When will the "Vindovs 10", new hopes and new challenges

If you are still wondering about when will the "Vindovs 10", it's time to face the truth.The updated system has been officially presented.It is available for updates on the official website of Microsoft.However, even here there are problems.

official release

Presentation "dozens" took a long time.New "Operating System" was available for beta testing the official partners of the company.However, the expectations of many users failed to materialize.

talking about when coming out "Vindovs 10", it is worth noting that from July 29, 2015 on the website of Microsoft published an official message about the availability of a new system, its main components and innovations, as well as the possibility of settingin the form of update.But this only applies to Windows 7 and 8. Unfortunately, for older systems like Windows Vista or XP, such support is simply not available.In other words, the upgrade will fail.We'll have to create the installation disk and set "Windu", so to speak, from scratch.

Free update

Answering the question "When will the 'Vindovs 10?", It is worth noting not only that the system has already been officially presented, but also another important factor.The fact is that in the standard version directly from Microsoft offers to book an upgrade to "tens".To do this, you must perform a full update to the installation of "Seven" and "eight" from the "Update Windows» in the "Control Panel", and then in the system tray icon should appear installing "tens".

But this is only according to official figures.Believe me, when you install the latest updates for Windows 7 Ultimate nothing like this happens.Probably, the developers have taken into account the possibility of such problems, and suggested for advanced users use to install the "tens" special utility Media Creation Tool (x64), which can be downloaded to your computer directly from the site.

considering the theme of "When will the 'Vindovs 10", it is worth noting another aspect.The point here is that the validity of a free upgrade or backup the installation is limited to one year.In addition, to download the entire distribution will take at least 12 GB of free disk space, although the site is approved, the system updates takes just three gigs.But that's not all.Paradoxically, during the installation of the system reports that the update is necessary for the performance of 3.86 GB, and then asked to select the disk or partition, which is free of at least 9 GB.

Naturally, temporary files, the installer will then be removed, but the question itself more incomprehensible.

new opportunities and new challenges

Now, returning to the theme of "When will the 'Vindovs 10", will focus on the main characteristics of the system.Although it is stated that a "OSes" the world did not exist, and that it has a bunch of innovations, alas, there are many problems that occur immediately following installation.

For instance, some web browsers can not be set by default (system recommends Microsoft Edge - is an updated Internet Explorer), the address bar is not displayed input address, changing language switching, and more.

Incidentally, the previously installed applications work, but it is impossible to install new.This is especially true optimizers.Even Windows 10 Manager, and he does not want to work, not to mention the utilities such as CCleaner or Advanced System Care the latest versions.Somehow difficult application runs Glary Utilities 2015. Access to the system processes almost forbidden even in the "Task Manager."


Overall, do not rush to switch to "ten" without extreme need.Cancel it would be impossible to install.

As to the question as to when the update will be released "Vindovs 10", the developers claim that no service packs will not be created at all.The maximum that may be, it is correcting some bugs in the system for the protection and restoration of some of the functions of remote installation process (for example, card games).If we talk about the impression of the system itself, it looks a bit unusual to have to get used to this, because even the main menu has changed.But what pleased, is the return of a button "Start" and the ability to save files to transfer to one level up (which is absent in the "seven").By the way, only for the first day after the system became available, the number of online update has exceeded 14 million.