How to enter the phone menu engineering?

Not every person who has their own mobile phone, thoroughly versed in the peculiarities of the different devices and the intricacies of its settings.In particular, many do not know how to get into the engineering menu, and why do you need to do it.In fact, engineering menu often becomes one of the main tools of specialists in various service centers, which eliminates all kinds of firmware error or any malfunction in the internal program devices.

How to enter?

Many people have heard about the engineering menu and know that it is possible to enter, but do not know how.Sign in engineering menu to number by dialing * # * # 3646633 # * # * and clicking on the Audio button, or simply through the use of specialized tools MTK Recovery.


In this section, there are several categories:

  • Set Mode - select a profile.
  • Normal Mode - the standard profile.
  • Headset Mode - mode of using a special headset.
  • LoudSpeaker Mode - a mode in which the speaker is activated on your phone.
  • Speech Enhancement - mode in which it is carried out fully automatic correction of speech signals.

Before you choose any maximum possible values, you should make sure in advance that it is not subsequently make you encounter any problems sound.In the overwhelming majority of cases it is not recommended to do so on the grounds that the maximum settings may provoke chattering effect and a number of other interference, and will create an extra burden on the dynamics that provokes more rapid failure.

addition, never forget that before changing various settings in the compulsory need to record those that have been installed by default, so that in case of any problems, you can quickly restore them to their original value.

Normal Mode

Once you have figured out how to get into the engineering menu of your phone and how it is the main paragraphs, go to Normal Mode.Here you will see a menu in which there are four items, among which the first item is the profile number.Paragraph FIR - 0 - you need to leave and did not touch it, and then move lower in the following characteristics.

Initially, you should configure the general volume modulation Tone, for which the appropriate section Value will need to set the optimum value of the volume, and press Set.Initially, you can set to 1, or try a variety of options from 0 to 100. The higher the value is, the quieter the sound, while the 0 - is the maximum possible volume.But, as mentioned above, it is not recommended to set a value of zero, because the dynamics will be issued a variety of side effects, such as rattling sound and a lot more.

Now go to the menu Type Side tone, but there was originally nothing to touch the product, because it can happen that during a conversation, you will hear only, but not the interlocutor.Or try to change at your own risk values ​​in different ways.The most suitable are the following characteristics:

  • Audio - 1.
  • Speech - 1.
  • FM - 1.
  • Mikrophone - 1.
  • Key-tone - 70.

If you thoughtthat the headphones too softly playing music or radio, then in that case you can slightly adjust the headset profile, but do not forget to then restart the phone to the settings are saved.

How to change the volume of the negotiations?

Speaking volume through engineering menu changes as follows:

  • Go to the menu.
  • Select Audio.
  • find the characteristic Speech enhancement, which is responsible for how well we hear the caller on the other side.
  • Push the button Common Parameter, then select Normal Mode.
  • now look to the characteristic Parameter (0), then set Parameter - 6.
  • begin to edit this setting and change it from the default of 400 to 1, and then press the button Set.
  • audibility now become even more than acceptable, and in some cases even have to reduce the volume of the (frequently this effect is the engineering menu Samsung).

headphone volume

setting the following characteristics, you can adjust the volume of headphones or speakers in the desired direction while viewing video and listening to music or the radio:

HeadSet Mode (type):

  • Audio = 10.
  • Side Tone = 50.

LoudSpeaker Mode (type):

  • FM = 10.
  • Side Tone = 50.
  • Audio = 15.

Normal Mode (type):

  • FM= 10.
  • Side Tone = 50.
  • Audio = 20.

installing such features, you get a reasonable volume while listening to any material.In particular, this allows to make as engineering menu Samsung current models, and the menu of most other telephones.

Service menu

The service menu also has several major items that may interest users:

1. BatteryLog .Engineering FLY menus and other advanced phones allows you to get very accurate information about the state of the battery, including temperature, voltage and other parameters thin.

2. TouchScreen .Suffice it to a setting that has the engineering menu FLY and other manufacturers, which produce modern touchscreen phones.In this section there are several sub-menus:

  • HandWriting .Pretty simple version - draw with your finger on the screen, which allows you to check whether the sensors respond well to touch them.
  • PointVerification .Allows you to diagnose the calibration of the screen and when you press the corresponding button indicates whether there is any error and if so, how much they deviate from the desired value.
  • LineVerification .Much the same as the previous point, but here from one point to another line drawn.
  • ShakingVerification .Checking the "shaking."

