Vampires peoples of the world

about the kinds of vampires in different countries ...

1. Adze / Adze Spirit vampire, who is known in the tribes living in the south-eastern Ghana and southern Togo in Africa.Adze flies in the form of lights, but if caught, prinmat human form.He drinks blood, palm juice and coconut water and preys on children.

2. Algul / Algul Arabic vampire, or "genie-bloodsucker."This form of vampire - traditionally a female demon that suits their orgy with dead babies and cemeteries.

3. Alp / Alp German vampire spirit associated with the boogeyman and the incubus.Alp is regarded as male, sometimes the spirit of a recently deceased relative, most often a demon.Children can become Alp 'th, when a mother uses a horse's mane, to get rid of pregnancy.During the Middle Ages Alp, think so, he appeared as a cat, pig, bird or other animal, including lechorus - dog-demon in Cologne, so it is in the binder yarn werewolf (werewolf).In all forms Alp wears a hat.Alp drinks blood of people and children but prefers the milk of

women.Alp-and virtually impossible to kill.

4.Asanbosam / Asabosam Vampire from Africa, known among the Ashanti of southern Ghana and areas of the Ivory Coast - Côte d'Ivoire and Togo.Asanbosam - was believed to live in deep forests, most often encountered them hunters.It has in general human shape, with two exceptions: his teeth were of iron, and the leg has a hook-shaped appendages.Anyone who pass near the tree, in which he resides, will be killed.

5.Aswang / c Asvang Vampire Philippines, believed to have been a wonderful representative of the female during the day and a fearsome flying fiend by night.Aswang can live a normal life during the day.At night however the creature flies into the house of the victims in the form of a night bird.Food - always blood, and especially prefers to eat children.The creature looks bloated after eating and looks like a pregnancy.If Aswang lick shadow people, it oznochaet that a person will die soon.

6. Bajang / Bayang Malaysian vampire, looking like a cat and usually hunting for children.Bajang can be enslaved and turned into a demon servant and is often handed down from one generation to the next within a family.While being imprisoned, it eats the eggs and turn against the owner, if there is enough food.The owner of such a demon can send it to his enemy - the enemy usually dying soon after a mysterious illness.According to the traditions Bajang is the body of a stillborn child, charmed by various witchcraft conspiracy.

7. Baobhan-sith / Baobhan-shek Scottish vampire who usually disguise themselves under a beautiful maiden and lured its victims.The magic knowledge Baobhan-sith usually seemed dressed in green.

8. Bebarlangs / Beberlangi Philippine tribe, whose members are engaged in a form of mental vapirizma.They drank the blood to take over the power and knowledge of the victim.

9. Bhuta / Bhuta A vampire from India, usually occurs as a result of the violent death of an individual.Bhuta are found in cemeteries or in dark empty places in the trash.Attacking one of these creatures usually resulted in serious illness or death.

10. Brahmaparush / Brahmapurushi vampire from India, who likes to eat people.This creature drank the blood of the victims through the skull, brain eating, and finally wraps itself around the body inwards and executes the ritual dance.

11. Bruxsa / Brooks Female vampire from Portugal.Bruxsa usually transformed into a vampire through witchcraft.She leaves her home at night in the form of a bird, and its most frequent victims - weary travelers lost their way.During the day she is a beautiful maiden who leads a normal human life, good for children.According to legends, it is impossible to kill Brooks.

12. Chordewa / Hordeva Witch.Transformed into a vampire cat.They say that if this "cat" licking the lips of people, they will soon die.

13. Churel / Hurel Vengeful ghost vampire found in India, usually the woman, who died while pregnant Festival Dyuvali.She is said to have pathologically hates wild life.Churel, is believed to have hanging breasts, thick ugly lips and hair fall out.

14. Civatateo / Chivatateo Vampire vedma Aztecs.They say that the moon is different deities.Favourite sacrifices - children.These vampires were the victims of a redhead in a white man.

15. Danag / Danag Philippine vampire.Danag people lived in peace and harmony for many years, but once a certain woman cut her finger, Danag sucked her wound, enjoying the taste for so long that it dried up completely its telo.

16. Dearg-due / Dearg do terrible creature of Ireland, whose name means "red Bloodsucker."They are afraid of it so far.The only way to curb the predator is to lay down the stones on the grave, kotkraya, according to suspicions, the home of Dearg do.The most famous legend of the Dearg-due - the story of a beautiful woman, who several times a year out from the grave to seduce a man and kill him.

17. Doppelsauger German vampire found in northern areas, including Wendy (Slavic race).The idea was that a child once weaned will become a vampire.According to legend, the vampire Doppelsauger will eat the fleshy part of the breast, and so extend their life by their living relative.

