Mystery ghosts prison

Ghosts tend to appear where there was an act of violent death.It is not surprising, therefore, that it is in prisons, where in the past, and in some places now, to execute the death sentences, often occurring supernatural phenomena.

Riddle camera №18

former military prison port of Liepaja (Latvia) for several years is a historical museum.However, in his premises, in addition to guided tours, offers and much more unusual events: extreme night in solitary confinement, lunch prisoner s m. P. Almost all of the event - only for people with a strong mentality.

building was built in 1900 and until 1917 served as a place of serving military disciplinary punishments.Then here planted sailors and officers of the tsarist army, deserters from the German Wehrmacht then and enemies of the Stalinist regime, and at the end of the Soviet military and the Latvian army.

In February 2009, within the walls of this prison-museum of his research an international team of ghost hunters who shoot all over the world for the American Documentary cycle science-fiction TV shows Ghost Hunters.

few nights they watched the testimony very sensitive equipment that can catch the slightest change in temperature background, movement, sound, electromagnetic waves, trying on the basis of analyzing the data to determine the existence of ghosts in prison.In addition, US experts carefully questioned people who have ever encountered in prison with the paranormal.Before leaving, they said that they were able to capture and document the appearance of ghosts in prison.However, to learn in detail about them a wider audience can only from the film, shot Ghostbusters.

But even without this Liepaja residents know what will be discussed in the film.Numerous eyewitnesses claim that the prison often see the so-called White lady.According to legend, in 1944 the German soldiers during an identity check was detained and put in one of the chambers of prison a young man who was suspected of desertion.His fiancee found out about it and somehow got into the prison, but on the ground it was found out that the guy had been shot.From grief girl right here killed herself.

And since the camera №18, which put an end to the life of poor, is considered the most in jail "bad place."Most often it is closed.

say that in Soviet times, it was put on one night a soldier - violators military regulations.However, after twenty minutes he began to knock on the metal door, begging to transfer him to another cell.The next morning, and it was transferred, but not in the chamber, and in a psychiatric hospital.In just a few hours of the night "dialogue" with the White lady guy just went crazy.

"To this day, she is dressed in white, with a red slash to the waist, haunting prison casemates, performing at the same time surprising and inexplicable acts, - says head of the Liepaja Regional Tourist Information Office Monta Kraft. - Most often it unscrews light bulbs and spoilsswitches, discharges mobile phones, with a roar slams the heavy doors of prison cells. Almost all the prison staff ever met White lady ever heard it or felt its presence. A lot of it can tell those who sat in this prison. "

Revenge ousted ghost

In England, one of the most haunted prison is a former prison in the center of Derby, located at Friargeyt, 51. In the past, the building has been arranged a night club, but it bought a local businessman and returned homeformer "glory", keeping each chamber, including the infamous death row, where the carved initials of the unfortunate prisoners on a wooden door, and created a museum room.

down the stairs and went into the prison, the visitor finds himself in a recreation area in front of a huge fireplace, which is not as dangerous criminals were allowed to stay at work.Turning right, a lover of thrills will see the camera, behind the doors of which some people spent their last days of physical life.The whole atmosphere is impregnated prison fear and sadness of the past.From 1756 to 1828 led away hardened criminals into the backyard, where they were executed on the gallows or, worse yet, stretched in limbo or quartered on a special machine, which is now in transition prison.At the back of the room is preserved and the gallows on which sentenced to death last gasp emitted.

There are many documented reports of the appearance of ghosts in prison Derby, unexplained noises and strange smells and sensations.Paranormal investigators claim that the temperature inside the chamber begins to waver when the ghosts come back to death row inmates.

In the old prison church Greyfeys Kirkyard in the same England XVII century ghost inhabits McKenzie lawyer.According to one version, Mackenzie took a bribe and for this decision of the court, was sentenced to be hanged.He was buried in the prison cemetery.Many tourists visiting Greyfeys Kirkyard, complained of strange phenomena.Someone felt the heavy look, but there was no one.For someone touched his hand, when again there was no one around.A teacher from Edinburgh Angela Hamilton when she went into one of the chambers, someone invisible immediately clamped her mouth with his hand and would not let breathe, until she felt dizzy and lost consciousness.Back in the present, and looking in the mirror, she found bruises on his cheek and neck.A local clergyman spiritualists Colin Grant, who was invited to banish the specter of jail, put in one of the chambers round of 12 candles and read a long spell.A few hours later, he appeared before journalists and the public, he said that a ghost forever banished from the church.

seems that since one and the truth is gone, but he Colin Grant soon after the rite of exorcism died of heart failure.It happened January 26, 2000.Before his death, the priest said that his illness guilty curse ghost, unhappy with their expulsion.Meanwhile, locals claim that the prison cemetery ghost McKenzie lawyer has not disappeared, and moonlit nights he can often be seen there.

