Museum of "Titanic" in Moscow, photos and reviews.

tragic history of the transatlantic steamship "Titanic" is known around the world.More than a hundred years ago the ship set sail on its first and last voyage.Museum of "Titanic" in Moscow - is a tribute to all those who in one day was on board the ship.

little history

Steamboat triumph came from the shipyard in England after three years of construction.Unfortunately, fate would have it, that the sea voyage "Titanic" broke after only four days after the release into the sea.The tragic event was caused by a collision with a giant iceberg liner, cut-side of "Titanic" to its full length.

name "Unsinkable" ship has not helped that rapidly filled with water and sank quickly, broken in half.Everything happened so quickly that few of the passengers managed to escape.

death of the liner is still one of the disasters that have claimed the maximum number of lives.This is what the exhibition tells the story."Titanic" went down in history forever.

Luxury Liner could boast not only for its impressive size, but also interior decoration, luxurious interior.For decorative finishes first class cabins were used:

  • Gold.
  • Crystal.
  • carpets of natural wool.
  • precious wood.

design style is eclectic variety of eras.Unfortunately, most expensive works of art, antiques and other valuables are gone forever under the water.The tragic story of "Titanic" has always attracts the attention of people: on the subject were lifted movies, written books.Therefore, this exhibition takes the leading place in the "Interesting exhibition in Moscow."

Exhibition reconstruction

Currently, residents of the capital and guests can visit the exhibition and see the interior renovation and the legendary ship recreated in minute detail.Presented over three hundred authentic objects that were once on board and is now raised from the seabed.The exhibition "Titanic" is like a time machine: if every visitor plunges into the events of a century ago, vividly imagining the moment of that era.

Where to find the Moscow exhibition "Titanic"?

project is deployed on the sixth floor of the shopping mall "Afimall City", located near the metro station "Exhibition."Tickets are available on the floor below and are available to anyone interested: there is no age limit.The demonstration called "Steeped in history" and aims to combine entertainment and learning components.Admittedly, the organizers of the event succeeded.Many were amazed and pleased with the exhibition "Titanic."Responses about it to a greater extent are positive.

visitors as it is transferred into the past on board, and get a unique opportunity to experience recreated in minute detail the tragic events without exposing themselves to danger.It reconstructed the entire time period, starting with the release of a voyage and before the fatal impact of an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.

Experienced guides are ready to tell you about every detail of the interior, to answer any questions guests.Museum of "Titanic" in Moscow will appeal to all who have revisited many times the same movie.

tour of the exhibition

demonstration begins with a visit to the upper deck.Walking through it, you can actually see all the splendor of the legendary ship.Qualitatively pitching simulated light and fresh ocean breeze.On the deck is pretty cool, corresponding to climatic conditions in April 1912.Many stands, tells in detail the story of the construction of the ship.The exposition will appeal to all who regularly visits museums and exhibitions in Moscow.

Each visitor can view the live authentic artifacts from the sunken ship raised from the seabed.Original things allow closer feel the realism of what is happening and mentally relive the tragedy of the ill-fated passenger ship.

All other items recreated exactly repeat their originals.On the ship's kitchen utensils represented the beginning of the XX century, wall and ceiling lights fully consistent with those that were installed on the "Titanic."Underfoot rustling soft carpets.

An original clothing of passengers, including crew working form.On the walls hang photos of sailing to the ship with a brief description of their fate.Sometimes exhibitions in Moscow are free, such as City Day or when celebrated another important event.On weekdays adult ticket costs 750 rubles for children - 450 rubles.

It is possible to visit the engine room: here is as hot and noisy, as on this ocean liner.The lighting is dim, the air is the smell of coal and soot.

whole tour visitors accompanied by live classical music performed by professional musicians.

