Registration of companies - how to open a pharmacy and a pharmaceutical license?

as determined activity, create a business plan, where to find the finances to open and, finally, how to register your firm?Registration of companies - a complex process that requires some knowledge and substantial time and effort.Therefore, this operation many novice businessmen prefer to trust the professionals.

So, registration of enterprises , namely pharmacies, occurs generally accepted standards:

- Preparation of documents is the first step starts.Shares are issued in accordance with the approved list, defects and blots documents are inadmissible.If the documents are false or improperly designed, they shall be returned.In this case, you lose a lot of precious time.

- Submission of documents and declarations to the licensing body - the next stage of company registration .It is important that certified paper nebyli overdue, it will allow you to avoid re-training documents.

- Obtaining a certificate of registration will be the final stage.

all the rules of registration and deposit of securities will guarantee you that the registration of enterprises

in your case would be timely.Opening pharmacy , should take care of the above nuances.If you are not confident in their abilities, or you have no time, then the best option would be to appeal to a company specializing in business registration .

should be understood that if you plan to do the implementation of medicines, you should know that this type of activity is subject to compulsory licensing .If the sale of drugs, dietary supplements and other health products are carried out through pharmacies, pharmacies and kiosks, you should issue the license for the pharmaceutical retail trade.In the case of a plant producing various medical products, the purpose of their further implementation, you must obtain a license for the pharmaceutical wholesale trade.Currently pharmaceutical license is perpetual, but to get it, you must go through several stages.Licensing activity - a complicated and responsible process, stages of preparation of a pharmaceutical license be held strictly by the rules and set time.

first step is to obtain the sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, which gives Rospotrebnadzor.To do this, you must prepare the following documents:

- Statement by the applicant for registration of pharmaceutical activity.

- A signed power of attorney and the passport of the applicant as proof of identity.

-copy original certificate of incorporation and certificate of tax registration.

- Extract USRRE.

- Proof of ownership or tenancy agreement, the plan BTI.

- medical records of all employees with all the necessary markings and vaccination.

- all the necessary agreements (on physical examination staff on garbage, on the destruction of hazardous elements in the disinfection and washing).

- production control plan and the required measurements.

second stage - a pharmaceutical license.To do this, collect the following paper:

- Statement by the applicant to obtain a pharmaceutical license.

- All copies of constituent documents and certificates of registration with the tax authority, which must be notarized.

- Extract from the register and the letter of the territorial bodies of the assignment of codes.

- Copies of confirming the right of use of premises and equipment.

- Documents proving necessary education of staff, their qualifications.

- Full Plan pharmacies applicant.

So, licensing - a complex process, and the steps of preparing a pharmaceutical license to you, we have designated in the article.