Scorpio, the dates within which the number of born purposeful personality

most powerful and purposeful person - is someone who was born under the sign of Scorpio.On the dates within which the he most clearly manifests all of its characteristics, as well as the most favorable for a successful love compatibility horoscope described in this article.

General characteristics of the sign Scorpio

C within which the sign has an impact on those who are born under it?This question is of interest to many."Scorpions" may consider themselves people who were born from 24 October to 21 November.The sign gives them the character of strength and tenacity hvatkost.If the "Scorpion" - man, it's a deceiver, who will not leave indifferent any woman.And if a girl - is a wonderful wife and mother."Scorpions" - is very sensitive people intuitively understand where lies, and where the truth lies.They hate falsehood, hypocrisy and betrayal.Who hurt "Scorpio", it is better to stay away from him.

Scorpio - from within which the sign of a "clean"

"Clean" is considered to be a sign from 5 to 13 November.People born in this period, most vividly expressed all the qualities that meet all the characteristics of the sign.Personality "pure Scorpio" extremely interesting.This person is often very talented.Sometimes it may seem that there is no sphere of life in which "pure Scorpio" could not have confidence to express themselves.

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How does the love "Scorpio"

C within which the born "Scorpio" is irrelevant when it comes to love.A representative of this sign is given to feeling fully and completely.If a man falls in love, he is ready to do everything for his lady.He is able to make the most courageous act.If she falls, she will not do something stupid.On the contrary, she first look closely and analyze the behavior of his beloved, and then find an approach to his chosen one and win it with his sensitivity and femininity.In addition, "the girl scorpion" - a wonderful mother.

Does it matter with how many

Horoscope "Scorpion" not to realize themselves in life will be radically different from what is written on the old man, born in the same period, but managed to fully implement all itsability.

Since childhood, people born under this sign, different from the rest.They can be self-contained, or, conversely, to be leaders.It all depends on how you educate parents."Scorpio" can not be compared with others, it is often necessary to praise, always listening and support, but in this case he will be able to realize himself as a person.A man who shows his talent in the right place and direction, always successful.

What sign Scorpio successfully combined

C within which the need to be born so lucky in love?More often than not the birthday is crucial.The best match for a person born under the sign of Scorpio, is the person of the opposite sex, born under the sign of Sagittarius or Aquarius.It is assumed that such a union would be the best, because people born under the signs above his lost leadership partneru- "Scorpio".After all, it is so important to be the top!Good also with a combination of "calf", "Libra" and "virgins".Since the latter can be easily and naturally to repay aggression "Scorpion".Born "Lions" will also be able to become true partners in this alliance but increasingly difficult: both signs have leadership characteristics.If only they could agree on the relationship in the pair will be able to come closer to the ideal.


From what date it begins the period, it has been said above.But this does not mean that all the "Scorpions" are the same.Each of them - with their individual character traits.Horoscope can give only a general description.To learn more, it is better to consult a specialist.