Where to swim in the Epiphany in Moscow (list of places)

Where to swim in the Epiphany in Moscow?The question with each passing year more and more people are interested in the capital city.There is nothing to be surprised over the last decade, a huge part of the Russians turned to religion, and many began to think about Orthodox holidays and traditions.

The question of where to swim in the Epiphany in Moscow, became urgent because there giving that those who plunge into the Holy Day of the Epiphany in the ice-hole, will not get sick for a year.Residents of the capital metropolis believe that the baptismal water can heal not only the body but also the soul.However, we must remember that not every person is recommended to bathe on the night of 18 to 19 of January.And even more so Moscow by residents should be aware of where to swim in the Epiphany in Moscow.

Baptism - revered holiday Russians

Surely no one would dispute the fact that baptism - important holiday for Orthodox tradition and swim in icy water during the night of 18 January 19, there was not

yesterday.Despite this, few inhabitants of the capital metropolis aware of when and where to bathe in the Epiphany in Moscow.

Orthodox Church representatives claim that bathe the body in the hole can be at any time of the holiday.But do not forget that the liturgy falls on January 19 morning: it is the time consecrated font, then you can heal the body and soul.

The unique properties of the healing water

Even doctors and academics agree that the baptismal water has unusual properties.The priests, in turn, claim that on the day of Holy Epiphany water is pristine condition.In other words, it becomes such a Gd created it.

Features swimming in Baptism

Baptism should not be regarded as a kind of celebration of water.It is very important on this day to visit the liturgy.After this procedure, the clergy proceed to the consecration of the water, which then does not lose the unique properties during the year.

On this day swimming in the hole.In this regard, a huge number of people in the capital is interested not only the question of where to swim at Epiphany in Moscow, but that is acceptable for all whether this ritual.Of course, every person has the right if you want to swim in the icy water on the night of 18 to 19 of January.However, it is necessary to make a reservation if there are contraindications for health, it is necessary to abandon the ice swimming.It is important to consult on this matter with your doctor.And, sadly, the list of contraindications is big enough.First of all, we are talking about cardiovascular illnesses, diseases of the urinary and respiratory tract.Pregnant women also can not swim in the hole.

those who are not haunted by the question of where to swim at the Baptism in Moscow, it is useful to warn: in the process of swimming in icy water, even a healthy person is immune from death, since the supercooling can happen spasm of blood vessels and cardiac arrest.

Things to consider in the first place

In no case do not rush dramatically in cold water.You go into it slowly, so that the body has had time to adapt to the new environment.After bathing and should not be quick to leave the font, to minimize the risk of a sharp drop in temperature.

What else you need to know to all those who are interested in where to swim at the Baptism in Moscow?It is forbidden to dive into the hole alone.This should be done in specific areas where lifeguards are on duty.If you still can not wait to dive into the icy water, bathe in the presence of friends who will be able to insure you in case of a banal convulsions.


It should be noted that the list of places in Moscow where you can swim at Baptism, is quite impressive.In the current year it has been prescribed more than fifty fonts, and for people of all conditions for comfortable diving: there where undress rub and a warming drink tea after water treatment.In particular, residents of the capital who live in the metro area "Vykhino", can take advantage of a relaxation area at White Lake.Muscovites owning apartments in the metro area "Shchelkovskaya" can go Babaevsky pond.In the metro area "Konkovo" you can take a dip in the park "Teply Stan".Those living near the metro station "Strogino", recommended to pay a visit to the park of the village Rublev.In the metro area "Novogireevo" functioning ponds "Rainbow".On the territory of Novokosino on the night of 18 January 19, it will be possible to swim in the lake Meshersky.Here's where to swim at the Baptism in Moscow!The list of places you can go on and on.

Now consider the bathing area, based on the principle of administrative-territorial division.


In the central part of the Russian capital are equipped with two areas for swimming in the hole: Catherine Park and Revolution Square.The first is equipped with wooden flooring converges.The site has additional lighting and space for changing clothes.It also provides the tent, where you can warm up with tea.For bathers will observe employees of law enforcement agencies: Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Warsaw Pact - in the event of emergency situations, they are ready to help.

Russians have always celebrated in a special way the Baptism.Where to swim in Moscow on the night of 18 to 19 January while few know.

second popular place for swimming - a Revolution Square.This year, there were installed two wooden font, equipped cabanas, and sought-after water treatments offered strong tea.Before the procedure, the water was consecrated, and the corresponding public prayer was served by one of the priests of the Epiphany Cathedral Yelokhovsky Cathedral.

In case of force majeure affected immediately receive quality medical care, as the facility staffed ambulance.


