Dream interpretation: in a dream to see the church - what?

matter what religion people worship, they are usually very respectful and respectfully refer to churches, temples and other similar facilities.What if the place of worship of us dreamed a dream?We offer learn to symbolize such a vision, ask for information to a number of the most accurate and complete dream books.

Dream book from A to Z: in a dream to see the church - what?

According to the compilers of this collection, dreamed church serves as a harbinger of future disappointments.If you are inside the temple, that hard times are coming, and you may have to take part in the funeral.To pray in the cathedral - to happiness and success in all things.A dream in which you get up on his knees before the altar, promises an unexpected valuable find.If you dream that you are a beggar, and begging on the porch, in real life, you should engage in charitable activities.Religious confession predicts spiritual solace.If you dream you spoke with the priest, then from rash acts will keep you loyal friends.Leaving the church - for emotional relief.

Oriental Dream Book: dream temple, church

If you had a house of worship, then in reality you should be patient.Being in a church in a black dress - a fast wedding in white - the funeral.

Gypsy dream interpretation: in a dream to see the church - what?

This source considers the church as a sign heralding getting bad news.If you had a dream that people in the church are separated by wide aisles, there may be major differences in your family.Churchyard warns of the possible need to hire the services of a lawyer.

In the dream, see the church: Newest sonnik

drafters of this dream book bind prayer house with bad luck and setbacks in his personal life.If you dreamed that you came to the church repent of their sins, you run the risk of waking to commit sinful acts.

collection of tips received during the dream: a dream to see the church - what?

Temple is considered the source of the data, as a symbol of the search for truth.So if you had a house of worship, then it's time to think about your soul.Also, you may have a hard test.To dream of the dome of the church, painted in white - a cultural dawn of the whole country.It is considered a bad omen crooked or completely ruined church.Such a dream promises a deep remorse for some evil deeds and actions.If you had a prayer house, buried in the ground, the reality in the pursuit of affluence, you are ready to go, and even transcend the soul and moral principles.A dream in which you are engaged in the construction of the church is considered to be extremely good sign that promises happiness and prosperity.Sit or lie down in the temple - a change of profession and occupation.If you are talking with someone during a church service, the real-life risk being caught up in some questionable and perhaps even a criminal case.So be careful.