What was Generalissimo world: study history

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Generalissimo - the honorary military rank.His only awarded outstanding individuals who have significantly influenced the course of history, won the most important battle for their people, were brilliant tacticians.Naturally, these exceptional individuals may not be much, even in the long history of mankind.Those who rose to the rank of generalissimo, as well as about the current state of the title, see below.

interpretation of the term "generalissimo┬╗

title of "generalissimo" - is the pinnacle of his military career.The award for outstanding service to his native country for winning the key battles.At the same time the military had to command one or more of the Allied armies and take tactically successful actions.Particular importance acquired the title in the XX century, when mankind one after another shook the two world wars.

from Latin "generalissimo" is translated as "chief in the army."In the history of warfare was not a higher rank.For the first time it was given back in the XVI century, to be exact - in 1569.

All Generalissimo of the world - an outstanding leader, brilliant tactics and strategy virtuoso.However, among those who were awarded this title, there are conflicting figures.

number Generalissimo world

generalissimos How many in the world?Today, their number is equal to 77. Among them, nine French soldiers, six Austrian commanders, two German.The story also includes five Russian generalissimos.

But this is only the official data.What it was Generalissimo world, really worthy of the title?They are significantly less than 77. This is due to the fact that the title is awarded not only for outstanding military merit.It awarded many members of the royal family, as well as their approximate as encouragement.In this case the "Generalissimo" was nothing more than an honorary title does not reflect the real situation, and anything to do with the army.

first Generalissimo

not so important how many generalissimos in the world, the main thing - one of them became the first person to have earned this title.In the second half of the XVI century, namely in 1569, the French king Charles IX awarded it the title of his brother, who later became the next head of state - Henry III.This is exactly the case when the title was awarded by the supreme will of the monarch, not for military merit, which simply was not due to age cousin of the king.

Many of Generalissimo of the world, as mentioned above, also received the title as a sign of the favor of monarchs.In some states, title is awarded for life.In the other - only the hostilities.In peacetime, the former commander did not have any privileges, for example, the supreme army rank.

Russian generalissimo

List generalissimos our country is not great.The first person to be awarded this high rank, was governor, Alexander Shein, who scored the second Azov campaign.For Merit Russian Emperor Peter I officially awarded him the title.

There were also cases when the title was assigned first, and then to take away, if a person fell into disfavor.That's what happened to Alexander Menshikov, who was listed as the Generalissimo only a few months.A similar situation was with his father John VI, the Russian emperor.Son of his father bestowed higher military rank as an honorary title.After the overthrow of his father John VI was demoted.

not as important as it was Generalissimo world.It is important that it is representative of our country is perhaps the greatest of them.We are talking about Alexander Suvorov, famous for its victory over the Turkish army.But his main achievement is considered Italian campaign, during which the leader has shown the wonders of strategy and tactics.

Joseph Stalin

About two months after the Soviet Union's victory in the Great Patriotic War on the territory of the country was introduced higher military rank.It is not difficult to guess who is the first and only during the existence of the Soviet Union it was awarded.It was the state leader Joseph Stalin.Assigning honorary title was approved by a group of generals who commanded the allied armies, and members of the Politburo.

Thus, to the list of holders of the highest military ranks added Generalissimo Stalin.It should be noted that the head of the Soviet Union became the first in the modern history of our country since the time commander of Suvorov to be awarded this title.The leader of the Soviet Union has also been awarded a second "victory."

Current state title

difficult to overestimate the role of each historical figure, which was awarded the highest military rank.To date, the title of "generalissimo" in Russia does not exist.It was abolished along with many other titles of the USSR.Thus, Generalissimo Stalin became the last person in this country, which was awarded the highest military rank.

This title is often contacted the cult of personality traits of the person to whom it was assigned.This is one reason why in many countries of this military rank was abolished.In modern history, without exception, the generalissimo is also head of state.Moreover, all tended to the dictatorship.That's why many historians doubt some merit in military generalissimos.