Freckles - a new trend of anti-age makeup

Someone suffering from freckles and gaining online saving phrase: "How to get rid of freckles?".But is it worth to hurry away from the face of the gay spots?New anti-age trick - a freckle: fake tattoo drawn.Artificial freckles - is not a recent invention, but this year they seem to have become a trend.

rejuvenating power of freckles was demonstrated at Holly Fulton catwalk during London Fashion Week (shows SS 2013).Holly Fulton decided that her heroine - a young girl with a light tan, light-hearted and sincere fondness ride a Cadillac with an open top and a cute freckles on his nose.Since the models with these freckles not easy to find, the makeup artist had to show to try to make the illusion of freckles on the faces of the girls.It turned out so beautifully that make up the show was immediately praised by critics.

images with feykovymi freckles appeared in the past, for example, in 2011, at the Illamasqua (promotional image collection Toxic Nature Collection) and MAC (by way of MAC cosmetics to show Chloe Fall 2011).

Not all celebrities hide freckles, at times they show them, exposing the pristine and naive image, example, Lucy Liu and Rashida Jones.

effect anti-age

Like gray hair is an attribute of age, and freckles are considered a symbol of youth and enthusiasm.So consider professional makeup artists.Now it is not fashionable to hide freckles, paint them or resort to laser.However, do not confuse the dark spots and freckles.It is a bright red or red-brown spots on the nose and cheeks.They allow you to lose up to 10 years of age and rejuvenate the face.

Try it and you will transform yourself with freckles.At least for the sake of the experiment.Surely, you have to then agree with the statement that the young freckle.There are several ways to do this: by the time painted freckles on one evening to permanent.

freckles with makeup

main task - to make the most natural freckles.To do this, you should not use the funds very dark.Second rule - do not adhere to a certain scheme when applied, freckles should be placed randomly (though equally).And the third rule - the most difficult.We'll have the whole day to try not to touch the face with his hands or tissues.It is that you can apply a little powder brush during the day.Otherwise, you expect unpleasant streaks and stripes on his face.

Method 1 pencil

- Apply a thin layer of bronzer on the nose and upper cheeks, it will be richer in tone background for future freckles.For more realistic results, use a matte foundation.

- For freckles, use an eyebrow pencil - is less contrast than the liner for the eyes.The lighter shade of brown pencil - the better.Better to take a pencil to 2 shades lighter than the natural color of your eyebrows.

- Draw a freckle on the nose and under the eyes.Suppose they are quite close to each other.If you notice large gaps, then fill their spots, "freckles".

Method 2. Brush

- Apply tonal resources, what usually use (BB cream moisturizing toning, tone or bronzer).

- Take a thin brush, make-up artists that are often called "brush-pencil" is a short, small and slightly rounded and pointed at the end of the brush.

- as a pigment using the shadow of two colors: brown and light brown or tan color.Make a point of different colors to create the illusion of natural freckles.If crisp shadows - the brush, you can moisten lip gloss or moisturizer can be in the water.

Method 3 mascara

- Apply tonal resources, what usually use (BB cream moisturizing toning, tone or bronzer).

- Take a brown mascara.Apply the tip of the brush on your index or middle finger a tiny drop.And finger imprints on the cheeks, nose, forehead.First primakivaniya be bright enough, but we must continue to vigorously clapping finger cheek, blocking the finger has caused spots.As long as a drop is consumed.As pat finger spots will become more natural and contrasting how these freckles.

Freckles tattoo

Perhaps one of the most famous examples of freckles tattoo - French model Isabelle Caro.This girl had a very tragic fate (Isabelle Caro suffered from anorexia, but at the end of life has been actively campaigning against weight loss, publishes books, participated in shows and public service against anorexia), but now is not talk about sad things.Let us remember only one fact of its biography.When Isabelle decided to make a career as a model, you get a tattoo in the form of freckles on her face.And this image was accompanied by her life.

Today, there are more sparing technologies tattoo - a semipermanent tattoo.They last only 2-3 years, and this option is very suitable for those who want to try to rejuvenate by freckles.Because they do not have time to get bored with you, will gradually lighten, and after 2-3 years will disappear altogether.

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