Fur called Blyufrost: that's how it selektsioniruyut?

Surely you already have an idea of ​​what usually make fur coats.The most common materials for this - a fur animals such as mink, sable, chinchilla, beaver, astrakhan.The list of these materials can be supplemented with another unusual fur, called Blyufrost.What is it, they ask a lot?Blyufrost - a fur of the animal, which is specially for this conclusion by artificial means.Let's find out how this process occurs.

How to breed the animals, giving the fur Blyufrost

the first time this kind of fur was obtained in 1940, when conditions in the cell were crossed fox and arctic fox.This experience was quite successful because has shown that there is a real opportunity to get unusual, beautiful, valuable fur to obtain offspring from different animals.While artificial insemination was not available as it is today, so it was impossible to breed breed Blyufrost in mass quantities (for the production of fur).But now there is a feature that allows businesses involved in agriculture, to bring this breed on their own.To get the greatest number of offspring needed female and male fox foxes.Females are capable of foxes make fewer cubs, so the version with male and female fox fox is less favorable.But it is worth noting one feature: bred by artificial insemination "lisopesy" are sterile and can not have offspring, though, and paired with each other and with the parental forms (polar foxes and foxes).

Blyufrost The fur is different from the rest

Not every fox is suitable for breeding "lisopestsov" as they are called in the people.For breeding-fox fur Blyufrost should be just black and brown and fox - silver.Then you will get the same fur, which is valued for its appearance: it is painted in two colors, dark at the base and light at the tip.With this hybrid colors of this animal called Blyufrost, which translated to English means "blue frost."Fur and sparkles, shimmers like newly fallen snow.His silvery coloring, gentle, bright, contrast-distinguishes it from fox fur in its natural form has two color transition from gray to white at the base and from white to black at the tips.Blyufrost differs from its "parent" is not only painting, but the nap he is thin, short and thick, so it coats are less bulky than the fox fur.However, as the fur is not inferior to their ancestors: it is excellent saves heat and resistant to wear.

Why is suitable fur Blyufrost

What is it and what Blyufrost different from other materials, you already know.Let's find out how diversified the use of this unusually beautiful fur.Of course, the most common option - a fur coat.Due to his short nap Blyufrost gaining popularity among non-friable women, since it is not complete and does not make them bulky.For those who have not yet coat pocket, hat or other suitable headdress Blyufrost: their diversity is simply amazing, you can choose the model of almost any shape and any style.Well, and the skins are sold as a whole, they will be a great decoration for clothing or interior parts.It is an unusual way of using such fur - production of fur blankets.People who can afford such an accessory, do not regret the purchase.Due to its noble color, it will fit into any interior space, it will look luxurious and beautifully warm when needed.

To fit products Blyufrost

Blyufrost fur color, photo is taken in the article, the elegance, adds an element of glamor to the image of both men and women, and all age groups.Owners of different shapes to emphasize the advantages in using fur, coats, vests, jackets, hats and other fur accessories Blyufrost color.What is a universal fur, we have already realized.The owner of a classical and at the same time unusual things be pleased with not only its appearance but also quality, wearability and durability.So if the question is what to buy fur or display, you can not go wrong if you choose Blyufrost, featuring a wide demand.

Breeding animals Blyufrost as a variant of its business

Fur goes out of style, so you can safely take this breeding-species.If your agriculture has all the conditions for keeping, breeding and nursing care for the animals, you can take the case.Selling fur bring good income, but also to artificial insemination have to spend.The process must be carried out by qualified personnel, located required for this medical equipment.Do not forget, derived from the fox and fox-Blyufrost animal doomed to death.It can not produce offspring.

In any case, is very popular fur Blyufrost.What is it you know how it selektsioniruyut - too.This is a nice variant of its business in the field of agriculture.