Changing table - why and what is it for?

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changing table - one of the accessories in the life of children, parents' opinion about which is traditionally divided.Some moms and dads believe that it is not necessary to buy the furniture, the other can not do without changing table or a special board.

Today we'll talk about why do we need a changing table, what species it is, and how to choose.

Why do you need a changing table?

For swaddling the baby, diapering a newborn or of different hygiene procedures necessary, level surface, convenient for the parent (not to be had, bent) and keep the baby from falling out.

also need to wear, nappies, cosmetics and children were on hand - because crumbs can not be left alone for a moment on an open horizontal surface.

All of this provides a changing table - so it is more convenient and useful for the above mentioned purposes than the parental bed, sofa, or ordinary tables.

Of course, every family decides to buy or not changing table, chest of drawers or a special board.However, if you decide that you may need such furniture, it is better to know in advance what it is the species and how it should be selected.

Choose a changing table - what to look for?

1. It is best if the changing table is made from natural and safe materials - for example, wood or latex.Baby changing pad or mat must be covered with a material that does not slip, it is waterproof and easy to clean.

2. If the table has a wheel, it is desirable and brakes.

3. Choose swaddling surface bigger and wider, as the child is growing rapidly.

4. Changing table must be stable!

5. Wooden table should have a guarantee, important, and the degree of moisture resistance of the material.

6. There are two provisions of the Child on the table - side or legs to her mother.The lateral position is convenient because it is more convenient to carry out mother with a child different hygiene (clean the ears, cut nails, etc.), but harder perepelenat baby, change a diaper, or dress him up.Also, the child uncomfortable to look at my mother side, he can start to act up.

7. Check whether all kinds of shelves, drawers, trays, hangers and other accessories on the table, chest of drawers, or for changing the board - they will help you care for the child.

What are "pelenalniki"?

There are several types of swaddling devices from simple - to complex, from cheap - up to luxury.Only the parents can choose what is most practical for them and afford.

swaddling board

special board with protective bumpers on the sides.The base can be wood, coating better to take latex - safe for health and well-cleaned.You can obscure board diaper or a special mattress.

This accessory is the most simple, cheap (500-700 rubles), it is easy to carry from place to place, and to get to hide, take in a trip.

However, the use of such boards require a stable, horizontal surface of the right size, suitable for the growth of the parent, and - a special place for things and the makeup of the child.

changing table

There are 2 options.First - swaddling board on a metal frame, it is easy to fold and transport.However, this type is not suitable for uneven floors, where the table may become unstable when a stirred this table without wheels need to raise it to avoid scratching the floor, and again, there is no special place for baby things.

changing table, shelves are much more expensive (about $ 150), its base - made of wood, metal or plastic, fitted with shelves, trays, pockets and hangers.This model saves space in the room, more stable, easy to move - if you have wheels with brakes, provides access to all the necessary things.

Changing dresser

Chest with side flanges on top, between which we can put a changing mat or board.Some models already have a mattress with soft bumpers.

Pros - all at your fingertips, in dresser drawers, neatly and conveniently.Easy access to the child, and not have to bend down or bend over him.More hygienic, since the baby things are kept separate from adults.Save money and space in the room.

Changing dressers may please its design, decorate the apartment.The most beautiful Greek and Italian models, there are good domestic bureaus - which, incidentally, is cheaper.Come across an interesting and functional solutions in the provisions of the boxes, there are changing tables folding top.

Good changing dresser is made of natural materials, no sharp edges on the top panel and a side, with wheels and brakes, the mattress should not slide on the surface of the dresser drawers should open easily.Of course, this kind of pelenalnika pricey - from 150 to 1800 USD

There are also more complex constructions that combine a number of important functions not only diapering.

example, Changing Tables with Bath - hinged swaddling board, attached to the table shelf for accessories and bathing tub.However, this table will not in every bathroom - the dimensions of approximately 100 x 90 x 60 cm.

There is dresser tray , a shelf for bathing suit and flip swaddling board.Bathe the child in inserted into the chest of the bath, then tub and a shelf removed, lowered swaddling board hygiene and dressing child.This chest of drawers is also intended for a bathroom.However, it should carefully check the water resistant material chest.

Baby bed with dresser and pelenalnikom

Combined bed for children from 0 to 10 years, costs about 5,000 rubles.The surface of the chest-side tables can be used as pelenalnika.Compact and functional, but not always looks nice, and for trips to the country or travel you need another portable pelenalnik.

changing table convertible

combines the advantages of a conventional table for changing (open design, function control swaddling board at its height) and the possibility of use in other capacities over time (as a children's table games and study, a desk for grown childrenor simply as a bedside table).

However, for subsequent use such models need to buy additional components, such as a large countertop.

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