Does self-esteem on human behavior?

Each person in a certain period of your life begins to evaluate themselves.Self-assessment may vary depending on circumstances either to the positive side or the negative.Speaking of self-esteem, everyone understands what is meant, but explain it in words is not always possible.It has quite a lot of parties and shades: self-image, in itself, feelings and so on.Psychologists have always wondered whether self-esteem affects human behavior, so they are thoroughly versed in the matter.

Why should you believe in yourself?

ratio of men to man largely depends on how he sees himself.If he is confident in their abilities and feel respect for themselves, others will treat him similarly.When a person does not love himself, is stupid and unwise to wait for love from strangers.

Experience shows that people with low self-esteem is trying to deal with the same people.This gives it the illusion of self-affirmation, but in fact the internal insecurity and frustration is increasing.

Psychologists believe that a person with a stable and positive self-esteem can achieve a lot in life and to achieve harmony.

The dangerous low self-esteem?

answer to the question: "Does the self-assessment on human behavior?" - Definitely a positive.Meanwhile, as people take themselves and the quality of his life is a direct connection.People who are currently without proper respect and regard themselves as nonentities, believe that their lives are not worthy to do it better.Sometimes the situation is, if a person begins to make an effort and change the habitual way.The psyche is set up so that the more a person does, the more he appreciates it.

What gives inner self-confidence?

man who is confident, has its position and is able to defend it.It relies only on himself, but not afraid to entrust certain business associates.Confident people are not afraid of change and is always trying to improve their lives.Unlike a disaffected people, it takes over the responsibility for all their actions and words.

People with a positive self-esteem tend to be quite clear about what they want.Goals and plans are clearly defined, and the man is confident in their implementation.Insecure people are rarely able to specifically describe what they would like to change, but their goal is often extremely high.They fail to achieve them, and self-esteem drops even lower.

Naturally, high self-esteem does not save you from life's difficulties and tribulations, but to overcome them will be much easier.Confident in their abilities man finds new ways to solve them and takes complexity as a routine.People with low self-esteem prefer to hide from misery.For them, any experience of failure is very painful and permanently knock them out of the rut.So they pretend that they are fine, and avoid making a decision.

Harmony and Mental Health

learning how self-esteem affects the health, it should be understood that in order for a person to reach the psychological comfort, he has to trust himself.To generate this feeling will not work if self-esteem is very low and there is no self-esteem.Then the person will behave consistently and to break those promises gave himself.

People with low self-esteem often go to extremes: they either completely ignore their own feelings and fall under the influence of others, or give to their emotions fully, without paying attention to signals intelligence.

How does self-esteem in the relationship with people?

Influence self on human behavior in society underestimate not worth it.Drinking currently displayed on relationships with others.A person who appreciates and respects itself, does not bind their actions and deeds with the opinion of others.He calmly accepts disagreements and is not afraid of disapproval.In conflict situations, it does not lose any respect for himself or to those whose opinions differ from his own.

Does self-esteem on human behavior?Psychologists insist that independence and inner freedom allow yourself to be guided in their behavior, make decisions and take responsibility for them.Such a person is not trying to create a fictitious character just to gain the approval.

uncertainty in itself causes people to seek approval from others.They think that since they will be in demand, and they will appreciate.But to develop self-respect due to other impossible.This is achieved by an internal work which is not related to the actions and opinions of others.

protection from condemnation

Reflecting on whether self-esteem affects human behavior, it is worth noting that people with low self-esteem is very painfully react to any criticism and disapproval.They are trying every way to protect yourself from condemnation.Experts identify four main methods of removal.

  • prosecution.If you use this method, people are constantly looking for the guilty and, of course, is.He finds fault with trifles, and always dissatisfied with everything.
  • flattery.In this case, diffident man is ready to do for others literally all just to praise them.He never argues, and always waiting for instructions.
  • calculation.By choosing this path, people completely block their emotions and never show what they feel.They speak in a monotone voice, and the words are often abstract.
  • Suspension.Man never responds to what is done by others.He talks on neutral topics and answers questions.All kind person demonstrates that he does not hear anything, and in general he is not here.

All of these types may have different variations, but the goal is pursued is the same: to protect themselves from the attacks and criticism.

What can help improve self-esteem?

level of self-esteem affects all human actions, but you can pick it up through the inner workings.Self-esteem must not depend on the opinions of others.The more a man takes care of himself and his life, the higher the self-esteem.Caring can have different directions.

necessary kind to their own emotions, they can not be completely ignored.Then inner discomfort increases, and achieve harmony will be very difficult.It is useful to ask yourself questions about the feelings experienced at the moment, what kind of reaction to what is happening, and what is the assessment of your own reactions.They will help you understand and understand what causes the inner sense of pride, and that, on the contrary, uncertainty and self-condemnation.

Factors affecting the development of self-esteem, and are in the proper relation to other people.When a person accepts others for who they are and behave towards them honestly and sincerely, he starts more respect for yourself and be proud of yourself.

which lowers self-esteem?

Psychologists distinguish basic mistakes that lower self-esteem and do not allow a person to appreciate yourself.

  • self-pity.A person who constantly remembers his failures, feels miserable and feels helpless because can not change anything.People who are unable to dispose of their own lives, often feel sorry for yourself.They are at the mercy of others, and by watching the way themselves "float" with the flow.The man who used to feel sorry for himself, allows himself to criticize, offend and hurt.
  • accusations and complaints.Diffident man is difficult to take responsibility for themselves.He is much more convenient to blame their own failures someone else.Belittling others, he stands in his own eyes and rehabilitated.Often people blame others for their weaknesses and endows them with the qualities that do not like in yourself.
  • habit consider themselves hopeless man.Aspects of self-esteem, affecting people's behavior is to analyze their own flaws.The negative attitude toward themselves and outwardly manifested: Bound movement, lowered head, dull eyes.A person with high self-esteem are physically relaxed and calm.

manifestation of uncertainty

identify people with low self-esteem will help the two main criteria of their behavior.

  • reaction to criticism.Insecure people very sensitive even constructive criticism, and take all comments into your account.Low self-esteem does not allow a person to adequately assess the situation, to recognize and correct their own mistakes.
  • use of masks.People who wear a variety of masks, see themselves as the worst and try to play the role of someone else.As we reflect on the question: "Low self-esteem and its impact on human life" - they try to hide their true feelings and demonstrate self-confidence.This can be expressed boasting, loud laughter or familiarity.