Can itself be a negative quality, in which cases and why?

independence - the ability of a person to act and make decisions independently of external factors outside help or someone else's influence.This quality is indispensable in almost every sphere of life.Everyone is used to consider it a positive feature of the person.But can itself be a negative quality and become an obstacle on the path to personal happiness and build a brilliant career?

independence in children

impart independent person, of course, need to since childhood.Many parents over custody of his child, do not let it fully develop and explore the world.It is easier to do everything yourself than wait for the baby to eat himself, while messing all my clothes, and will for a long time to put their toys.Meanwhile, similar actions by adults may suppress all kinds of activity and taking the initiative in the child, to make it forever psychologically dependent on their parents.

In adult life, this will result in the inability of a person to make decisions independently.No action will be done without consulting the parents, spouse or boss at work.Infantilism brings the man himself and his family a lot of problems and troubles.

Many parents wonder whether the independence to be negative quality if it is developed in a child too, if she does not go into ungovernability and complete disobedience?To this did not happen, the freedom of action of children should be limited to the rigid framework, be controlled and occur only in certain cases assigned to the child.Over time, the children are aware of when and how you need to show independence.

Cons female independence

In today's world, women tend to gain more and more independence and freedom.Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity take the leading role in the family, let alone taking responsible decisions, trying to earn more than her husband.Can itself be a negative quality in this case?

Excessive female autonomy can lead to serious problems in the family.My wife is constantly tearing negative on her husband, complaining and doing nothing to reproach him.Spouse thus begins to feel completely unnecessary and useless.The man begins to look for the girl on the side with which he can feel important.Usually, it ends in divorce.For these families, the answer to the question of whether autonomy be a negative quality, and why is obvious.

Interference successful career

Getting a job, many people have commented on the form itself as a positive trait.This is certainly the case.As a rule, no one even thinks, can itself be a negative quality.But there is very much dependent on the post, claimed by the candidate.For management positions independence is simply an indispensable quality without which the successful work is absolutely impossible.Ordinary employees, the decisions of which are not directly dependent on the successful activity of the company must also have the independence to perform small tasks set before them.

However, there are situations where an excessive self-harming a person's career.For example, if an employee, without consulting with the head, take a responsible decision, proved wrong, he is unlikely to win the approval of his superiors and staff.If this situation is repeated several times, a person's career may be in jeopardy.In this case, it is important to know whether the quality of independence to be negative, why and when you should not solve problems alone.