The smallest size clothing: Is it hard to pick up things on the figure?

Every day more and more countries are expanding their apparel market, which is not always convenient for the customers themselves.So, our task - to determine the smallest size clothing, which usually occurs in the process of acquiring new things.

The same country can be used as both a US and European sizes.Yet the British, for example, often indicate the European standards, which are the usual domestic differ slightly.

Clothing sizes in stores

The following data is correct for the size of the US and for Europe:

  • the smallest clothing size - S (from the English small);
  • average size - M (medium);
  • biggest - L (large).

most difficult to understand derivatives add the letter X (extra).If you start from their presence, it is the small size of clothes in case - XS, but also found a combination XXS.The European system of estimates involves XS Standard 32-34 as an appropriate size and markings S is the size of 36-38.There is an entire table that helps each customer to choose the right clothes.

What is the smallest size clothing?

Based on the international labeling system, considered the small sizes from XS to M. XS suited to a very tiny figure parameters and with an English translation as "supermalenky» (extrasmall).The addition of the letter X indicates a maximum degree of symptoms characteristic.In Europe, the XS is considered to be one size fits all, but on the domestic grid fall under this criterion separately for men and women sizes 40-42 from 38 to 40. The volumes they can have slight differences, but on one and the same person all the stuff will sit onin different ways.Therefore, in this case, you must choose clothes based on the structural features of the body.

We have identified what is the smallest size of clothes, but also the reader should know about the biggest.To those include the dimensions labeled L «lardzh" (large).In this case, the prefix indicates the X-step increase parameters.The large size of the domestic table pass mark in women - with the 46th, the men - from the 48th.

Where to find clothes in small sizes?

however, is not always possible to find something to their liking.The smallest size clothing for women, for example, in the windows of conventional stores is not always present.In this case, it is best to look for a good online store, today it is not a problem.In order not to be mistaken with a choice, and you need knowledge about the differences marking the size of the countries.The smallest size clothes can also be found in children's stores.Importantly, do not forget about his age, otherwise the thing will look ridiculous on you.

For needlewomen not be difficult to sew clothes with their own hands.You can do this on request, to other people, but you need special skills.It is important to decide what is suitable and what is not, women with small size, as fashionable clothes, unfortunately, a girl of medium height will not always be appropriate.

What to wear?

women who have the smallest clothing size (and often is low smoke) is well suited jeans and pants, flared towards the bottom, but the knee narrowed.Skirts should choose a mini length.It should give up the shoes with rounded toes, on the contrary, a sharp toe visually make the leg longer.From dresses should be bands, uniform tone.It is desirable the presence of dark colors in clothes.

Woman doing much higher tissue in a vertical strip.Eliminate layers of clothing, as it will "zoom" you to the ground.Bags and accessories are also better to choose small size

looks cheap skirt that does not fall below the knee.The belt should be as thin as possible.But dress with a high waist are perfect for owners of small-sized clothes.Pants with low-slung them not to face.

Treat carefully choosing jumpsuit.Solid will look good.

Try not to buy shoes in the style of Mary Jane strap.Visually, they are cut in half feet, making shorter leg.Shoes look great with a plunging neckline.Winter footwear should be no higher than mid-calf boots and shoes will look better.

But this is not the most important.The main thing is that the clothes in the first place it has been awarded the most loved woman to feel it convenient and comfortable.