Of course, because of the huge number, it is impossible to list all the places where you can swim in Moscow.Baptism - revered holiday Russians, many of which necessarily go to the hole on this day.

the north of the capital known three fonts, which can be on the night of 18 January 19, heal the body and soul.Firstly, this Khimki Reservoir, located at the address: Coastal Passage, 1-7.Secondly, we are talking about the Big Pond, which is located on Bolshaya Academic, d. 47. And thirdly, we should mention the Khimki reservoir water area of ​​water at the stadium "Dynamo", which is located on the Leningrad highway, 47-49.This year, residents could see the CAO The procession, which started from the church of St. George, and ended at Timiryazevskiy ponds.


Undoubtedly, great holiday - Epiphany.Where to swim in an ice hole in Moscow residents of the North-Eastern Administrative District?

It should be noted that they organized the font on the Palace pond, which is located at the first Ostankino 7A.It also held religious procession.Wishes to attend the liturgy can go to the temple of the Holy Trinity in Ostankino, which is located on the 1st Ostankino street, d. 7. Near the font changing rooms and safety on the water watching the representatives of MES and ambulance staff.


What else can be noted in the Moscow Epiphany font?Where to swim, especially those living in the east of the capital metropolis?Here you can recommend several such places.First of all, we are talking about the White Lake, which is located at: Large Kosinskaya, 46. Second, you can go swim at the lake holy located on the street.Oranzhereinaya, 18. Also, residents prefer to take HLW water treatments in the night from 18 to 19 January Terletskoy ponds that are on the Free prospectus, 9. In addition, it should go to the Red Pond, located in the Izmailovo forest park.Plunge into cold water on Epiphany is possible on Babaevsky pond, which is located at ul.Kurgan, 5-9.The above bath equipped with handrails, deck, so go into the water and out of the cellar.Also near the bathing areas will operate canteens, so anyone can eat and drink tea.In addition, the organizers have taken care of the placement of temporary pavilions to warm people.


Many people wonder about where Muscovites swim in the Baptism in the southeast of the capital?It may be advisable to Shibaevskom fonts (str. Districts 14), Lower Lublin (ul. Shkuleva 26), Upper Kuzminskiy (str. Kuzminska 10) ponds.In the above areas built assemblies and bridges, as well as changing rooms are provided.


Where to swim on the baptism in Moscow residents of SAD?It should be noted Borisov ponds (Str. Borisov ponds, 2G), a pond Becket (Country Highway, d. 2), and, of course, the Upper Tsaritsyno pond (str. Dolskaya, d. 1).This year, in the south of the capital on the night of 18 January 19, swam more than twenty thousand people.There were also delivered warm tents and canteens.


In South-Western administrative district as there are several places where you can go for a swim in the hole in the Epiphany night.We list a few known fonts.You can go to the pond resort "narrow" (ul. Profsoyuznaya, h. 123 B), a pond in the cottage, which is located at the intersection of Pontryagin and Ostafevskoy.Muscovites also like to dive into the hole Vorontsov (Holy Trinity Church in the Vorontsov park) and Chernevskii (str. Yuzhnobutovskaya, d. 61) ponds.Traditionally, in the prefecture at two churches after the liturgy are Epiphany bathing.


the west of the capital metropolis, there are four points where you can swim in the icy water for Epiphany.First of all, it is a floodplain of the Moscow River (pos. Rublyovo) and above river floodplain Filevskaya (str. Most Filyevskiy, d. 40 A).You can go to the lake Mesherskoye, which is located on the street.Resurrection, 3 A remarkable fact that the above fonts are close to public transportation, so it is quite convenient to get to.In addition, each location for swimming shield special mesh that prevents the flow to carry the person on the bottom.There is also very convenient to go to the water thanks to a gentle shore.For safety on the water carefully monitor rescue teams.Bathing after treatments can enjoy tea, coffee and taste delicious pastry.


In this part of the city we can recommend the following places for swimming in the hole: Small Bottomless Lake, which is located at ul.Taman, d. 91. This aquatic ecosystem is considered the first font on the scale of not only the district, but also the capital.Many are sent to swim in the icy water in the park area "Serebryany Bor", which covers an area of ​​about 100 square meters.Some people prefer to understand Stroganov (str. Twardowski, 16), as well as a pond, located in the village of Christmas (Simferopol highway).All fonts are convenient conditions for swimming, wooden planks and ladders to descend into the water.Ambulance crews are ready at any moment, if necessary medical assistance.


zelenogradtsev can take a dip in an ice hole in the Epiphany night in two places: at school the lake, which is located in Silin, and the Black Lake, which is located in the alley forest ponds in the 6th district.

New Moscow

Residents of the Trinity and the Novomoskovsk district of the capital can take a dip in the night from 18 to 19 January at the following locations: the pond not far from Archangel Michael church in Bylovo pond in the Intercession, pond Knutova.