"Error Code 800b0001 Windows Update»: how to fix?

Recently, users of modern computers based on Windows are increasingly faced with the appearance of messages such as "Error Code 800b0001 Windows Update», which belong to the updates section of the system and its components.Most of these problems occur in Windows 7. Let's look at why there is such a situation and how to fix it.

Why error 800b0001 «Update Windows»?

Naturally, errors when upgrading the system may be quite a lot, and they all have their transcript.However, a message with the code 800b0001 (Error Windows Update) displays, so to say, the problem of a general nature.

The code indicates that the error is associated with the service pack.At the same time, according to the official description of the problem, specialists of Microsoft, this error means that the service installation of updates can not recognize CSP data.But this is only a special case.

If we talk about the issue in general, when there is an error 800b0001 «Update Windows», it is associated with the malfunction of the service itself.Sometimes, this situation may occur due to damage to the executable file responsible for downloading and installing updates.And of course, such a message may appear in the absence of the necessary updates to the Windows Update Service.

simplest ways to correct mistakes

As for simple solutions to help get rid of the message with the code 800b0001 «Error Windows Update», to start you can search for and install updates manually (even when using the automatic update).If the system finds and prompts to install the new components, then the problem is really in the service file.

no less effective way of correction when there is an error 800b0001 (Windows 7, for example), you can call and restore the system to its previous state, and the reference point, the installation disc or console.However, this requires a bit of brainstorming and remember when it has failed.

In some cases, a message with the code 800b0001 (Error Windows Update) may be issued for the reason that the system contains any computer virus damaged the file and update service.As is clear, there will an ordinary full-time Antivirus scanning or the use of special tools, test system boot disk before you start Windows.

not less common, and can be called in the presence of a third-party cryptographic services such as encryption Crypto PRO CSP or applications like ViPNet.In this situation, the easiest solution is to upgrade these to the latest version.Typically, after a problem with the "Windows Update» disappears.

Sometimes the upgrade process may affect the work of the anti-virus software or firewall Windows.Nothing is easier to disable the service at the time of the update (whether the data is taken from an official source).

Using special programs

Those who do not want to deal with all these procedures, it may be advisable to use a specialized utility to automatically fix problems like Fix It, Microsoft type System Update Readiness Tool or similar.

advantage of these applications is obvious: they fix almost all faults in the system upgrade (and not only) without any human involvement in the process.Just run the program and start scanning and correcting errors.

Conclusion As you can see from the message with the code 800b0001 «Error Windows Update» can be removed even by using elementary standard features of most "OSes".Understandably, many prefer an automatic cure such situations, but then, as they say, the choice is up to the users themselves.But here we must understand that their use is not always necessary, because the issue of anti-virus or firewall conflict, and they do not always help.