Processors AMD FX-6300: acceleration, reviews.

big ship - great diving, and powerful processor need high quality cooling, which will allow to unleash the potential of all components of a gaming computer.Most processors manufacturer produces a game, giving them unique characteristics.Naturally, the price of gaming accessories is clearly not in the budget class.This dilemma is able to solve the processor AMD FX-6300 Black Edition, which is positioned as a game, but the price does not exceed one hundred conventional units.Another marketing ploy or a way out of a difficult situation?

Performance characteristics

processor family Vishera, created on 32-nanometer technology, has six cores.In the study of the characteristics of the cache first and second levels there are doubts about the independence of all cores separately.So, the L1 cache in the characteristics of both registered 3h64 and L2 - 3h2048.On the manufacturer's website you can find all the processors AMD FX-6300 are based on the Piledriver architecture and have paired the division of resources between the nuclei.And if simple language - three dual-core processor are hidden in crystals.Probably, because of this and the problem with the heat.Placed on a socket AM3 core show the power dissipation of 95 watts.

available on the market two versions - the processor AMD FX-6300 OEM, that is, without a cooling system, and the boxed version.Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, preference is given to a first embodiment, as home cooler during operation much buzzing, showing poor performance of cooling.

first step towards performance

If the processor AMD FX-6300 was purchased for productive games, does not matter, it will be broken up or not, first of all you need to worry about quality heat dissipation.It is clear that rely on cheap is not worth the purchase, the choice should fall on the cooling system worthy of the famous brand.Judging by the numerous reviews, well established coolers Zalman CNPS7X LED, DeepCool Wind Pro Ice, Arctic cooling Freezer Xtreme and the entire line SCYTLE Katana for AMD.

If eventually produce test and compare the quality of the cooling stock cooler, which has a complete processor AMD FX-6300 BOX, turns out that the sensor is mounted on the crystal shows the room temperature.When lifting it on one or two dozen degrees at the time of peak load, the cooler will not emit sounds terrible because lifting speeds.An important factor in reducing the temperature of the CPU is a qualitative system of cooling in the system unit.Due to the presence of ATX Tower case series with a few fans on blowing and blowing, you can save on the replacement of regular cooler.

plenty of power

main factor when choosing a FX-6300 processor is its cost.However, apart from this, many people are attracted unlocked multiplier, which allows you to increase the frequency of the core unit.Overclocking AMD FX-6300 can be considered a great prospect for the future.Increasing the nominal voltage from 1.3 to 1.55 V increases the core frequency up to 4.8 GHz.Naturally, the motherboard in your computer must have the support of the function Load-Line Calibration, which should be included, because Ohm's law has not been canceled.In addition, the frequency of 4800 MHz is not the limit - it all depends on the quality of cooling.Due to the presence of water or install a system with liquid nitrogen, the processor will not give up in the crackdown, in which his wonderful plus.

addition to acceleration, the user may be interested in mode "Turbo", which is supported by the processor at the hardware level and is included in the significant drop in performance.Self-dispersed with the frequency of 3500 MHz to 4100 MHz, the system shows a slight increase, but it is often enough to remedy the situation with braking.

Pros processor when compared to the Core i5

Model Intel Core i5-3470 is acceptable competitor with which to compare the processor AMD FX-6300.Reviews of comparison of these two models can often be found in the media.Perhaps the two processors were chosen not only according to a similar productivity, and to show the difference in price - AMD representative market cheaper exactly twice.

  1. FX-6300 processor can work with faster memory at the frequency 1866MGts, unlike competitor (1600MHz).
  2. Six against four cores provide the performance boost applications, able to work with every individual flow core.
  3. huge second-level cache, AMD gives a performance boost in mathematical calculations.
  4. Synthetic tests show a high data transfer from FX-6300 - 5,4GT / s (from a competitor - 5GT / s).

