The appearance of the newborn - for expectant mothers

Most newborn are chubby and smiling creature with nice folds on the hands and feet.

However, life is not so: to avoid unnecessary disturbances and not be shocked appearance of the child, the expectant mother is helpful to know in advance about some features of appearance of newborn babies.

Do not worry if a newborn baby does not look like a baby picture.Children rarely are born pink, plump and smooth.Typically, newborns have some features of appearance, disappear after some time after birth.And in order to dispel doubts and fears, you just need to talk about it with a doctor at the hospital.

shape of the head of a newborn baby

mother often frightened at the sight of non-standard form of the head of a newborn child - flattened, elongated, and sometimes like an egg.

baby's head is egg-shaped, because during the birth of his skull bones adapt to the birth canal of the mother.And as this passage is narrow, the head becomes elongated shape.Within a few days, the head of the newborn will be the usual round shape.

you thought that your baby's head is too big?It can be as an optical illusion, and hereditary characteristics (if your family has a Big-relatives).

Sometimes moms get frustrated when the child is born completely bald, without a single hair on his head.But this does not mean that it will remain so.Hairs can appear only 7-8 months of life.However, the first hair usually fall.And for sure, the kid will get permanent hair, and then they may darken.

stroking the head of a newborn baby, mom feels soft depressions, covered by thin membranes pulsating.It's fontanelles - the places on the bones of the skull are not yet closed.As a rule, the fontanelles are tightened to a year, but if it happened before, it means that this is a characteristic of the body of the baby.

general, according to the observations of obstetricians and neonatologists, recently most children born with the small size of fontanelle.Normally fontanelle about 1-3 cm, but sometimes less.Many doctors believe that this is due to a slightly higher dose of vitamins that pregnant women receive during gestation.But even if delayed fontanelle early, continue to give your baby vitamin D.

also sometimes affects newborn baby mother "snake tongue".The tip of the tongue of the baby seems slightly forked, because the language as it merged with the bottom of the mouth, and it is still difficult stretch ahead.Make no mistake: it is sure to do it within the first year of life.

eyes newborn

Often, but not always, considering the baby's eyes, surprised Mom asks to whom they are so blue, like the sea surface?Indeed, many babies are born with blue eyes, but at 6 months eye color changes to its.And then exactly understand Mama, who succeeded in charming eyes.

Sometimes it also happens that he did not get to see the color of the eyes of the newborn, because he can not open them.This is due to postpartum edema, if the head some time "stood" in the birth canal.Do not worry, the swelling will pass by itself.

Sometimes the swelling cause eye infection, but in this case, is always accompanied by mucous or mucous-purulent discharge from the eye.It is still being treated in the hospital, and the swelling goes without consequences.

The kid can still surprise Mom, it's a squint, which is not uncommon for newborns.Doctors explain the weakness of the abductor muscles squint eyes.For half a year must pass this state itself.

It also happens that a newborn's eyes are bright red.For example, in the case of hemorrhage caused by lack of oxygen during pregnancy, or that the child suffered a difficult birth.Vessels suffer under a lack of oxygen, but then everything goes without a trace.

gipertonus newborn

no matter how much my mother was trying to say hello to the baby, taking his fingers, it is that it is unlikely, because of the tightly clenched fists newborn.Position when the handle close to the body and legs curled up and pressed against his stomach, doctors loftily called "posture of Buddha."All newborns are in this position, which is caused by increased tone in the flexor muscles of the hands and feet.

moms should not worry about this until 3-4 months.Before this age increased muscle tone - the norm.By 3 months, the child should begin to compress and decompress fists, hands and fingers trying to grab a toy.If this does not happen, then the problem should be solved by a neurologist who prescribed massage, swimming, gymnastics.

Look to the hands and feet of the newborn, mothers often notice the bluish tint feet and jaws.This is due to the fact that he has not yet adjusted the circulation, and it is vigorously move as feet and fists immediately porozoveyut.

