George W. Bush - President of the United States.

George W. Bush - Republican, the 43rd US president.He was twice elected to this position, having entered the first office in 2001. The period of his presidential term ended in 2009 eight years of his reign marked the beginning of the US war against terrorism in the world (2 poured out large-scale military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan), introductionthe famous phrase "axis of evil", a large-scale reduction in the tax burden for Americans, the crisis of mortgage lending, which led to a global liquidity crisis and also unrivaled statements, popularly dubbed "bushizmy."


George Walker Bush was born in New Haven July 6, 1946 in the family of George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara.The father at the time was a student at Yale University, was later director of the CIA, as well as the 41st president of the United States.Childhood boys passed in Texas, in Houston and Midland.


George W. Bush in fifteen years has been defined in a boarding school for boys (Phillips Academy), located in Massachusetts;graduating, he went to his father's footsteps by enrolling at Yale University.There he studied mediocre, but in 1968 he received a bachelor's degree yet.

Career After graduating, George W. Bush joined the Texas National Guard.There until 1973 he served the Air Force pilot.The following two years were spent for studies at Harvard Business School, from which he emerged with the degree of Master of Business Administration.Then he returned back to Midland and then went into business.At the same time, unlike his father, he was in the oil business could not succeed: its small business and so he brought almost to bankruptcy.There is a certain influence exerted serious enough problems with alcohol - George. W. Bush they accompanied him to the fortieth.


The future president of life has changed dramatically in 1986. Then he put his alcohol addiction cross, then his case went slowly up the hill (Bush acknowledged that his life up to 40 years of age did not have enoughfocus).Then he turned to negotiate the merger of his company with another, larger, on favorable conditions for it.Together with partners in 1989 he bought Texas Rangers (baseball club).Investments in this purchase in the amount of 600 thousand. Dollars of borrowed funds in a few years earned him 15 million. Dollars.

Texas Governor George W. Bush soon was able to succeed also in the political arena: in 1994 he was elected governor of Texas, and 4 years later re-elected to the same post.George. W. Bush in 1999, said the desire to run for president of the country.A year later he won the highly controversial elections, which were accompanied by protracted legal proceedings, as well as the controversial recount of votes.

US President

initial program of the new president was focused on domestic policy the United States, included a large-scale education reform and tax cuts.Focus the efforts of his presidential administration has shifted sharply after 2001, when September 11 occurred in the bloodiest terrorist attack in world history.President George W. Bush then declared a "war on terror".After that, in 2001, it carried out an operation in Afghanistan, which ended in the overthrow of the Taliban regime.It should be noted that the foreign policy of George W. Bush then carried out on the basis of the "Bush Doctrine", implying unilateral action without the approval of the international community and the application of pre-emptive strikes against the enemy.Bush's anti-terrorism policy has also been developed within the country and then were substantially expanded the powers of law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Internal policy of George W. Bush

Bush in the internal politics of the country stood for reducing interference in the life of society executive.The moment that the president understood the international situation is very bad, all the time became the object of ridicule, his popularity did not interfere, and even served as a basis for comparing it with Ronald Reagan.The domestic program of the President was very attractive for different groups of voters.In addition to reducing the tax burden, he put forward a number of initiatives in education and pensions, which were considered "ridge" of democracy.

invasion of Iraq

In 2003, US troops entered Iraq, which is believed to George W. Bush, along with Iran and North Korea was a member of the "axis of evil."It should be noted that the reason for the attack was the information that the regime of Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.But this result is not confirmed.In May 2003 we completed the military phase of the operation, but in the postwar settlement decisive success was not achieved.

Among the significant elements of the Bush policy can also be said of the multilateral consultations on China's nuclear program, as well as participation in the settlement of the conflict in Israel.Bush was able to establish good relations with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, but to resolve the contradictions that exist between Russia and the United States, this has not led.

second term of presidency

George W. Bush, whose policies were subjected to constant criticism abroad and domestically in 2004 was re-elected for second term, then won a victory over John Kerry, Democratic senator.During the second Bush administration's major policy direction of the country did not undergo significant changes.He continued to fight against terrorism in the country, as well as policies to reduce taxes.President on foreign policy direction tried to overcome differences emerged with its European allies, which have arisen due to the actions of the US in Iraq.In 2005, Bush visited the Moscow celebration of the 60th Victory decade.Observers by the end of 2005 indicated a significant reduction in its level of popularity among Americans, that was mainly due to his policies on Iraq.

Lebanese-Israeli conflict

Lebanese-Israeli conflict, which occurred in 2006, has become a regular source of friction with its allies in Europe: the United States supported Israel not joining the requirements of the cease-fire.George W. Bush, the US president, the opposition group "Hezbollah" and Israel is considered as part of the war against terrorism.

In 2006, the Republican Party lost the midterm elections, and then went to the Democrats control of the two houses of Congress.Bush, in obedience to their pressure, was forced to resign the Pentagon of Donald Rumsfeld, the most unpopular ministers.Observers largely expected changes in Iraq strategy, including the withdrawal of troops, but in 2007, the President announced the shipment to the new force.

Relations with Russia

It should be noted that 2007 was marked by increasing tension in relations between Russia and the United States: the leadership of our country, headed by VVPutin criticized the US foreign policy course, including the possible deployment on the territory of Eastern European missile defense system.

During the hostilities in South Ossetia Bush condemned Russia's actions, calling the Russian military intervention "disproportionate" use of force, in addition, our country is threatened with international isolation, and an exception to the so-called "Big Eight".At the same time the news of the recognition of independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia considers irresponsible Bush condemned Russia's side and called on it to reconsider this decision.

Bush in 2008 supported John McCain in the presidential election.But McCain lost to Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate.

George W. Bush, whose biography is described in this article, officially left the post of the president January 20, 2009, when the 44th, the new US president in Washington during the inauguration was sworn in.

Personal qualities

Among the personal qualities of George W. Bush made it very unique ability to compromise - he showed it in the period of his governorship.Bush, adhering to conservative views, avoiding extremes.Lack of knowledge about political issues, he skillfully compensated for his personal charm, and it played a major role in its grand success in the elections.George is married and is the father of the 2nd twin daughters.