Doors: Make the right choice!

Gone are the days when the interior doors of our apartments are alike as twins - standard size, shape, color.At present, the situation has changed radically.So what the market offers and how to choose the interior doors?

doors for the interior there are single and double, blind and glazed, smooth and paneled veneered and painted with modern water-repellent paints;Door vary depending on the material from which they are produced.The market is widely represented products of domestic and foreign producers.

1. Material.The most important characteristic of any door - the material from which it is produced.It was he who determines the value of the door.This might be a door made of solid wood or veneer, and tselnoderevyannaya door several times more expensive than the paneled.

2. Dimensions.When you buy should pay special attention to the dimensions of the door and the door frame.The manufacturer may indicate the size of the doorway, taking into account the size of the door frame or door leaf.The height

s of the door leaf is typically 203 or 230 cm, and taking into account the size of the door frame at 7-10 cm greater;single door width - from 60 to 90 cm;thickness - from 3.5 cm to 4.5 cm. If the planned number of new apartment doors, it is desirable to acquire them in one place.

3. Options.Doors are sold complete - the door itself, door frame (box), trims and fittings - hinges with screws and plugs, pens (with a lock or a lock).It should be defined in advance, what is necessary a door - left or right, that is,which way it opens, respectively, and supplies will be different.Sometimes hardware is not included and is selected individually according to the tastes of the buyer.If the thickness of the door frame is less than the thickness of the wall, it is necessary to use special paste extender, which are selected by the color of the door.

4. Glass.The glasses are transparent, matte, mirror, stained glass and others.When buying doors with glazing need to pay attention to the quality of the mounting of glass - not whether they rattle.

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