Sending cash - without risk transactions

purchased goods over the Internet every year becomes more and more popular.And this is not surprising.You are spared the exhausting shopping trips in search of the necessary things.And the choice of the network much more than the usual commercial centers.Sitting in front of the monitor, you can find a suitable purchase, ranging from cars to a box of matches.This, of course, is not a shopaholic, for which it is important the process of shopping.

But apart from a large array of goods offered on the Internet widespread fraud.Indeed, in contrast to the usual shop online there is no instant of goods for money.How satisfied seller integrity?Rely on his assertion that he is the most honest in the world?Just in this case the customer comes to the aid of such a service as the shipping and handling fees.

It is said that cash on delivery is not very convenient to the seller.It is not uncommon addressee's refusal to receive the parcel.Then it is a long time collecting dust on the shelves of the post office and then returned back to the sender.It is for this reason that a lot of Internet entrepreneurs do not provide such services.According to them, this is a game with only one goal.

Although this statement is debatable.In the event that the buyer was not honest and refuse the goods, sending back to its owner, and he is in fact, nothing to lose, except for the time spent, of course.But if a dishonest salesman appeared, then get your money back to the buyer is unlikely to.It turns out that the cash on delivery more than beneficial to the consumer.Let us try to understand all the intricacies of mailing.

What is it - cash on delivery and how this process is going on?This penalty will almost certainly monetary compensation on behalf of the sender to the recipient.

Let's say you like in any online shop clocks.Place orders, and the seller does not charge you the cost prepaid.Instead, you specify your postal details and everything.At this address is carried out cash on delivery, mail Russia on arrival sending sends you a notice and you pay for the goods when receiving it in the mail.

This issued a document confirming the payment, and if the resulting product does not match the quality or no one can be in court to demand either return the money or replace the goods the same.As you can see, all sorts of risks to the buyer completely excluded.

turns out that you risk nothing, buying takes place in an ordinary store, but instead acts as a post office connection.

sending cash is carried out for all the citizens of Russia who have reached the age of majority.

Now you can make purchases without fear of being cheated.But in turn show respect for the seller.If you order the product, be sure to pay it.Put yourself in the place of the seller - as you like it if every cash on delivery will come back not paid.Successful you