How to make the bows on the Christmas tree with his hands

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hard to imagine a Christmas tree without ornaments.Someone on the branches of forest beauties hanging balls, and someone - bows.They can be manufactured from paper or ribbons.This decoration will create a real festive atmosphere.Tie a bow in several ways.All depends on its purpose.After the bow can be attached to the ball, just hang on foot spruce or decorate them to the top of the tree.This requires not so much material.So, how to make bows on the Christmas tree?

What is needed to make bows on the Christmas tree with your own hands, you need to prepare in advance all the tools and materials.You will need:

  1. Clay.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Floral wire.
  4. tape.

tape you need to choose the right

Before you buy a tape, it is necessary to determine its texture and color.It is best to choose the material that fits the tone of the balls.As for quality, it is possible to use the standard version - satin ribbon.Of course, for many newcomers, this tissue may be too slippery.Therefore, to make bows on the Christmas tree with your own hands, you can use a rough material.If skill in needlework does not, you can take a special tape on the edges of which are laid wire.They keep their shape perfectly and do not slip.

If the belt is well fastened to the unit is strong enough, then it can be easy to make bows on the Christmas tree with his hands.It should be noted that certain types of material is very difficult to create a decoration without thread, needles and wires.

You may want to experiment a little and try to combine several types of tissue in one bow.Besides it is possible to use tapes of different widths.This will create a more original and beautiful bows on the Christmas tree with his hands.

easiest way

This is the easiest method, which allows you to create decorations without using any additional tools.The main thing - remember that the making of a bow takes a lot of tape.After all, he is not glued and fastened.It nodes more material is wasted, rather than loops.

First you need to cut a piece of tape required length.It is necessary to ensure that this amount of material accurately enough.Better, of course, make a small margin.This will facilitate the tying bows.You also need to leave a beautiful tails.

tape lay on the table.Both the tip of the tissue should be draw to the center, and then impose them on each other.As a result, you should get a nice loops and two tail.If necessary, a bow detail can be corrected.To make beautiful bows on the Christmas tree from the tape, it is necessary to have loops of the same size.You can now tying.Hinges future cross your bow, put it on the right left.It is necessary to be careful and attentive.Right around the loop need to hold the left and pass it in a loop, which is formed at the center.Now you can tighten.

At the end you should definitely fix all the loops and tails, to prevent violation of symmetry.That's all bow ready!

Decorating with metal wire

Craft bows of ribbon for a Christmas tree can be and with the help of various devices.Products, such as wire are ideal not only for the beautiful Christmas decorations, but also for decorating the premises, bouquets of flowers, wreaths and, of course, gifts.

To make a bow, you need to cut a piece of tape as described in the previous method.The material must be expanded to a smooth and even surface.To the center of the future should bow to pull the ends of the tape, putting them at the same time against each other.The fabric is to hold down the middle, otherwise break the symmetry.Exactly in the middle need to wrap the ribbon wire.Hide this item can be the same tape.Simply wrap the middle.You can use the same color material or play on the contrast.This is optional.Secure the tape is adhesive or just sew.

If necessary loops and tails can be corrected.This will give the decoration neat.That's all.So you can create multi-colored bows on the Christmas tree.

How to make a double bow

Such a product can be used for home decoration, decoration wood beauty and gifts.Made double bows on the Christmas tree of the tape is very simple.The first thing to cut a piece of material.It should be remembered that such products require more tapes.Then fold a first pair of loops, as described in the previous method.This tape is stuck.Now it is possible to lay down a second pair.If you are a beginner, you can ask someone for help.

This way you can make a very lush bow.It depends on the number of loops.For a start is better to try to create a single and double.

When folded loop should be cut off any excess tape.The center decoration is to tie or sew the wire using needle and thread appropriate color.This will seal the loop.If the wire is used for connection, it is simple enough to wrap around the center.Then it can be covered with tape.The thread is first necessary to wind around the center, and then sew it all the layers of fabric.At the end be sure to tie the knot.

With a piece of tape, you can hide the fixing points.It is fixed with glue.The result is an original bow on a Christmas tree.The master class is now complete.Ready ornament can be hung on the forest beautiful.

decorations in the form of a flower

Such bows look like one big and beautiful flower.They can also be used for decoration of Christmas beauties, gifts and wreaths.Delightfully looks tree with bows.Photos will convince you of this.Take the tape and cut a piece.Measure exactly 115 centimeters.A first loop of the need to make only 20 centimeters.Hold this part of bow between his fingers.You must then make another the same loop on the left side of the ready.Holding the parts have to bow in the center.Now it is necessary to do the same loop, but the right.That's not all.Similarly, the need to make up to five pairs of loops on each side to get a magnificent decoration.Bow must be secured.To do this around the center is to wind the wire and tighten it as much as possible tighter.Then you can remove all the excess.

To hide the wire, you can wrap a piece of tape center, neatly pasted it.Hinges decorations sure to straighten.They need to fluff up.As a result, the product will look like a flower.

In conclusion

Now you know how to make bows on the Christmas tree out of the ordinary tape.When selecting adhesive for the manufacture of jewelry worth spending a little test.It is enough to drop a little on the small piece of tape.If the adhesive on the back side of the tread, it is not necessary to use it.