Grey woman appears before the amnesty

Grabs old, covered with legends of prisons and the former Soviet Union, but, in contrast to the foreign, the majority of "our" Corrections to this day are valid.

For the many ghosts of the KGB detention center in Almaty say has long been not only the prisoners, but even supervisors insulator.As a rule, at first in the dark corridor, there is one ghost.You can not see, only hear the shuffling of someone's feet and immediately became terribly cold.Then at the end of the corridor there are the outlines of translucent shapes, heard heavy sighs and moans heartrending.

Once eyewitnesses, the ghost frightened employees of the insulator to the extent that they ran out into the yard.In another case, the committee members even shot from pesky ghosts.There are suggestions that the ghosts - the souls of those executed enemies of the people. "Rumor has it that accidents were shot in the yard of the insulator near the wall that divides the territory of the KGB and the Interior Ministry.

One of Smolensk prison not long ago there was still a mystical story. AsAccording to local media, in the hands of law enforcement agencies was a hardened criminal named Ryaha. For certain it was known that Ryaha involved in the murder, but to unleash it at least for some candid investigators failed.

term of pre-trial detention came to an end and, in allApparently, the recidivist had to go. But in the morning the last interrogation Ryaha came with shaking head and pomertvevshim look. "I'll tell you everything!" - the threshold he said, and after a few minutes of scribbling a detailed confession. What prompted the offender to repentance?

turns ghosts! Ryaha that morning woke up in a cell by grinding the key in the door lock. A stranger called Ryahu guard in the corridor.Recidivists were long dark alleys in prison, and then pushed into the room.At the table in the room were three tough men in black suits.Without further ado, they read out the verdict Ryahe, which was made at the end: "To shoot. Enforce the sentence immediately."Poor guy in handcuffs the same mysterious guard brought to a prison courtyard, where there was a firing squad, and several of the same as he had been sentenced.One by one, prisoners led up to the pit wall, shots were fired.Ryahu was terrified.It was his turn.But then the roof fell down prison first ray of sunshine."This is - tomorrow!"- Heard Ryaha then firing squad vanished into thin air, but he did not remember how, once again in the camera.As a result, the nerves have not sustained a recidivist, and he decided to confess everything.

"Yes, we exist"

In 2003, a group of British experts in the field of paranormal phenomena studied Old Melbourne Gaol, now been transformed into a museum.Professional ghost hunters surveyed the building with powerful microphones, infrared thermometers and electromagnetic field sensors, believing that in a place where once were hanged 136 people, and can be observed anomalies.According to parapsychologist Darren Don instruments recorded a number of paranormal effects.For example, it was discovered unusual electrical activity, and many members of the group confessed that they heard voices.Don himself distinctly heard a woman calling him for help.

contact occurred on 21 June.In any case, the researchers raised the prison archives and found out that it was on this day in 1865 concluded Lucy R. committed suicide.Her camera was in the same block where the hunters were on duty.

researchers returned to Melbourne Gaol in a year, the anniversary of the death of Lucy.And again on a tape recorded in the chamber during the night, the experts clearly heard a woman's voice.However, this time he did not call for help.Ghost woman said, "Go away."Seen ghosts of former prisoners in US jails.So, from 1829 to 1971 through the walls of an abandoned prison is now Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania took 75 thousand prisoners, including the famous Al Capone.Now cameras are empty, but when they come in, according to eyewitnesses, the feeling that there is someone there.Paranormal investigator Laura Hladik sure that prison overrun by ghosts.A mechanic working here Gary Johnson even saw one of them, and felt his icy breath.Moreover, the ghost a few minutes to talk with Johnson and ended the conversation saying: "Yes, we exist."

The former prison in Mansfield for several years organized special tours for the curious, dreaming his own eyes see the real ghost.May 9, 2008 one of the "lucky ones" still managed to take a picture of the face of a ghost, looks out the window of a prison cell.This image can be seen today on the Internet.

You can find ghosts in the old Texas Prison Walls-Unit, located in the city of Huntsville, which is mainly contained sentenced to death looters, rapists, robbers.

play tricks ghosts began here in the early XX century: the old guards told us that at night noticed how from camera to camera flashed one or the other ghostly figure.There were frequent cases when a prisoner who saw charred ghost of the recently executed in the electric chair of the criminal chamber of the neighboring, the guards carried away unconscious to the prison hospital, where he in any did not want to return back to the camera.

Another permanent residents of the Texas prison - the ghost of an executed here James Sutton.Learn it can be on the machine "Thompson" - in your hands, with which he robbed banks during his lifetime.Do not part with his weapons, and after the death of Sutton.Eyewitnesses claim that the ghost always appears suddenly.Pointing the muzzle of a man, with a devilish grin, he pulls the trigger.The sound of gunfire is not audible, but the wall is always there for a minute or two terrible words: "Soon you will die! I'm waiting for you in hell!"

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