AOC, monitor.

Interesting fate of Taiwan's leading manufacturer of CRT and LCD devices AOC.Being in the market for several decades, it is virtually no demand in our country.Lack of interest due primarily to lack of publicity.Second, the potential buyer on a psychological level confuse the brand name.However, to draw conclusions on "their looks" too early, because if you look, we can see that the famous worldwide companies Samsung, LG, Philips and others in addition to its own production of the matrices set the LCD panel from the AOC.The monitor or TV with such a matrix has better characteristics and the price of the product in the end slightly higher.

Generating interest

course, to win the market the manufacturer had to offer our customers a product that will not only be better than the competition.Low price and a set of all functions must be the key to a potential buyer who chooses the brand AOC.Monitor, judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, it is available in a complete set, regardless of the modifications.Included in addition to the devices, stands, guide and driver disk, there is a power cable and interface cables.If the monitor has multiple interfaces, each cable connector is provided, even HDMI, if present in the device.This approach is respected producer, because he took care of the final buyers who acquire products and be able to take advantage of all the benefits right away.

strange design

Despite the characteristics of the monitor, the buyer first met with the design and ergonomics of the device.That's where a lot of questions.Reducing the cost of the monitor with the deterioration of the materials the body - is a mockery.Regardless of the color of the plastic looks very cheap.On examination, the body can be detected irregularities and roughness on the panel joint.Fear causes and stand under the monitor.Made for the convenience of the system step tilt the screen up to 20 degrees on very loud creak, causing the feeling that is about to break.

But the location of connectors for cables just the opposite, attracts buyers and often influences the choice of monitor.The interfaces are located on the form and easily accessible.No need to dive under the monitor, trying to figure out how to deploy the right cable to connect the device to your computer.

Artisan Food

Only after studying the characteristics of the monitor, the potential buyer will be pleasantly surprised.Judging by the feedback device owners AOC, many refined cost sellers, thinking that the figure on the price tag is wrong.Regardless of the type of matrix (TN out of production, but caught in the sale), specifications are stated as at the monitors from expensive brands.

  1. honest solution.Any AOC-monitor has Full HD 1920x1080 dpi (except TN-matrices).
  2. high contrast, brightness and dynamic coefficient.
  3. response time for all the devices does not exceed 5 ms and viewing angles of 170 degrees for TN and 178 for the rest of the matrix.
  4. Have all the necessary video interfaces - D-Sub, HDMI and DVI.You can find fault with the lack of DisplayPort.
  5. There headphone output.Audio output is only activated when the monitor is connected via HDMI.

customer satisfaction

Like any manufacturer on the market, AOC has released a large number of device models and has taken all consumer niches - economy, business, gaming and elite classes.In addition, for each price segment was presented product line with different diagonals, because the choice of the size of the monitor is quite popular in our country.In most cases, the right size unit for computer desk has a higher priority than the build quality and performance.

The device has a range of 17 to 32 inches.All of them are quite similar not only in appearance but also have almost the same characteristics.Not enough monitors aesthetic in appearance - clumsy work catches the eye.Only the price is able to keep a potential buyer who knows what is important in a good monitor.

Kid economy

Leader of sales, according to the producer himself, in the Russian market - Monitor AOC e970Swn, surprise anyone by their technical characteristics.The monitor has the functionality of the last century and unremarkable for the average user.TN panels with a screen resolution of 1366x768 dpi.The low brightness and low contrast.Not to mention a matte finish, low viewing angle, and the presence of just one old-style interface connector - D-sub.What's the matter?

Nineteen device on the market has no competitors on price.Low power consumption, there is the possibility VESA mount 100x100 and three-year warranty attracted the attention of public and private structures.This model of monitor can be found in schools, universities, airports and railway stations.

budget class

At home buyers are trying to choose a device with a diagonal of 22-24 inches.Naturally, price plays a key role in the selection, and everything else is just a bonus.In the claimed range of a lot of devices, but, judging by the reviews of sellers, the buyer often chooses odd screen sizes, such as 23-inch Monitors AOC that the price is comparable with the models of other sizes.

Do not expect that the device is in the budget class with a large screen will be the embodiment of design ideas.The appearance and build quality cause complete despondency.Only decent equipment, good tactical and technical performance and excellent matrix data suggest that in this price range have Monitors AOC can not be competitors.

creativity and games

But Monitors AOC 27-inch marketed as two in one device.The user is invited to purchase and monitor and TV in one package.Naturally, the price is competitive for the computer department, and for the radios.The device receives a tidy appearance - very strict design and glossy finish of all plastic body.However, it should look at the picture of the monitor to understand that this is another clumsy work of Taiwanese designer with lack of imagination.The monitor provides several ports HDMI, which makes it possible to connect multiple resources simultaneously.As a template and the screen itself is immaculate and cause a positive feedback.

deserves special attention line monitors Games.Designed for games, they are not only well equipped, but the owner will be pleased with their beautiful design and the ability to physically rotate the display.

average cost monitor

On average, AOC monitor can be purchased for 7-8 thousand.There are options for a modest 5.5 thousand, and a copy of the most expensive costs about 18 thousand rubles.

In conclusion

addition to price and performance still worth paying to build quality, because very often the economies of security leads to damage and breakage.AOC-monitor has a very delicate body in terms of deformation.If there was a desire to wipe the screen from dirt and dust, it should be done very gently with a dry cloth special.Since, judging by the reviews masters, repairs bring a lot of devices with physical damage or oxidation of the matrix contacts in the lamp.Tenderness require interface connectors.To connect they need care.Inserting the cable to the end with all the force can break the fixation with connectors.