Swimwear trikini - complex in the beach beauty fashion

Tired of the usual styles?The soul requires variety and the body corresponds to their own expectations?Then it can be a little bit naughty.Swimwear trikini - a complex and ambiguous fashion.A similar trend - very fresh.But the women of fashion, he came to taste.Still, something to surprise the crowd on the beach ?!Not the color and degree of openness, so unusual style.

What is it?

Dream of the romance - the sun, the sea and white sand!In short, the summer!Of particular relevance to this time of the year made up more during the school period.Summer - a vacation, summer - a vacation, summer - this is freedom!For three months in the bag firmly settles swimsuit.And sometimes more than one.You never know when will be able to look at the beach!Swimsuit is always needed, but each case is different.I want to swim and be alone with nature?Then the indoor sports swimsuit - it's the best choice.Sunbathing on the beach?Choosing a bikini.Well, if people see and be seen?Then go to fight specific styles.Complex and extraordinary swimsuits trikini considered.Separate not name them, but also to not carry solid.Swimwear trikini are panties and bra, connected by a strip of cloth.The first models appeared back in the 70s.Then the model has not caused a furore.The second test approach has turned out in the early 2000s.The model is treated politely cool and left it for extravagant personalities.The attitude changed in 2009, when the ladies all over the world have seen the glamor and beauty of the model.

fashion demands and dictates

too many years bikini keeps the brand leadership in beachwear.And the comfortable and beautiful, but the fashion more often than not has a strong emphasis on usability and their doom adpetov sacrifices for the sake of aesthetics.Swimwear trikini very sexy.They leave some room for imagination.Designers with a special enthusiastically engaged in the most unusual decor connecting piece swimsuit.Sometimes it seems that this model is not for the beach, and for the publication.Sometimes confused translucent material.And sometimes just the designer plays with textures and creates a shocking piece of art.Fabric as a connecting element is used less and less.She was replaced by plastic rings, metal jumpers, leather strips and braids.

Openwork knitting

Want to chain on the beach to all the views?Then you should consider trikini swimwear, crochet.That's a pretty bold patterns, with regardless of the selected colors.The most spectacular looks white model on tanned skin.Alas, this is particularly close to girls swimsuit does not fit as sexy grow into pretentiousness and even vulgarity.The easiest way to knit a solid color leotard.Take the cotton yarn for a good result.To the right of the cup bodice dial a chain of 6 air loop and then close the circle.For breeding a second cup of the same pattern trikini swimsuit hook.Between cups a connected chain of 9 stitches.For the heats, dial 15 stitches.If you wish, you can make a yarn of a different color fringing.

Pros and cons of the model

If the model is correct, it will look very sexy.Swimwear trikini make feminine figure, bending stress thighs, breasts increase.This is a good option for holders of non-standard shapes and an outlet for women after pregnancy or surgery to remove apenditsita.Slight cosmetic flaws can selectively hide in order to feel comfortable.The connecting part may be located not only directly, but also diagonally.Also variativnoj is the width of the part.There are minuses at such a wonderful model.This, of course, difficulties with a tan.It is unlikely that you really want to flaunt the contour tan swimsuit.So for the first exit to the beach trikini not suitable.Reserving it for a beach party or a trip to a vacation where swimsuit turns into a compulsory element of the wardrobe.Not suitable swimsuit and lush ladies.Fat on the sides and protruding belly nullify all the charm of the model.

for the younger generation

Many people wonder whether it is possible to choose a swimsuit for girls?Trikini - universal model for little fashionistas will approach it the best way possible.Babies do not need to emphasize the sexuality, but they love the convenience.Bright swimsuit trikini with curly details stamp is very comfortable and beautiful.If you add the beach skirt, the child is already fully dressed and ready to walk to visit the beach.Sun He, of course, is also out, but will be relevant in the game of volleyball on the beach.Incidentally, in the case of teenage swimsuit trikini will serve both aesthetic and practical service.Adolescent girls are often shy to play on the beach, for fear that they would look awkward, fall or yavyat world folds on the stomach.If you're in a swimsuit trikini, then, at least, the last problem is eliminated, because the connecting element makes swimsuit less open compared to a bikini.Girl remains beautiful even during the game.And it is so important for the young fashionistas!