How to become smart in 5 minutes?

There are situations where it is unclear what other people say, or it is impossible to solve any problem or issue, or is difficult to find a good and proper answer to the question.In general, one way or another, out of the difficulty.At this point the question arises: "How to be smart?" In 5 minutes, of course, difficult to achieve significant results when it comes to the brain and the development of intelligence.However, if you regularly, then the effect will be quite noticeable.

How to be smarter than others: some tips

works to improve intelligence, the development of memory and concentration, increase the flexibility of mind and increase the speed of operation can be divided into several areas.Regular exercise will help to answer the question of how to become smart in 5 minutes a day.


  1. increase vocabulary.If the speech was made some new expression, title, etc., then you need to get a dictionary and look at its value.It is also useful to take Dictionary and read it on a pair of pages a day.To be repeated periodically traveled and checking their knowledge.To control the use of various applications on the Internet.There are many different tests.A couple of months you can increase your vocabulary a few thousand words.
  2. Self-taught knowledge of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest.This is one of the main points in the solution to the problem, how to be smart in school.
  3. learn a foreign language.Occupation, which will significantly improve many of the characteristics of the mind.This development not only memory (learning of new words), and logic, assentences and words are based on certain grammatical rules.There will also be ensured familiarity with another culture.
    sure to try to "live".Now there are many different services that provide this opportunity: special sites and programs.The same Skype, where you can chat directly with a native speaker.The brain will have to quickly find solutions to understand the other's speech, to respond to another language.As a result, significantly increase the speed of thought.
  4. Reading.It is advisable not to stop the choice only entertaining literature.It should take up the classical works, as well as an interest in the scientific and popular publications.That's one way to put into practice the first paragraph.Reading classic works lets try on all the roles, to evaluate all the characters, learn to empathize and understand the human nature.
  5. Educational TV.There are many good educational channels, such as "Air Force", "Science 2.0", "Culture", etc.Because transmission is also possible to learn a lot of new and significantly enrich their inner world.

Brain Workout

Regular exercise, a decision of non-standard and logic problems significantly increase the level of intelligence.How?Become an intelligent man, as well as strong, is possible only with a regular workout.

  1. Puzzle serve as trainers.You can learn to solve Sudoku or collect the Rubik's cube.
  2. Read in mind.As they say, mathematics mind in order.It is also a very useful skill in everyday life.For example, making a purchase in the store, you can calculate how much they will cost.Or to estimate the cost of utilities.Yes, and who knows what else is possible to calculate in our lives!
  3. solve crossword puzzles and crosswords.
  4. solve puzzles, anagrams, to carry out tasks of the IQ-tests.

Creativity Creative people think outside the box, finding multiple solutions to the same problem, are able to look at the problem from different perspectives.Therefore it is necessary to join the world of beauty.You can do painting and artistic photography.It is also a good way to develop creativity is to write poems or Burime.

various craft classes are also very useful, becausedevelop fine motor skills, learn to focus and calm.

development of memory

ability to quickly and permanently memorize a lot of information is very important in today's world.Since becoming an intelligent man can only possessing encyclopedic knowledge.There are different ways of memory invented many techniques.You can use one of them.Also very useful to memorize poems, play games on remembering the location of objects and things, repeating each other long sentences, etc.There are plenty of games aimed at the development of memory.They can play with their children, for example.It will be useful for both children and parents.Subsequently, it will remove the question of how to be a smart girl or boy.

New impressions

change of scenery will relax and expand horizons.The brain begins to work very differently.

  • for new experiences, you can go on a trip.You can go abroad or to another region of the country.
  • Nothing enriches inner world as communication with different people.It also teaches us to be a good conversationalist.
  • must be able to listen to the interlocutor and not to hesitate to ask questions.

Useful Habits

this point should be given special attention, since become the most intelligent can only be a good self-organization.

  1. Limit television viewing entertainment.Commercial television is not developing human.
  2. If the break, you should not give preference to view photos with kittens or reading jokes.It is much better to open the "Wikipedia" and read a random article.Or read about the events that happened that day.To be interested
  3. current news.A person who is not fixated solely on their experiences is very interesting to talk to.
  4. pours.With a lack of sleep, the brain is working less efficiently.With an excess of - there is lethargy.So how to be smart for 5 minutes in a dream really, you need to rest your body.
  5. Movement - that's life.Physical activity increases the level of health of the whole organism, includingand brain.Engage preferably in the fresh air to increase the oxygen content in the blood.You can go for a run or do exercises or take a walk to work or back, or go to the gym.As you like.
  6. Proper nutrition.For the mind is very important diet.With a lack of nutrients also reduces its efficiency.It is advisable to always present walnuts, raisins, fish, cereals, fruit (both fresh and dried) and vegetables.It is not necessary to completely give up sweets sinceGlucose is the "fast food" for the brain, but it is desirable to limit their use.
  7. little games.Gamers have well developed reaction speed, moving like a piano fingers, they think fast and oriented in the new environment.In addition, the game allows you to unload emotionally.
  8. Board games such as chess and checkers, developing flexible thinking and develop the ability to predict the opponent's actions.
  9. No multitasking!It "kills" the ability to focus on one thing, disaccustoms focused on labor.
  10. Classical music has a calming effect and helps to concentrate.
  11. mind must not only work, but also relax.

If you want to activate the brain

There are times when you need to quickly assemble.In these cases, a very pressing question of how to become smart in 5 minutes how to overclock your brain and make it work.A few simple tricks will help in this.Most of them towards a higher level of concentration.

  • Chewing gum stimulates the flow of blood to the head, so the mind begins to work more actively.It acts almost instantly, but the effect passes quickly - in about 20 minutes.
  • coffee and donuts or chocolate will help to cheer up and to focus on solving the problem.
  • energy drinks due to its composition can banish drowsiness and fatigue.However, they can be harmful, so it is not necessary to abuse chemistry.
  • smell of rosemary oil increases the concentration.
  • When dealing with complex and creative tasks is recommended to take a horizontal position, asThis posture has a relaxing effect.This in turn increases the creativity, which allows to reach a result.
  • Thinking aloud stimulates the mobile intelligence.
  • When solving problems, it is desirable that a draw or paint, asThis will allow a better focus.

Finally, of course, to the question: "How to be smart in 5 minutes?" Is difficult to answer unequivocally, becausea complex concept.Consequently, the need to work in many areas.But do not treat classes too seriously, becauseMany of these methods are of the nature of the game.The most important thing - to use all the knowledge and skills acquired, only then will all pose practical exercises, and the time would not wasted.