye towards the outer corner.

Put dry shadows invisible point in the location where it will end with an arrow, then carefully connect the main line of eyeliner to this point.Make sure that the tip of your arrow was pointing down.Draw arrows outline with a brush, filling the gaps along the ciliary edge.

Helpful Hints:

Make sure that your position is stable and the hand will not tremble.

Use the base under the shade or shade nyudovogo shade to line the surface of the eyelids.

To make the eyes more line at the outer edge of the eye to make a big wide.

Arrows create a strong focus on the eyes, so the area around the eyes should look perfect.

Once you learn how to draw a classic arrows, you can create something unusual and eye-catching.Arrow, running along the main and backup century, ultra-long arrows pointing up or very extreme options that resemble geometric figures - do not be afraid to experiment and try new things.

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