Disadvantages AMD when compared to the Core i5

primarily inexpensive representative flunked all the tests to determine the performance of the software related to video encoding, three-dimensional modeling, office applications and work with large volumes of data.This result suggests that the processors AMD FX-6300 is not intended for above operations.Low power consumption and the presence of an integrated graphics processor adds the positive qualities from Intel.

Judging by the numerous reviews of users, they know what they are going, and were ready to loss of performance in office applications because of their infrequent use.But the processor is excellent shows itself in the games, and the attractive price makes it possible to direct savings for the purchase of video game class or SSD-drive, which will raise the overall system performance.

dig deeper

The former Soviet Union decided to buy a cost-effective option, for example, the processor AMD FX-6300 OEM, or "space rocket" on the Intel Core i5 / i7, so nothing does not deny.Because of what many popular resources and offer customers to choose between expensive and cheap devices.And what is interesting from Intel in the price range of a given processor?Not nothing remarkable CPU Core i3-3220, the cost of which is located in 100 conventional units, it will fit for comparison.

With six cores against Intel and the two have a huge cache, FX-6300 shows in almost all games and applications the same result.A significant gap is observed only in the applications, which are able to handle multiple processes simultaneously.

Overclocking - a solution to all problems

long pondered over how to overclock the processor AMD FX-6300, it is not necessary.After all, only at high frequency this processor reveals its full potential.Approaching to the performance of an eight flagship FX-8320, the kid from economy class can flex its muscles in front of Intel Core i5.After the dispersal of a completely different processor, as evidenced by the huge number of synthetic tests with his participation.

As an alternative for applications requiring high performance, it is recommended to use a mode of "Turbo" or permanent overclock the CPU at the time of need.Hold the device at a maximum rate constant is not recommended.Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, fever in the region leads to overheating of the CPU North Bridge, which at some point may burn.

correct load distribution

addition to the processor, for gaming performance and video card is responsible.Naturally, the power is proportional to its value.Buying a processor AMD FX-6300, the user must set a very powerful graphics card.In case of any failures in the game video processor can improve performance, taking some of the load itself.

But here arises another dilemma - the cost of video gaming is much higher than any processor, sometimes several times.Which is why there is the question of the expediency of saving the CPU to graphics accelerator.We need a middle ground, which is very difficult to identify, because for each game are completely different requirements.One manufacturer focuses on the performance of the two processor cores, and the other does not give normally enjoy the game without the latest DirectX.

Where to go - a clever or beautiful?

In shops sellers Processors AMD FX-6300 only to users who wish to make an inexpensive upgrade.Indeed, in contrast to the "zoo" sockets from Intel, AMD has fit on a single connector (AM3 +) multiple generations of processors.Judging by the positive reviews in the media, this approach manufacturer appeal to many users.Just a small cost gamer can raise the productivity of their system several times only replacement processor.

to create new platforms for gaming vendors recommend using a system based on 8 cores from AMD, or an alternative system based on Intel.Such an approach would cost more, but in most situations the number of frames per second (FPS) is more important than 100 conventional units.

In conclusion

As a result, the user has come to the conclusion that any processor prefer to get the best performance for applications and games.To make the final decision, it is necessary to bring together all the available performance, offering processors AMD FX-6300.

  1. low price.In order to save possible to upgrade the system, for example, from two to six cores if the same processor platform.
  2. Fans AMD, Intel products do not recognize, you can try to build a cheap gaming system.
  3. six cores, larger cache performance, incredible rate during acceleration - a great reason to boast among their peers.
  4. Ability to work on the same frequency memory (1866 MHz), the price of which is significantly higher than normal (with a difference of 266 MHz in general there is no relevance in the purchase).

Just look at the benchmarks compared to the cheapest processor Intel Core i3, to make the right choice when building a new system from scratch.Do not forget even about the cooling system for the CPU FX-6300, which is still basking in the regular frequency.Naturally, overclocking should be powerful PSU and the motherboard must have a multi-phase voltage converters.