Mom worries that a baby foot heavily wrapped in or out.And then, and another is due to muscle weakness in the ankle joint.These phenomena are caused by hypoxia (lack of oxygen) during pregnancy.However, worry about it not worth it, because such defects are very well adjusted with the help of massage.

Sometimes swollen nipples baby milk stands.It turns out that this is quite normal - for newborn boys and girls.This hormonal crisis newborn.It is caused by the fact that the hormones in the blood of the mother got a baby.All will pass by itself.But in any case it is impossible to squeeze milk from the teat!It is enough to put them dry heat.Selections appear 3-5 days of baby's life, and are held weekly.

Some young mother looking at her newborn boys, do not find their natural place in the testicles.If this happens, it means that the egg has not had time to fall in the groin before birth and stuck in the channel.Before the year is no need to be nervous.If the situation is not changed, the testicles "Conclusions" surgically since they need not be in the abdominal cavity.

Sometimes the opposite situation, the baby is born with a big swollen testicles.This is caused by swelling of the shell eggs.He is not treated and flows by itself, but the kid is watching the surgeon.

panic sometimes cause bleeding from the vagina in girls, although there is nothing to worry about.This is the same hormonal crisis, which causes the release of milk from the nipple, and he also runs.

And another "trick" is puzzling moms - navel.Out at the stump of the umbilical cord it looks unsightly, but not for long.After 10 days, she disappears and becomes pupochek beautiful ornate shape sleeping snail.

skin newborn

skin of a newborn baby is not immediately beautiful: gentle, smooth and pink.First, it can be frustrating.Red spots, fluff, peeling protruding blood vessels, birthmarks.Let's see, what should cause concern and what is not?

Sometimes the baby is born with a bright pink color of the skin, the gun and a very large number of generic lubricant.All this is due to the immaturity of the skin of a newborn baby and goes with the growth.

Mother is also not worry about peeling the skin of the newborn.It turns out, after all the old bathing sshelushivaetsya the epidermis, the skin and the baby is updated.

Red spots with jagged edges, too, should not cause fear in parents.Sometimes it is a manifestation of an allergy caused by malnutrition mom, and sometimes - an allergic reaction to the waste products of microbes that colonize the sterile baby's skin.In this case, you just need a good drink of the newborn, and the allergen itself bring the body.

Some children are born with red vascular gossamer.These so-called vascular nevi but not intimidating to the baby, but do not pass with age, like brown birthmarks.With wine birthmarks and Mongoloid kids also remain for a lifetime.Wine red birthmarks are children of all nationalities.But Mongolian blue spots usually occur in children of the southern nations, or Asians.

On the 3rd day of life the newborn becomes jaundiced skin color.If the mother is Rh negative and the baby is positive, or my mother I group of blood, and the child is different, and jaundice appears on the 1st day of life, it requires additional examination of blood.

Love neonatal

After birth mom is experiencing enormous feeling of happiness.This is and physiological reasons - hormonal changes.She immediately falls in love with her baby without looking back.If the mother immediately after birth is not splashed on the kid then happiness, then this is due to different causes, but not the views of the newborn.

Often this occurs when a newborn baby was taken from her mother immediately.Then the joy goes to the medical staff surrounding the doctors - some all-around great!Sometimes the connection starts to break even during pregnancy if the mother left the favorite, and she plunged headlong into any other problems.

In this case, it is desirable that Mommy was in the postnatal ward with the newborn baby.But if it really is unpleasant to look after the baby, then it is very bad.Because with her hands child "reads" attitude.Then it is better to mom helped someone else.And in the meantime she is slowly and gradually entered into the process.

Even if a newborn is not very attractive, it is for mom - superkrasavets.In many schools for pregnant moms, viewing educational films, horrified by the appearance of the newborn.But it is worth their own baby to be born as their point of view changes dramatically.Your child becomes the most charming, despite all the features of the newborn.

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