How to get a root-rights to Android 2.2.2?

Smartphone have virtually everyone.And half of them - the device with the operating system Android.And, perhaps, almost everyone has heard of the magic root-rights, which give the right to do in your mobile device all you want.In this article you'll learn how to get a root-rights on Android and what they are remarkable.We need only the mouse wheel to scroll down a bit and read everything carefully.

Why root-rights to Android 2.2.2?

Root-rights is nothing more than a super administrator rights.This means that before the user opened all the doors and all functions are available.That is, you can manage secure applications and operating system components.Many people may be interested, why do it, because phone and so works well.

But it is necessary to open the application list and browse a bit, as it turns out, there are many unnecessary programs that are unlikely to ever have to enjoy using.This search on the Internet and a standard web browser, news and weather, and a demo of the game;several navigators.Not only did they take internal memory, so also not weak loaded operative, as many of them are working in the background.Just because they are not removed: it is the prerogative of the developer.Therefore, to get rid of all the excess must obtain root-rights to Android 2.2.2 (and above).

But do not run headlong and receive the status of the developer to remove unnecessary utilities.After all, you need to know, from what you can get rid of, and that touch is strictly prohibited.Otherwise, you may accidentally delete important system component or service, such as a keyboard, a microphone or the driver of the operating system, which is why it can be damaged.So you should think things through and weigh before you become a super administrator and "demolish" some unknown utility.But if the decision was finally taken, and no turning back, then you need to know how to do it.

What to do?

Despite some risks, get root-rights to Android 2.2.2 (and above) is not very hard.This will help some programs.First you need to make some preparations, namely set up the phone.Go to the "Settings" // "system" (or "Developer Options") and tick in front of "debugging USB".

addition, the need to prepare a USB-cable, preferably native.Immediately prior to the procedure, you need to charge the phone for at least 90-100%.Doing these simple manipulations can be obtained at the "Android 2.2.2" root-rights.


This is a special utility designed to obtain the status of the developer.Set it on a computer.The installation process is stacked in a couple of clicks, so any problems should arise.It has a very intuitive and friendly interface.

We download the program to your computer, and then install.Connect your phone to a PC via USB.When the PC recognized the device, run the program.It Unroot click on and select the device.Once you can start to get Android 2.2.2 root-rights.Watch the process may be at the bottom of the screen.The utility prompts you to install some software, and if it is not needed, you should give it up.

When the process is complete, you should restart the phone, and to evaluate new opportunities.


answer to the question, how to get a root-rights on Android, this tool can be.On the version of the operating system will not have to worry, because it can give full access to the device with "Android" from 2.1 to 4.0.By the way, she also gets along famously with different computer operating systems, whether Windows, Linux or Mac.However, if a PC is Windows XP, you need to upgrade to the Net Framework version 2.0.

Install the program.Connect your phone or tablet via USB to your computer and run it.In the program, press the Root and waiting for everything to end.

After a short time you should see a window informing you about the successful completion of the procedure.


This utility is a little different from the above, trying to gain root-rights on Android 2.2 it can be used without a PC connection.All you need - install it on the gadget.The only problem is that this application is not in the Play Market, so you need to download it from the Internet as apk-file.Then throw it on the plate and install.During installation, will need to confirm that the application of an unknown source.

launch applications, select the item "Set Superuser┬╗.Next, choose the version of superuser.Most suited version of Aragorn.

But if it does not fit, you can try others.If the process is successful, the screen will show a window with the result.Restarting the phone use.Ease of application: any time you can easily restore everything back, pressing Unroot.


Another application for a gadget that can give the user on Android 2.2.2 root-rights.Like the previous one, it is also not in the "Market", so you need to look for apk-file on other sites "Android" -based applications.Install and run.

Click Root, and then waiting for the completion of the process and do a reboot.

Through the Pre-boot system

There is another way of using that, you can get a root-rights to Android 2.2.2 (and above).You can do this by setting something like a pre-boot system Custon Recovery.To make it clearer, it's something like the MS-DOS computer.You can install it through the application ROM Manager, which can be downloaded from the Play Market for free.

Load this tool, select the item and run the Install or update recovery.Choose from a list of phone model or create new settings, and then select the version.We go back to the previous step and click "Download Mode Recovery┬╗.The device will restart and then will be available to the emulator.

Plus this application compared to others in the wider opportunities:

  • gadget database management and backup;
  • download the firmware to the "Android";
  • create partitions on a memory card for the swap file or application;
  • work with system privileges.

What's next?

How to get root-rights on Android-powered device, we know.Now that the function obtained superuser, you need something to do, not for nothing that they received.

First you need to get rid of annoying and totally unnecessary programs and applications that are protected by the rights of the developer.You will need a file manager with the ability to use root-rights to Android 2.2.2.For this ideal "ES File Explorer".Go to it, located in the folder / system // app.

There you can see a bunch of different applications.Here everything is simple - note and delete unnecessary.However, we must be very careful, otherwise you can lose a very important operating system, applications or supplements, without which it will not run.Therefore you need to remove that with 100% certainty is not required.

If you get rid of unnecessary still want, in order to unload the memory and delete the scary, you can simply turn off unnecessary.Make it easier: go to "Settings" // "Applications" // "All" and "Sort by size".Click on unnecessary system software (such as "Search the Web" or "News and Weather") and in the upper right corner of the note "Disable."The application will remain on the tablet, but the work will not be until it again will not include.

In addition, some service applications, such as Battery Doctor or Clean Master, can control system applications when using superuser privileges.


Having a root-rights to Android 2.2.2, you can do much more than just remove unwanted programs.With their help, you can:

  • clear applications from advertising;
  • overclock the processor;
  • increase battery life;
  • change icons, menu, desktop, and so on. Etc .;
  • control firmware, and even create a new and much more.

However, to do this, can not do without specialized knowledge and skills.Therefore, if the absolute certainty of success there, and the operating system restore point was not created, it is better not to go there, otherwise you may lose operating system.