18. Ekimmu One of the most feared vampire Babylonians and the Assyrians.It is said to be the soul of a dead person unable to find peace.The creature roams the earth, waiting for someone to attack.Become Ekimmu man could number of ways, among them - a violent, premature death, unfulfilled (unrequited?) Love and improper burial.

19. Empusas vampiric creature from Greek mythology, the goddess is usually served gnekate.They are described as demons, which may from time to time take human form.

20. Eretica Russian vampire, usually considered as a heretic, who returned from the dead world.It is said to be a woman who sold her soul in his lifetime, and then returned in the form of a decrepit old woman.At dusk, a group of vampire going into the gorges, and made the Sabbath.

21. Estrie Jewish spirit, always female.Estrie, an evil spirit who takes the form of flesh and blood, and lives among humanity to satisfy the need for blood.My favorite prey is said - the children.

22. Gayal Vampiric spirit of India.Usually, there is a body of the deceased is not buried properly.Gayal has a strong hatred of the relatives of the deceased.

23. Impundulu vampire, witch serving in the eastern region of Africa.Usually this takes the form of a vampire handsome man and become a lover mistress.The unusually bloodthirsty.

24. Incubus Incubus Without a doubt one of the best-known species of vampire, female form Succubus.Incubus used to visit women at night, engage in love with them and realize their dreams.He has all the characteristic properties of the vampire: night visits victims, draining of life and strength and unusual sexuality.

25. Jaracacas Brazilian vampire, was in the form of a snake, fed on the woman's chest, silencing the child, putting his tail in his mouth.

26. Jigarkhwar Variety vampire in India.Feeds, extracting the liver of people.It is both a sorcerer.The liver is preparing to heat and eat, this time the victim dies.

27. Kasha Japanese vampire that feed by removing corpses from graves or eating them before cremation.

28. Kozlak Dalmatian vampire.Very little is known.Distributed among the beliefs of Croatia.

29. Kuang-shi Chinese vampire, caused by demonic forces recently deceased corpse.Learning a great potential because it can fly.

30.Lamia Libyan vampire.According to legend Lamia was a Queen of Libya and all that all children were killed goddess Hera.In revenge, Lamia still roams the earth feeding on infants.She also iskuashet men sexually, and then devours them horrible way.

31. Langsuir Malaysian vampire takes the form of a beautiful woman.A woman can become such a creature if she dies in childbirth.Wearing green dress and hair to her ankles.It feeds on the blood of children.

32. Leanhaum-shee Irish vlshebnitsa, not really a vampire, but using vampiric powers.Use your incredible beauty in order to entice the victim which slowly dries up through exhausting lovemaking.

33. Lobishomen Brazilian vampire prey which were mostly women.It does not actually kill the victim, preferring to drink small amounts of blood.After the attack the woman begins to show the propensity to nymphomania.

34. Loogaroo Luugaru West Indian vampire.Every night comes to the "Tree of the Devils' sheds its skin and flies in the form of a ball of light in search of victims.

35. Lugat Albanian vampire rumored pretty safe.She drinks a little blood from the victims without killing them in the process.

36. Mara Mara Slavic vampire.The spirit of unbaptized dead girl, which is to the victims of the night.Once the Mara drinks the blood of a man, she falls in love with him and lulls him to death.He loves also drink the blood of children.

37. Masan Vampire from India, usually the ghost of a child who feels pleasure at the sight of murder and torture.Masan, believed to be able to undergo the curses of a child who is in the shade.The object of the attack could be a woman, which is in the process of walking allows your dress dragging along the ground.

38. Masani Female vampire from India, the spirit of burial grounds.Hunting in the beginning of the night, mostly in Rheine cemetery.

39. Mormo vampire from Greek mythology, the goddess Hecate employee.

40. Moroii Romanian vampire.This can be either male or the female, most of the characteristics Strigoii.

41. Muroni Lives in Wallachia (Romania).It has the ability to turn into different animals and kill people like a beast.

42. Nachzeher Vampire in northern Europe.This vampire has the ability to kill the relatives of psychiatric facilities.The tomb vampire begins to devour the shroud and then his own flesh.This causes living relatives to suffer and die.

43. Nelapsi Slovak vampire.Nelapsi, believed to be able to cut out an entire village in one visit.It also has the ability to kill at a glance.

