The training program for a set of masses

The media can be read and even view different exercise for a set of muscle mass.However, not enough attention is paid to all proper and balanced diet in the days activities.Namely, it can be "correct" his body.The optimal number of classes should be up to three times a week, and the need to eat properly every day.

presented training program for a set of weight may seem to someone tedious, since the basic principle of use - repeated at regular intervals cycles.Its advantage is the steady gradual increase strength and muscle mass (with sufficient zeal - to one kg per month).Also, following this program and having some experience of such training is not less than one and a half months, it is possible to train up to six months without interruption.The effectiveness of other programs lost after only two months.

Features on weight training are the alternation of "easy" and "difficult" days.It is because of this approach is given sufficient time to relax certain muscle groups, and the athlete will have wonderful results.

now in detail.The cycle of the program is calculated for 16 days, which can be increased to 18-20.Between trainings given day of rest, if necessary, it can not be engaged in two days.

training program for a set weight is energy intensive and, therefore, food and rest must be provided in full.Experts recommend to add power testoterona-enhancing drugs, and Creatine (such as Tribulus and Ecdysten).In some cases, a good support can be creatine, but only at the right and gentle reception.To enrich the diet of protein is necessary to add protein powders, but good quality.They can be used both with meals and between meals.It should be noted that, despite the high calorie diet, training program for a set of masses will get rid of unnecessary fat.

Thus, we consider the order of nutrition and physical activity.Ration approximately the same on all days of the week, you can only change the vegetables and fruits together.But the exercise are different from each other.

Meals should begin with a breakfast containing eggs (3 pcs.), A small bun with a couple of teaspoons of jam, bananas (1-2 pcs.) And amino acids (2 capsules), vitamins and minerals.

second breakfast consists of boiled chicken breast (160 gr.) Or a protein shake (30 ml), two tomatoes, slices of low-fat cheese and a couple of slices of bread (preferably black).

For lunch you must eat boiled chicken breast fillets (160 gr.), A plate of rice, 300 grams of broccoli and two capsules of amino acids.

hour before a workout is better to use up to 300 grams gainer and twenty minutes - one serving of creatine.

half an hour after school to drink a protein capsule or three amino acids.

at dinner is best to eat 250 grams of boiled beans, boiled fish and boiled carrots.

training on Monday begins with a five-minute warm-up.Further exercises to be performed in the following order:

  1. Bench rod in a horizontal position.This exercise can be replaced zhimom dumbbells.Start with a light weight approach, performing up to 18 repetitions.During the training you need to bring to the optimal intensity of execution - 6 reps for 4 sets using the maximum weight.Bench
  2. rod is in position at an angle of 45 degrees (the same intensity as in the first routine).
  3. barbell curls standing.
  4. curls using dumbbells (exercise "hammer").

training program for a set of mass media will consist of the following exercises:

  1. Warm
  2. Deadlift.It is desirable to carry out under the supervision of a coach in connection with possible injury if not performed correctly.
  3. Pulling on the bar
  4. Link to the belt with the lower block.
  5. Bench on a horizontal bench narrow grip.

number of repetitions and set as Monday.

training on Friday includes the following set of exercises:

  1. workout.
  2. Bench barbell from the chest in a sitting position.
  3. Wiring standing dumbbell in hand.
  4. barbell squats on his shoulders.
  5. flexion and extension of the legs at the gym.