What is a frieze?

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Horses have long since lost its practical purpose.They were replaced by cars, trains and planes.Now the horses are available mostly to rich people and are used mostly for sport.Ordinary citizens can only admire from afar these harmonious and friendly (mostly) creatures.But a century, held alongside the horses, left almost genetic memory;Horses are still awake in us some sense that, if you look, is no longer appropriate in today's world.Yet even the most pragmatic person in horses treated with respect, with pleasure watching them, and if possible, do not ride off.


We're pretty far gone both from nature and from farming.Somewhere in the villages are still people who remember how the everyday life of the same horses, but we are far from that.Urban residents are more attracted to racing, where horses can see, amuse and passion.But experts and highly advanced amateurs these animals know that many horses depend on the ability of the breed.

And if we restrict ourselves only to race horses, a variety of species may be put to a standstill.Here the Arabs and Andalusian and Akhal-Teke and lippitsanty ... All are not listed.And the possibility of horse racing depends on the breed - it is no wonder they were taken, cherished endurance or ability to tear from the start quickly (for short distances).We're not talking about heavy-duty or working horses - they are now used only in rural areas.

Origin friezes

So what is a frieze?First of all, this is a very ancient breed of horses.Dutch bred it, and its cultivation began during the Crusades.The formation of the Frisians was influenced primarily ancient, heavy-duty, then poured the blood Oriental horses, and after them - Andalusia.It is from these breed of horses "Frieze" had a small head, "swan" neck and beautiful step.Particular attention is paid to the breeders to the frieze no impact English breed.

What frieze of later times?He participated in the removal of many well-known horse breeds.The most famous German and English oldengburgi Shire breed, which is widely used in the creation of the best breeds thoroughbreds.

breed characteristics

Like all thoroughbred horses, this kind of horses, too, has its own characteristics.It is not difficult to remember what the frieze and how it looks.In addition to the award-small head, they have a long mane and tail, the outstanding "grandmother" (for which the breed gets its name).The main color of horses - sheep, frequent and simple dark color options, the main condition - no white stripes and spots on the legs or or on the body.

With color, which should have a frieze-horse related amusing incident.We absolutely purebred mothers and fathers with the right color, the foal may be born white.And while it is not an albino.Horse lovers and breeders sometimes argue whether such a "joke of nature" to the frieze.Most are inclined to think that, yes, because the other breed characteristics of such horses flawless.Just a custom color.While many horseman never seen what a frieze of white - is a rare phenomenon.