Interior cabins

It is possible to visit the passenger cabins of various classes, from simple to luxury.The most luxurious room accommodations were first class passengers: large beds, rich finish, mirrors, velvet and even a washbasin.On the walls satin lamps, antique paintings.On the floor of the luxurious soft carpets with a high pile and beautiful patterns.The wall can be seen on the chest of the original carved legs.The second class of people riding easier, their cabins were less spacious, the interior was simple.

third-class passengers amused in poor finish and is in relatively close quarters: one cabin had four beds (a pair of bunk beds).The walls were painted a simple white paint.Here, clearly felt the mustiness and felt damp.Steerage were located on the lowest tier closest to the water.

Passengers were separated by gender: there were separate male and female rooms, causing many families have been separated, making it difficult for many trying to escape.People are in a panic ran through the corridors, vylamyvaya doors, trying to find their relatives.

"Titanic" - is the brightest exhibition VVC (Moscow).The organizers expect that there will be a sensation, but did not think to that extent.


After inspecting the cabin visitors find themselves facing the main staircase of "Titanic."Marble steps hit its magnificence and forged lattice railings are a work of art.Famous luxury exhibition "Titanic."Reviews particularly pay much attention to the interior, which delights and amazes its wealth.Luxurious finish leaves no one indifferent.

separate room is devoted crockery, cutlery and various household items passengers.The other ship is a restaurant with a large number of served tables and beautiful furniture.Here, visitors are served by courteous waiters, dressed in exactly the shape of the time.

In the hall hung photographs clearly showing the current state of the wreckage of the liner.Underwater pictures taken with the help of professional equipment, demonstrate severe damage to metal rust and salt water.According to experts, after half a century of "Titanic" will be over.

If you are looking for an interesting exhibition in Moscow, then pay attention to this.

The final part of the tour

terminating action imitation meeting an iceberg.Layout ice blocks is impressive in size and feel very cold, as expected.If you attach to the surface of the palm imprint remains.Nearby is the steering wheel, which can be photographed, the steering feeling.Overhead - Improved simulation of the night sky.The video screen shows footage unfortunate crash that cost the life of so many people.

visit the exhibition can not hide their emotions and experiences of what he saw.Realism is happening is so mesmerizing that the audience could not help becoming a participant in those events.Although the part may seem that the exhibition is quite dark and oppressive, in fact it is not.It is safe to attend a demonstration with the whole family, including children.In fact, the reconstruction is very interesting and informative, without the ominous tone.

Unlike the usual tours of the museum, is a set of exhibits signed by them, this exhibition has been fully implemented in an interactive format, it actively engages the viewer in what is happening.It presented a lot of videos about the history of the legendary liner.If you prefer to visit the exhibition in Moscow for free, just note that this is not such exposure.


Museum "Titanic" in Moscow is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00.The price of tickets depends on various factors and varies, as we have already mentioned, from 450 to 750 rubles.Children and discount tickets cheaper.Another way to save a little - to visit the exhibition as part of a group tour.Students can also expect a discount.

These sums are relevant from Monday to Friday, and on weekends and holidays to make additional margin of 100 to 300 rubles.For discounted tickets need to bring supporting documents.

New museums and exhibitions in Moscow are always striking in their originality.For maximum immersion in the atmosphere of a century ago and realism of what is happening on each ticket the name of one of the passengers of "Titanic."

After the tour, you can ask how was the fate of the passenger: Did he survive.Such trifles allow emotionally feel the full force of the tragedy.By and large exhibition devoted not only to the ship, as the tragic fate of its passengers and crew.

All visitors have the opportunity to capture unique images on the camera or camcorder.

When the exhibition is a gift shop where you can buy a souvenir copy of the original objects.Museum of "Titanic" in Moscow worth a visit all residents and guests of the capital.


exhibition is quite convenient: to get to the shopping center may be on the subway, and by means of surface transport, including private car.Museum of "Titanic" in Moscow, the address is as follows: Presnenskaya embankment 2.

In the mall hanging information screens that help you understand how to quickly get to the exhibition.On the second floor has a walk-in closet, where you can drop the robe.