Mystic Lake Issyk-Kul

near the lake and then there are different anomalous phenomena.

Surrounded by mountain ranges of the Northern Tien Shan Kun gay Ala-Too and Terskey Ala-Too, at an altitude of 1609 meters above sea level at the bottom of a deep tectonic depression has the largest and deepest lake of Kyrgyzstan - Issyk-Kul.This is a closed body of water, with the mountains in the lake are its waters numerous small rivers (80).Historical secrets famous Issyk-Kul.One of them - the assumption of some scientists about the possible burial of the evangelist Matthew in the monastery, which is supposedly located on the bottom of the lake, the other - in the mountains near Lake hid his treasure Genghis Khan.And recently began to occur in the vicinity of the lake various anomalous phenomena.

For example, in 2002 in the skies over the smooth surface of the lake there were huge glowing crosses, who watched the inhabitants of coastal villages.For the Orthodox people they have become a sign of God, and for the UFO - evidence of extraterrestrials visiting the lake.

Although it has even the local priest perceive a strange object in the sky like a UFO, not divine omen.Father Michael says: "We love the summer nights with his wife before going to sleep that way to sit on the veranda of the second floor, pochaĐĹvnichat.Sky strewn with crystal stars, so close that it seems within reach, the freshness comes from the lake, the mountains light pulls cool, in short, the goodness of the Lord is poured over the world!

And once we see - though the black oblong cloud, the outline of a blimp-like, closed over the mountains of the stars, and slowly floated.From it came down to the ground bluish rays, as if looking for something.That's how this thing was floating about fifteen minutes on the ridge, and then disappeared behind a mountain.

Or even the case.At this time, an unusual object, resembling the elongated cigar, appeared somewhere on the part of the Grigoriev gorge and swam quietly to the Aral tract.When I was already in the area to meet him from the ground hit the green beam."Cigar" and froze.Then, just as quietly began to descend until it disappeared behind the trees.We waited, waited, when it will take off again, but did not wait.So we do not know what it is we've seen. "

But not just limited to flights over the mountains of UFOs.Strange things watched senior shepherd Beken Usubakunov of the farm "Arashan", located in the Lake Issyk-Kul February 9, 1990.Above the mountain rose fireball that suddenly broke into four parts.First, the parts scattered in different directions, then flew again united into a ball, then again the ball was divided into parts, which again fled. ... In total, three times they flew, flew as in the form of a ball did not fly away towards the lake.

But most "like" strange objects flying over the lake."During the night fishing which just does not see enough - says Juman Karimov.We sit with a partner once the lake, a couple of hours of the night was, when the southern edge of the mountains spilled some blue-green glow, and in a moment in it traced an object similar to a cigar, just huge, colored with coloredlights.He swept right over our heads in the direction of Kochkor, and uttered a hiss, similar to welding.We are so terrified that they were, as if numb.

And she, "cigar" the damn, before reaching the southern ridge flared several times and broke into several pieces.For a while they walked side by side with each other, and then suddenly disappeared all together, as there was.Then the other fishermen said that they too often see all kinds of wonderful things over the lake. "

Aliens killed divers

Perhaps clues air anomalies are under water.Interest in anomalies in 1982, showed the Ministry of Defence.When the war was conducted on Lake Issyk-Kul fees divers scouts unexpected visit became Destination them diving service chief engineer troops of the Ministry of Defense Major General V.Demyanenko.Because his message was clear the management fees that the combat training dives divers scouts on the lake happened emergency.The fact was that under the water at a depth of 50 meters, divers met some beings in silver suits, tight-fitting their body.Similar to other people, just huge growth, they moved under the water at high speed without any aids and diving.Command charges decided to take the initiative and send divers to catch the unknown.When you try to capture one of the creatures divers died.

Giants live under water

To warn of danger, and Major-General flew to Issyk-Kul.Although the Issyk-Kul lake is much smaller, but still deep enough "to be got here, could any evil."As the water looked - mysterious silvery swimmers have met the same Soviet submarine divers.Fortunately, there were no casualties.Did Warning Major-General and instructed "not to get involved."Rumors about living in the lake giants have long walked among the local residents, some of them even seem to have met them.They said that these giants are like people, they have only a forehead more prominent, and people they do not touch.

proof of the real existence of the mysterious giants are strange cave finds.Here's a curious fact in his book "Space Biofactors" Frunze researcher of anomalous phenomena B. Grabowski.Before the start of World War II, he spoke once with one worker.The man stubbornly refused to share his secret, but the author still persuaded him.And that's what it became.As a boy, he and his colleagues found in a cave on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul three enormous - more than three meters - human skeleton.Near them were silver jewelry, like a bat.Silver boys melted and sold, and one piece of the narrator kept.About this discovery his boys did not tell anyone, and then about her silence.A preserved piece of silverware for a long time, scientists have studied.However, they did not determine that it belongs to any age.

UFO moves underwater

The question arises, where do inhabit these giants?The newspaper "Evening Bishkek" published an article about Yu.Aleksandrova resident of the village of Kara-Oy Issyk, located in the foothills of the tract Karagai-Bulak, Victoria Ostankino.Victor once considered binoculars lake.Suddenly, about two kilometers from the shore noticed the water a strange silver cigar-shaped object about 40 meters in length.And only from the top you can see it.

fact that the waters of Issyk-Kul go submarines for local fishermen is not new.Some have even seen them personally, as a resident of the village of Bast Cheese Issyk-hook Abdraev.He exhibited it one night network kilometer from the shore.Suddenly he heard - the water in the lake rustled, and rises from it some dark oval silhouette of a length of about four dozen meters, resembling a submarine.At the same time there was a sound like a thunderclap or explosion.The water around the object was light, and in the village on the banks of the pension and the lights go out.

There are many eyewitness accounts of "submarines".And not only in Issyk-Kul, and in an entirely different body of water.For example, the crew and passengers of the ship "Rainbow" that make cruises on the Red Sea in August 1965, could in the coming dusk to watch takeoff from the water some glowing sphere having a diameter of 60 meters.After it shot up into the sky a huge column of water.Gulf bright light all around, the UFO hung there for a while over the sea, and then drove off at high speed away.


We do not know the purpose of their stay on the planet.Perhaps they are in such a peculiar way invite us, the inhabitants of the planet Earth, a dialogue?If so, why their action is so eccentric?Why do not they go to the contact with the governments of the earth?Some questions and no answers.There are suggestions that the contact has long been established, "the powerful", but extraterrestrial "partners" are not satisfied with the existing relationship, and they decided to make themselves known to all mankind.

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