Male-female Dragon Dragon: Features Compatible

On the eve of the creation of long-term family relationship, many people turn to astrology for advice.Male + female dragon-Dragon - how compatible these signs?What will be their union?What kind of crisis is to be feared in the future?These issues are of interest to many, those who believe that the stars have a direct impact on human life.This belief exists even today, in the era of rationalism and scientific development.And before you figure out what will be the outlook for the pair "male dragon + female Dragon," is to learn more about them separately as individuals.After all, knowing some of the features of the characters, you can sometimes avoid acute situations.

Dragon-man: the characteristic mark

Men born in the fifth year of a twelve-year cycle, under the sign of the fiery mythical creature, really special.Indeed, despite the phlegmatic nature, they can be extremely passionate and dreamy nature.The brain is representative of the sign "work" a little differently.In any situation, the Dragon will build its own line of conduct that outsider often seem illogical and inconsistent.However, these men are determined, they strive for success.In addition, the Dragon can be called self-centered.This man will always require special attention.It is pleasant in dialogue, expertly flirting, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that the Dragon will always be surrounded by fans.Even if he falls in love and be faithful to her lover, the attention and adoration others of the fair sex, he can hardly refuse - such is he, a man-dragon.

Woman Dragon: characteristic sign

Women born under this sign often hide behind the external coldness turbulent emotions.But despite the passion, they have a flexible mind, practicality, and sometimes commercialism.These women are unlikely to choose companions weak, forever oscillating man.They are attracted by the success, power and wealth.Nevertheless, one should not expect that the representative of the sign after marriage will be an exemplary hostess - she likes adventure and activity.Women Dragons, as well as men, love to be in the spotlight.Men's adoration and worship - for them is not just a fad, but a necessity.New acquaintances, flirtation - that's what makes a woman truly happy.And because the Dragons have an almost fairy-tale magnetism, such a woman will always be surrounded by the representatives of the stronger sex.

Male + female Dragon Dragon: compatibility of couples

for these two partners can develop in different ways.Sometimes they are going gets tough.After all, a woman and a man-dragon will seek power, constantly competing with each other, trying to outdo each other.Their self-interest can be a real tragedy.On the other hand, if each of the partners will own sphere of activity, different professions and individual classes, the battle for leadership in the family may not happen so often.Yes, none of them will not give up the attention of the opposite sex, but the partners may agree to accept a flirtation as the norm.The relationship the couple are hot and passionate, full of adventure and sharp emotions.