Eating before and after exercise

Folk wisdom says - how many people, so many opinions, "and this is difficult to argue.That is the case with the fitness, opinions differ: some believe that there can not be at least 3 hours before exercise and then still the same after.Others say that you can eat, even for 30-40 minutes before training, while others said and did - after a workout is not only possible, but necessary, because it opens after extensive training, so-called carbohydrate window.But what nutritionists and trainers are unanimous, it is in total rejection of fat before and after workouts.Although the questions arise here.

Actually food before and after exercise depends on whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass.So, in order to determine the proper diet, it should be a little deeper into the mechanisms of the body.

As is known, the main source of energy for humans is glycogen or, in plain language - a kind of carbohydrate "warehouse" in our body, which accumulates during sleep and then consumed throughout the day.You should know that these stocks only enough for daily functions of the body, which is why, for 2 hours before training this stock is required to fill up.

If you pursue the goal of building muscle, you can not do without the amino acid or another protein, which is the building blocks of muscles.Even after learning that fats should be completely eliminated before and after workouts, you need to understand that the choice of the protein to be deliberate: boiled turkey or chicken breast, a portion of cottage cheese, low-fat fish, egg whites or a protein shake.

On the other hand, those who seek to lose weight, you should opt for complex carbohydrates is because they are designed to give a sufficient amount of energy, not a burden to digestion.Your allies in this case will be cereals, vegetables or fruit.

Nutrition after exercise is just as important.Unlike the pre-training period, carbohydrates after active exercise will waste energy and calories.Another thing is the protein because the body after exercise is in burning fat and calories as well as muscle recovery.Two hours after the load would be an ideal food serving of cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt or boiled chicken.In that case, if the protein for whatever reason, you are not available, the vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon juice, it will be very helpful.

And in any case, can not be neglected water schedule time training.Indulge in a liquid, either before or after not more so during exercise, because it is fraught with dehydration.And remember, at that time, when you dry up in my throat, dehydration has already begun, so the drink should be every 5-10 minutes just for a few small sips.

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