44. Neuntoter German vampire, courier eridemy and pestilence, traditionally only appears in times of great epidemics.

45. Nosferatu Nosferatu (from the Latin - "not dead". Perhaps the most accurate name vampire, because vampire - to revive a corpse (not live), but still not dead).Romanian species of vampire, said that it should be illegal child of parents who were themselves illegitimate.Vampire hates honeymooners and mtstit it to them, making the groom impotent and the bride barren.

46. Obayifo Vampire found among the Ashanti - the people of the Gold Coast in Africa.It is said to be male or the female, which leaves the human body at night and feeds.They say that babies should be loved, it can also cause a decline urazhayu.

47. Ohyn Vampire from Poland, born with teeth.

48. Pacu Pat Moschny vampire from India.It is considered the lord of all harmful creatures.

49. Pelesit Malaysian vampire ghost.It invades the body of the people, causing illness and death.Victims will wander during the illness.

50. Penanggalan Malaysian vampire, which flies at night with only the head and neck, and the body hanging below them.Creature - always the female and generally feeds on children or women.

51. Pijavica Pidzhavik Slovak vampire.Created as a result of evil committed during the life of a mortal man especially incest, which is guaranteed to cause a return from the dead.It feeds on relatives or desidentami.

52. Pisacha Pisacha vampire from India, being established shortcomings of humanity.While this is - even evil deity, a favorite treat - new (fresh) corpses, can also cure diseases if persuaded.

53. Polong canopy vampire from Malaysia, fills the vessel with blood of a murdered man and vypolnenyaet several archaic rituals over the bottle, the obligation to set up the master-creator Polong, allowing it to feed a little every day with a finger.He is close to Pelesit

54. Rakshasa Rakshasa A vampire from India.The female takes the form of a beautiful woman, luring man to his death.In the newer legends Rakhassa, is said to live in trees.

55. Ramanga Ramanga Living vampire found in Madagascar.Employee tribal elders Ramanga used the nail and shed the blood of a noble member of the tribe.

56. Stregoni benefici Italian vampire, said that he was on the side of perfection was the mortal enemy of all evil vampires.

57. Striges Striga Female vampire-witch who can transform into a crow and then drink the blood of the people.Classified among the living vampires.

58. Strigoii Romanian Strigoi vampire.There are numerous ways to become Strigoii, including the birth of the seventh son and suicide.In general, they say that he was friendly to gypsies.

59. Succubus Succubus Female vampire, villain, who visits people while they sleep to torment their dreams and use them for sex.Succubus could leave the victim totally exhausted in the pursuit of sensual pleasure.

60. Talamaur Talamaur vampire from Australia.This creature could communicate with the spirit world.Talamaur could produce soul to drain life.

61. Tlaciques Tlakues Vampires, witches, famous among Nahuatov - Indians Mexico.They can turn into a ball of flame, and in this form they can feed unnoticed.

62. Ubour Cover Bulgarian vampire, occurs when a person dies in a fury, or the spirit refuses to leave the body.The corpse remains buried for forty days and then arises to cause harm.He does not drink blood until other sources of power have not disappeared, and since they include regular food, assault rarely occurs to people.It eats only manure

63. Upier resting Polish vampire that is unusual vampire.He wakes up in the middle of the day and return to sleep at midnight.He is said to consume vast quantities of blood.This kind of creatures with blood goes much further than normal vampires, because sleeping in the blood.

64. Upir vampire resting in Ukraine, noted for its desire to eat large amounts of fish.

65. Upyr Ghoul Russian vampire, extremely vicious.He first attack children and then prodolzhaetohotitsya parents.As Upier Upyr sprinkled throughout the day and night snpit.

66. Ustrel Yustrel Bulgarian vampire that feeds exclusively cattle.It is believed the spirit of unbaptized child, who died recently.

67. Utukku utukku Babylonian vampire, sometimes viewed as a demon.He is the spirit of a recently deceased person that has returned from the grave for some unknown reason.

68. Varacolaci Vrakolak Romanian vampire that ranks among the most powerful of all the undead.He is said to have the ability to do, and lunar and solar eclipses.They are like pale people with dry skin.

69. Volkolak volkolak Variety vampire found in Slovenia, some ways of connectedness with various legends about werewolves.

70. Vourdalak Ghoul Russian vampire, considered in Russian folklore, a beautiful but evil woman.

71. Vrykolakas Vrikolaks Variety vampire found in the Adriatic.It was created by various means, including immoral life.He travels in the dark and knocking on the door, calling someone a name - something inside, if a man says he will die soon after.

72. Vrykolatios Vrikolatis Variety vampire found on the island of Santorini.

73. Zmeu Zmeu vampire found in Moldova.It is in the form of a flame and is included in the room of a young girl or a widow.Once inside the flame becomes a man, and rapes her.

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