3. Camera .Engineering Android menu in Camera section includes several sub-menus that allow you to test or change various camera features:

  • AF EM. Selects test camera with autofocus.
  • Raw Capture. Starts the testing procedure of the same name of the mobile device.
  • Start Preview. Allows you to view the on-screen image from the camera.

4. Wi-Fi. submenu of this section are as follows:

  • Tx .Tests registers Tx.
  • Rx .Tests registers Rx.
  • EEPROM .Specialized adapter firmware, which also allows you to enable or disable its function by address.If you're using engineering menu Android, these characteristics are not recommended to change any settings.After such an intervention to restore them will not be easy for skilled professionals, even if you try to make a backup «save as file», since for some reason, all the values ​​are stored with zeros.
  • Temperature Sensor. Allows you to check the temperature of the adapter during its operation.

5. Bluetooth .Almost any Philips menu engineering and other modern phones have this paragraph, but at the same time, he may be absent in some old models or special devices.It includes several submenus:

  • TX Only test. necessary to specify the value, and then press the [menu] and Done.Further testing is triggered registers Bluetooth Tx.
  • Test Mode. Enables test mode.
  • NetworkInfo. Detailed information about RR.In this case, check to choose what parameters you're interested in, and then press the Menu, point to Check Information and view data.
  • AutoAnswer. This feature provides the ability to automatically hook when an incoming call via the engineering menu.Settings are often lacking and can only enable or disable this feature.
  • YGPS. testing, as well as providing the user with information regarding YGPS.
  • AGPS. often the only menu that is available in Russian.It allows you to customize AGPS.

How to increase the volume?

There are several ways to solve problems.

Initially, you need to go to Audio, and then select from the following menu: Headset Mode, Normal Mode or Speech Enhancement.

pass in Normal Mode, and then in the Type list looking for a paragraph Value.All values ​​are to be installed in the range from 0 to 255, wherein less than you will set the value, the higher will be the volume.


Paragraph Type, you can also change the other characteristics that interest you, from the volume of the speaker during the negotiations (Speech) and ending with the volume of keystrokes (Key tone).Again, all parameters should be set in the range from 0 to 255, and then pressed Set, which maintains the characteristics.The same procedure is also set in the mode Headset Mode, if you want to fine-tune the volume in your headphones.If you are a fan of big enough volume that the phone you initially can not provide, then the best to you will be a value from 1 to 5, but not 0.

Immediately it is worth noting the fact that here are not specific values ​​of the volume,and it describes only the principle.Specific values ​​will already be directly dependent on the characteristics of your speakers and microphone, as, for example, those settings, which provides engineering menu Explay, can bring the settings in the order above the capabilities of your phone, so that it is trying to comply with these parameters can simply break.Keep this in mind and try to choose the actual characteristics that can meet your needs.

How to check?

most phones provides specialized engineering menu item Ring Tone, which can be used to listen to any standard music directly from the engineering menu with the aim to determine how much we have changed the volume.Of course, the best thing after all settings to call someone and "live" to check my settings, but if you try to do it quickly and do not want to spend a lot of time, this function for you is the best.

increases the volume of negotiation

Adjusting the volume via the engineering menu of negotiations carried out in the above service menu.Enter it as follows:

  1. Dial * # * # 3646633 # * # *.
  2. install on your phone specialized program Mobileuncle Tools.The first menu in the program - it is the entrance to the engineering menu phones.Using a much more optimal compared with the performance of all operations manually because there is no need to recruit a large number of digits.After all, only the values ​​that are optimal, sometimes you have to pick up for a few hours.

After that you can dial different numbers and check how well your interlocutor and hear you.

Features Explay

individual characteristics of engineering menu option can be called Explay Battary, which is responsible for the battery levels.This characteristic determines the battery charge level and indicates it on the phone when you need to turn off the power during charging.Thus, you can slightly increase the length of your phone's battery, but you should realize that it also affects the life of the battery, so that the change of these characteristics is not always the best solution.

Also worth noting is that a new type of phone has a function, when the battery is low can not call other subscribers.It was in this situation, you may need the knowledge of how to get into the engineering menu of the phone to change the characteristics of the battery, so you can spend it longer life for outgoing calls.