Certification of a kindergarten teacher in the first category.Qualification requirements for teaching staff

Life does not stand still and is constantly placing new demands on the level of training and availability of labor employed.Any person must be prepared periodically to check their own professional skills.Teachers, educators and other workers of the education system - is no exception.

On 1.01.2011, the order in which the certification was held kindergarten and schools have changed.

What happened?

As is known, there is a mandatory and voluntary certification.The first task - to confirm compliance with the teacher's office, which he occupies.The second is when it comes to raising the qualification category.

According to the rules in force before, if the teacher wanted to increase his salary, he is on his own initiative filed an application for assignment of one of the categories - the highest, first or second.This was done in the leadership of the institution or body of the Department of Education.

Later, the second category as such canceled.Certifications became the head of the education authorities of the Russian Federation entity level.Important: This procedure is now obligatory.Once every five years, absolutely all teachers for any length of service, regardless of their own desires, it must go through to confirm their compliance with the positions that occupy.

Who Needs category

Certification kindergarten teacher in the first category (or higher) are available upon request.Those who want to get it, have the right to submit an application.Its purpose - to be certified.That is, we set the level of compliance with the requirements of a professional qualification categories.Each of them is assigned a period of 5 years, and then require extension in the same order.

If the qualification of teachers will not be confirmed in a timely manner, it is automatically reduced.What then?

a former employee of the first category have to re-apply for certification (to restore it).

And if he will not do it?In such case - among others attest to the conformity assessment.

Those who lost the highest, will "pass" all over again.Initially, the teacher will require certification by 1 category.And no sooner than after two years it will have the right to pass on the higher.

categories received before the specified date (1.01.2011 g) operate until the end of the assignment.But the old position - after 20 years of teaching experience second category remains forever - now canceled.These teachers will also have to prove their aptitude every five years.

What happens certification

consider both of its kind - obligatory and voluntary.

First, as mentioned above, is required to take place once every five years.Its purpose - to confirm that the teacher meets his post.It must pass all employees who do not have categories and do not want to receive them.

exempt from certification incumbent no more than 2 years, mothers on maternity leave and pregnant women.The time required for them to come no earlier than two years after the holiday provided for childcare.

Representation of caretaker for certification is made by the employer.If a teacher takes several positions in one institution, and certified on any of them, it is possible from all the world.

If he works part-time in different locations, each employer is authorized to send it to the certification.

How to apply?

representation is made by the employer to the teacher on an established pattern.The document contains all the necessary help for the tutor certification, more comprehensive assessment of professional skills and the quality of his work in the office.In addition, there have information about all the courses of training and the results of past certification.

Educator for the month prior to the test by hand acquaint with performance.Documents submitted by the employer to the commission for certification of the corresponding subject of the Russian Federation, which is appointed by its date, time and venue.Costs of its passage must not be more than two months.

as it passes?

Certification senior teacher, educator, educational psychologist and other staff conducted in accordance with established procedure.In the process of qualifying for a confirmation test undergo exams in writing or computer testing.Their purpose - to reveal the level of professional training of modern techniques to confirm valuable work experience and teachers preschool level of competence.

decision of the Commission, issued in the form of minutes and entered in the performance appraisals of employees.Last stored in the personal file of the teacher.

If the certification is successful, the verdict of the commission - "corresponds to the post."Otherwise - "does not comply".

If you're unlucky

In the latter case, the employer has the legal right to terminate the contract with the employee, but is not obliged to do so.It can offer to go on training courses, and then to be certified again.

Instead of dismissing the employee may be transferred with the consent of the other post (an inferior) if there is a vacancy.Also, they do not have the right to deprive the work of temporary disability, pregnant women and women with children up to 3 years, or a single mother with a child under 14 or a disabled child.

Voluntary certification

It is organized for the assignment of the first (or highest) category by the employee on the basis of his statement.Its purpose - to establish compliance with the qualification requirements of the teacher declared category.

Apply the first workers have the right to not yet have any.Or those who have already received the validity of category 1 comes to an end.On higher - received the first of two or more years ago, and wishes to extend the already existing.

application for certification of a teacher educator served yourself at any time.For the previous period has not expired during the period of review, it is recommended to submit it in advance - 3 months.

How to execute documents

Their complete package should include an application for certification on the model, the last attestation list (photocopy) - if any, filled with a new sheet portfolio of achievements.To compile the latest available guidelines.

Documents submitted to the commission for certification of the local entity of the Russian Federation, are usually considered about a month, and then assigned a date and venue.It should only take place within a certain period.

Certification preschool educators is conducted in strict accordance with existing rules and regulations.What are the requirements for each of the categories of qualifying?

Certification kindergarten teacher in the first category

teacher is obliged to possess modern technology education and to be able to use them effectively in practice.Demonstrate experience working teachers preschool.Prove your own personal contribution to the improvement of the quality of preschool education by improving the methods used.Show results assimilation programs and the dynamics of pupils achievements.

certification for the highest category educator: growing demands

Requires the first qualifying category, the successful implementation of new educational methods and technologies, development of pupils practiced demonstration programs.The results should be stable, and performance indicators of success - above the average level of the subject of the Russian Federation.

educators to demonstrate contribution to the improvement of educational and training methods, improving the quality of education.And also - the ownership of new technologies and dissemination of personal professional experience.

The procedure for certification

kindergarten teacher in the first category, as well as the highest, being a certain way.His professional accomplishments are decorated in a portfolio are presented for examination.

Proficiency testing takes place at the meeting of attestation commission, which conducted both at teachers, and without his participation.Record of the intention to attend the discussion should be included in an application for certification beforehand.If it is then for some reason did not appear at a hearing, the commission has the right to examine his papers in absentia.

The decision recorded in the minutes, as well as in the performance appraisals of employees.After that it is approved by a higher authority - at the level of the subject of the Russian Federation.Results (excerpt from the act of the body and a certification sheet) transferred to the employer.

And then what?

If the kindergarten teacher certification in the first category (or higher) is successful, and ordered according to the necessary requirements, the date of assignment of the respective category shall be the date of decision-making committee.Since that moment and teacher salaries will be based on the new rate.

record that is assigned to a certain category, necessarily made in the workbook.

In the case of "failure" of the certification decision is made, "does not meet the requirements."Then claim the first category are without it and must attest to the compliance office, which occupy.

The "do not pass" is the highest category of the first before the end of the current term.Then, the teacher has the right to try again "earn" the highest category, or he would have to confirm first.

Appealing results of certification

right to appeal against a fixed document.This is done by submitting an application to the labor dispute committee or a court, and in the latter case it is important to do so within three months from the date of certification.

But in practice, such situations are rare.As a rule, teachers to apply for certification, being thoroughly prepared - thoroughly studied all the necessary requirements by preparing competent and decent portfolio and being fully confident in their own abilities.